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A-Shirt vs Tank Top (Comparison and Explanation)

Interestingly enough, shirts have some confusing names that many people hear about but never understand the meaning of. The reason why you are here in this article!

I am sure you once heard about a battle between A-shirts and tank tops which are both pretty much muscle shirt, right? Well, that’s what you will be reading about in this article! I will get into details regarding these shirts with the hope that you understand once the difference between A-shirts and tank tops!

Key Takeaways

  • A-shirts and tank tops are very similar pieces of garment that many people love to wear. 
  • There are a few differences between a-shirts and tank tops, but they are still pretty similar. 
  • Tank tops come in many colors and designs; a-shirts are more solid colors. 
  • Cotton is the number one fabric used in making a-shirts and tank tops, but still, tank tops may include other fabrics as well.
  • There is a hidden meaning on a-shirts which is a little inappropriate!

A-Shirt vs Tank Top – Differences and Similarities

If you have ever seen a-shirts and tank tops, you probably haven’t found any difference at first sight, but if you check out more, you will notice them easily. Anyways, I would like to divide some specifications and tell you the differences all based on them.

The first and main difference that everybody should know about a-shirts and tank tops is that a-shirts are mostly underwear shirts; meanwhile, tank tops are normal types of shirts, meaning not underwear.


Both of these shirts are sleeveless, and that is a definite fact. However, the a-shirts own a bigger armhole, and the piece of the neck hole is very wide. Also, they don’t have a collar on top like a crew neck t shirts.

When moving on to tank tops, you will notice them being a little bit tighter as they get attached to your body and stay in there more securely. However, you may notice tank tops that are not tight, but you will be able to notice them for their significant low-cut neckline. As for the armholes, top tanks come in a variety of them.

Fabrics Used and Colors

The main fabric used in a t shirt, in general, is cotton, and these two types of shirts have a cotton combination within them.

A-shirts are always made of cotton and come in soil colors without any combination; for example, they come in black, white, or any other color. Meanwhile, you will also find tank tops made of cotton and polyester. When it comes to colors, the tank tops are combined with lots of colors and have many designs included.

Verdict: As you can notice, these two types of muscle shirt don’t have too many differences but instead there are a lot of similarities. Both of them are preferable garments that many people wear and besides that, these two types of shirts are mostly worn because of the comfort they provide people with.

The Hidden Name Under A-Shirts and Tank Tops

As you search through the world wide web about tank top or say muscle shirt and a-shirt, you will find an interesting fact about these two types of shirts!

I feel bad as I am writing this information, but a-shirts and tank tops are known weirdly somehow, and that’s because they have another name that many people are familiar with, and that name is wifebeater. Why is that so? Well, there are related some history!

In 1947 in Detroit, a terrible crime happened as a man from Detroit beat hh wife to death. Regarding the police and media at that time, this man was wearing a sleeveless shirt which indicates a-shirts and tank tops, and from then, these sleeveless shirts were called wifebeaters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear a-shirts in public?

Even though many years ago a-shirts were known only as “under the shirts shirt” or simply muscle shirt, you can freely wear them whenever you want just like you would wear your t shirt; yes even without a dress shirt. Now, what I would like to mention here is that they are not very classy to be worn at work or at a restaurant, but you could wear them easily to go to Starbucks. Still, I would advise using dress shirts to appear less vulgar.

Are tank tops worn as underwear?

Not really! Even though a-shirts are worn contrary to what they are made for, I don’t think a tank top would be the best choice to be worn as underwear. Yes, even women’s tank tops are worn more for exercise purposes instead of underwear.

Can I find tank tops or a-shirts made of other materials?

A-shirts are always found made of cotton, but when it comes to tank tops you can easily find them made from different fabrics. There are some interesting ad pretty tank tops made of silk which women love.

Final Words

What can I say more? Here we are at the end of today’s article in which I tried to specifically mention for you some differences and similarities between these two types of shirts!

As you can clearly notice, a-shirts and tank tops are not very different from one another they are both considered muscle shirt, plus sometimes they are also known as the same thing. Anyways, there were some slight differences that I had to mention so that they won’t confuse you anymore.

I really hope that this article has covered everything that you needed to know regarding the battle between a-shirts and top tanks!

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