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Bernette B38 Review: Feature-Rich Yet Affordable

For generations, we’ve had sewing machines in our homes. The ones my grandparents and great-grandparents had were larger than most of my furniture items because of how big they were. But, Bernina Bernette B38 is more compact, even though it has features any modern-day sewist would want.

Bernette 38

Featuring a futuristic and opulent look, the Bernette B38 is a sort of digitalized sewing machine. The fact that that this sewing machine is intended to be inexpensively priced has no bearing on how they perform.

Key Takeaways

  • Bernette B38 computerized sewing machine is at an affordable price compared to the other brands with similar features.
  • The Huawei hardware that the machine has makes it a long-lasting and high-performance tool that any small business should have.
  • This Bernette model is lightweight and suitable for traveling.
  • Bernette B38 is capable of fulfilling almost every sewing desire you have. Its versatility gives high value to the product. From jeans to synthetics, just name it.


There are various high-quality brands nowadays, but today I would like to talk about Bernette B38.

Bernette B38 sewing machine comes from the well-known brand Bernina, which originates from Switzerland. Bernina products use Huawei hardware in their digitalization, and Bernette b38 is the leading model in the 30s Series.


Bernette B38 is a computerized sewing machine with a futuristic and luxurious design. These machines are meant to be budget-friendly, which doesn’t influence their lack of function. Bernette b38 is very well made and serves its purpose like any other brand.

They are made to fit our budget and have a high performance from sewing to overlockers and cover stitches. This type is digitalized, and the screen is on the front side, where you can easily monitor every function your sewer does while you use it. Also, it’s easily accessible for giving commands. The on/off button, the hand wheel, and the plug-ins are on the right side for easy access.

On the top, you will find:

  • the bobbin winder spindle
  • winding bobbins stopper
  • spool pin
  • the handle for lifting
  • thread guide
  • presser for foot pressure
  • take-up lever

 And the front left side is reserved for the tension dial. Below are the needle holder, the foot holder, and the bobbing area. On the left side is the thread cutter, where you can go on top of it with the thread and cut it off when you finish sewing.


There are many computerized sewing machines. One of the top models is the Bernette B38. This computerized sewing machine model will not be sacrificed because it has an automatic thread cutter and adjustable presser foot pressure feature. 

Like many computerized sewing machines, this one, too, has a sound performance range lower than 75dB. This sewing machine is perfect for beginners because it has an adjustable stitch width and length button.

If you’re into quilting or upholstery, you will need an extension table. Not many machines come with an extension table, and the Bernette B38 doesn’t come short on that part. It’s that one feature that everyone needs because it comes with many benefits such as contributing to supporting the fabric so the material stays safe without being pulled away from the needle.

The passionate ones can pack the machine with you. You don’t need to separate from it because the Bernette sewer has a portable bag. The device is light weighted and suitable for easy moving.


So far, we’ve mentioned many of the qualities of this machine. Now, let’s dive a bit deeper into the features and qualities of the display.

The LCD Bernette b38 is supported by Huawei hardware, and it shows all information that the machine can perform.

Stitch pattern

There are 394 stitch patterns, of which 8 are one-step buttonhole stitches. Stitches can be customized and memorized, so you can use them whenever you need them. Also, creating 7mm wide stitches is a piece of cake with Bernette b38. From the many options in this machine, the numerous decorative stitches will make some of you feel like Alice in Wonderland. You can express your talent better, no matter which decorative pattern you choose for your designs.


There are 6 Modes which you can use by your need. They go by the following order:

  1. Mode 1 – Direct pattern selection can be made when you press and select the numbered key. When you turn the sewer on, Mode 1 automatically pops up on the screen.
  2. Mode 2 – Utility stitch pattern selection includes stitches 01-10. These are practical stitches like stretch, overlock, and hemming stitches.
  3. Mode 3 – Decorative stitch pattern selection has 92 patterns. You can use this mode when you need to do edgings, cross stitches, satin-stitched motifs, florals, and more.
  4. Mode 4 – With this mode, you can add monograms and symbols and select numbers and letters.
  5. Mode 5 – This one gives you the selection of European accented letters
  6. Mode 6 – Is for the Russian(Cyrillic) alphabet.

Types of presser foots

By helping to move the material under the needle for stitching, the presser foot holds the fabric against the feed dog. The presser feet are easy to attach and take a few seconds to change. Besides the standard presser feet included with each model, different presses are available for the machine’s many techniques.

  • Zigzag foot
  • Overlock foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Satin Stitch foot
  • Open Toe foot
  • Blindstitch foot
  • Buttonhole Foot with Slide
  • Button-sew-on Foot


Price varies from site to site. From what I found until now, the model Bernette b38 sewer has excellent features for the price, and it doesn’t cost a leg and an arm to own it. Especially suitable for people who travel, this model’s ability to move it from place to place adds more value in terms of the market price. It seems that in the UK, the prices are lower than the US prices for this Bernina model. And in the States, Amazon offer is decent and affordable for everyone.


Let’s wrap this up. I think the most important thing is to read the client’s reviews. I believe that the affordability, the quality, and how easy it is to use, gives value to the product. If we are to rate the Bernette b38, what would be the preferences we would rate?

If we are to rate this product, I would say; and I hope you would agree with me, that regarding affordability, this product has a reasonable price compared to the other machines which have the same features.

It also ranks high in the quality section, considering the maker of this remarkable piece of machinery and his hardware makers. This gives it a high-quality flavor and makes it a prestigious selection among the sewing tools.

Bernette b38 is very easy to use; even a beginner will be able to learn to use it in no time. Many past and present owners share this opinion and rate this piece of the 30s Series the best.

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