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Bernette B33 Review: Is This The One For You?

The Swiss sewing machine creator Bernina hasn’t failed this time too. Even though Bernette 33 is not digitalized, it has qualities and a high rating for its efficiency and holds the ability to create unique and proficient designs.

Bernette b33

A Great yet straightforward machine that will satisfy any entry-level tailor, or simply those who know their way around tailoring and one a home-friendly machine.

Key Takeaways

  • Bernette b33 sewing machine is a beginner-friendly unit.
  • The price is suitable for anyone.
  • Fifteen stitch designs are pretty enough not to confuse you as a beginner.
  • Five sewing feet give you enough chance to perform all the essential things.

What is Bernette b33?

Bernette b33 sewing machine is one more pearl in the Bernina sewing machines collection. Though it is designed for home use, it can be helpful for beginners who would like to try themselves in the designer’s waters as starters. Client satisfaction says it all without me needing to add more sugar, spice, and everything excellent to make this machine shine in the designer’s sky.

Why Can Anyone Use a Bernette b33 sewing machine?

Bernette b33 is not a multifunctional or digitalized piece of Bernina. What makes it an ideal piece of equipment for beginners is its simplicity which offers 15 stitches with a maximum width of 5mm, including the buttonholes. Along with this comes five different snap-on presser feet and two step-presser foot lifts.

It is quite simple and at the same time an affordable sewing machine that will serve you long with its durability. The stitching quality and its functions take me back to my childhood when I was by my grandma’s side whenever she was sewing something. And I was mesmerized by the dance of the thread and the needle threader while they were creating perfect stitches in all their simplicity.

I remember how difficult it was to fix the machine’s trade appropriately. You won’t have that problem with this unit, even as a beginner. The process’s simplicity lies in the machine’s semi automatic threader feature of trading, even if you’re merely a beginner.


By being simple and easy to use, this unit doesn’t stand down on the scale of providing high-quality threaded clothes. This unit’s 15 basic stitch designs make it very simple to use. Many digitalized machines nowadays have hundreds of stitching designs that can make it hard for beginners to mix and wrong somewhere in the process.

5mm wide stitches help create beautiful and decorative stitches borders and appliques.

The foot lift has two steps lifting option, so you can easily create perfect stitches even on thick fabrics. You can even sew over several layers of material thanks to its strong sewing power and the hard material used in making the needles. Nonetheless, you can adjust the foot on the thickness of any fabric.

The two non-slip knobs help adjust the stitch type and length and the four-step buttonhole function.

Some other features that you might need to take into consideration while thinking about which machine is most suitable for you as a beginner are:

  • Keep in mind that it is not just the design of the unit or its usefulness that matter. You should also consider the warranty; Bernette b33 sewing machine comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • The storage compartment is in a very convenient place, just in front of you when you face the machine.
  • The auto-revers lever makes sewing easier when you need to reverse the needle threader or another maneuver.
  • And stitch adjustability makes your sewing easier.


Bernette b33 is a simple sewing machine with no glamour, no shining lights, and no starry features, but it’s doing a remarkable job. Having five sewing feet variations in the package can do more than a great job creating your simple but glorious designs.

  • Zipper foot
  • Button-sew-on foot
  • Zigzag foot
  • Blind stitch foot
  • Buttonhole foot

And this is not all as it seems. Although the accessory drawer is not packed with many fun parts, there are a few more surprises.

  • Three bobbins
  • A needle set
  • Foot controller
  • A seam ripper

Bernette b33 Pros & Cons


Go on the internet, do your research, and judge for yourself. Call me biased, but I would still choose this sewing machine as a beginner. The truth is that I learned my sewing lessons in my young years, and I’ve been sewing since then. This machine reminds me so much of the one my mom still has, and it’s an old version of some Bernina primary mode. And that is why I find this model solid and fast in its performance.

I know the quality, which is why I can guarantee it will last for years. Being just a forever beginner in sewing, I can tell you how hard it is for a beginner to adjust the width of the stitches, and that is why I think that the unit is user-friendly and easy to maneuver. At the very end, I would like to point out that it is crucial to store the machine easily when you are done with it, and Bernette b33 sewing machine is quite versatile due to its lightweight design.

The last thing that I would like to point out here is that the machine has a very affordable price and is suitable for any beginner, without costing a leg and an arm.


As with any other product, even this one is so natural to have cons. Luckily there are not so many of them. Here I will point out some which I have noticed, and I hope you won’t need to face more than this.

The flaw which I would like to point out is that sometimes the thread can bunch out, resulting in jamming. And also, it is very noisy, which is one particular thing I dislike in this unit.


The overall opinion I share with many people for Bernette b33 is that even if the machine is not computerized, you can use the foot pedal to control the speed while it is possible adjusting the controls only through dials.

Bernette b33 sewing machine doesn’t come from the stone age and wasn’t used in ancient times, as some would say. It’s a piece of simple but complex machinery with many options and advanced features. Bernette b33 is user-friendly and offers an excellent learning opportunity for beginners.

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