So, what is happySeam?

HappySeam is a blog oriented towards helping fellow sewing and embroidery enthusiasts gain more knowledge on sewing while also honing their skills more. We want HappySeam to be a go-to page for all sewing enthusiasts of all skill levels looking to learn more.

We have written more than 500+ articles starting from sewing machine reviews to detailed guides about certain topics and sewing techniques and patterns you can try out. HappySeam has something for everyone.

Apart from our lifelong experience in sewing/embroidery, our combined research process before writing reviews and guide articles also includes interviews with industry experts as well as testing sessions with the products we’re reviewing. Let HappySeam be your inspiration for your next embroidery project.

If you’d like to contact us/ask us something, make sure to drop an e-mail at hello@happyseam.com!

Meet The writers of this blog!

Betty Hathaway

Sewing Specialist

Sewing is definitely one of my biggest hobbies. I’ve been doing it since i was young, thanks to my mother. I specialize in sewing, and that’s what i mostly write about.

Martha Tonkin

Embroidery & Sewing Specialist

I am a proud mother of two amazing daughters, and i run our sewing & embroidery business full time. I am also a part-time writer for this blog, because i love sharing my findings and experiences!

Stella Spyer

Fashion Expert

I graduated from London College of Fashion, and I’ve been working for a Fashion Design company for 10 years. My other hobbies are going to the gym and reading.