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Best Janome Sewing Machine (For All Tailors)

Since you googled about Janome sewing machines, you are already familiar with their reliability and precision. To be honest, Japanese companies seem to slay in that manner.

My favorite side about the Janome brand is their superior quality that addresses both beginners and professionals.

I’m more than happy to share what I’ve been researching for a while now, and as always, I’m at your service ladies and gents. Let’s get started!

A Quick Look at My Favorite Janome Sewing Machines

Best For Amateurs
Janome 2206 Sewing Machine

Janome 2206 Sewing Machine

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Great Value 
Janome TS200Q Sewing Machine

Janome TS200Q Sewing Machine

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Best Budget Option
Janome JW8100

Janome JW8100

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Best For Youngsters
Janome Arctic Crystal Sewing Machine

Janome Arctic Crystal Sewing Machine

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Best Overall 
Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

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Key Takeaways

  • As a Kickstarter campaign, It’s ideal for Janome 2206 Sewing Machine. As you improve during the process, then you can switch to the TS200Q model. Lastly, as you become advanced, look for something that will fulfill the imagination you have in mind; then, my best overall choice is HD3000.
  • For newbies, I’d recommend Arctic Crystal and tight-budget folks, don’t think twice; directly go for JW8100.
  • Important factors in a sewing machine are the number of stitches, tension adjustment, and speed control.
  • Janome’s specialty is precision in stitches. As a downside, some Janome prices are unreasonably high, but I didn’t include them because it’s not worth buying.
  • Know your aim and the frequency of use before deciding which one to purchase.
  • The 25 years of warranty is proof of their great durability made of metal.

Top 5 Best Janome Sewing Machines

5. Janome 2206 Sewing Machine – Best For Amateurs

Attention newbies, stop scrolling because you already found the machine from the beginning of the list. Your first sewing steps should be with Janome 2206 because it was made for you. The ease of use won’t cause any trouble while dragging the thread into the hook besides not having the automatic needle thread feature.

I simply adore 4-step buttonholes, and it handles perfectly fine those materials such as jeans and canvas, which are considered thick. Although it has six limited built-in stitches, it still provides reverse sewing to tighten or strengthen the threads strongly. 

The maximum speed reaches 860 stitches but be careful while quilting because you don’t know where the fabric is too heavy. The free arm feature is useful for those round necks, pants endings, or sleeves. 


Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 17 x 9 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Built Material: Metal

What I Like About It

  • Ease of use
  • Inexpensive price tag
  • Robust and sturdy built
  • Can handle thick fabric

What I Dislike About It

  • The number of stitches is limited
  • Works loudly
  • Lacks Automatic needle threader

Why Should You Buy It?

It’s inexpensive and worth every penny you pay. Guaranteed success in light and heavy-duty projects, thanks to the thick fabric acceptance. All-metal construction shows great durability as well.

4. Janome TS200Q Sewing Machine – Great Value 

My Janome fans, let me introduce you to this actual masterpiece where you pay less and elicit more. Seems a bit odd, right? 

Janome TS200Q is made out of aluminum alloy for competitive durability and certainly wins the construction aspect. It is built to be used for ages under any circumstance.

Imagine what excellent performance and functions can bring to the table with its 200 stitches. The 7 mm wide stitch is what makes Janome TS200Q stand out because even the competitive brands offer 5 mm with much higher price tags. I don’t make hollow claims for anything. 

Moving forward, the versatility in use is adequate for basic fashion hacks, home decorations, and heirlooms with 12 buttonholes, including the metal needle plate. Plus, the memory bank collects your previous work as a reminder of what you used to work on.  


Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 16 x 7 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 20.6 pounds
  • Built Material: Plastic mixed with metal

What I Like About It

  • Versatile in use
  • Excellent build quality
  • It has a memory bank of previous works.
  • Great value for the price

What I Dislike About It

  • A single needle guard
  • Created for professional-grade and intermediate tailors, not beginners

Why Should You Buy It?

No doubt, it shows success in the sewing community. TS200Q machine is built for intermediate and professional use tailors, so stay away if you’re a beginner. When I compare to other brands, this sewing machine wins the award in garment stitching using the maximum 7 mm width stitches. Such a game changer.

3. Janome JW8100 – Best Budget Option

With JW8100, I’m addressing all my folks who want to save up. If you sew for fun in leisure time, or you are a newbie in this whole sewing thing, then this model is your go-to machine.  

Actually, when I saw the features, I was impressed, and then I checked the price tag, which was way more surprising. Affordable and feature-rich sound good.

In the feature-rich list are included removable free arm, full interior metal construction, 7 feeding systems for thicker materials, and six presser feet. What more could you possibly ask at this point?  

Let freedom and imagination guide you with 20 stitches for fashionable fixings. It doesn’t stop here. JW8100 included quilting stitches, home decoration stitches, and heirlooms to add something to the fashion world. Please don’t forget to appreciate your work (winky face).

It offers 100 kinds of stitches for passionate starters. Don’t expect something extra such as monogramming font; just mainly focus on basic stuff.   


Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 16 x 7 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 12 pounds
  • Built Material: Metal

What I Like About It

  • Low cost
  • Ease of use
  • Versatile stitches are involved

What I Dislike About It

  • It doesn’t have a monogram font
  • Basic features only

Why Should You Buy It?

Overall, it belongs to the economic side and addresses primarily to beginners or those who are huge fans of sewing. Simplicity in use, being feature-rich and affordable price are certainly the reasons to give it a shot.

2. Janome Arctic Crystal Sewing Machine – Best For Youngsters

Let’s presume your kid shows sympathy for sewing. In this scenario, the only thing left to do is to get the artic crystal sewing machine. It is made out of durable metal to provide long-lasting durability. Besides, the beautiful mint color spices up the sewing process. 

Project something remarkable even though you’re a starter with 15 stitches for basic stuff, fashion, home decoration, heirloom, and many more. It does all the fundamentals and is semi-decorative with adjustable stitch length and zigzag width between 4 mm to 5 mm.

The other features are the standard ones we are used to seeing, such as four presser feet and a removable free arm. I adore the free arm feature because the struggle with round necks or pants is real, and this feature makes sewing enjoyable and easy.

The only complicated thing about the Arctic Crystal is the push/pull bobbin winder. Since youngsters are new to the whole sewing thing, it may initially seem difficult to them.


Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 16 x 7 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 12 pounds
  • Built Material: Metal

What I Like About It

  • Only one 4-step buttonhole
  • Durable 
  • Easy-to-use
  • Inexpensive price tag

What I Dislike About It

  • No hardcover is included

Why Should You Buy It?

It’s ideal for youngsters who are into sewing and don’t know where to start. The Arctic Crystal has everything in it that a beginner could ask for. Don’t think twice. Give it a chance.

1. Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine – Best Overall 

Janome HD3000 heavy-duty machine is wholly covered in metal, resulting in excellent durability and steadiness. Due to its metal body construction, it’s a little heavyweight, but when you think of the features that it brings to the table is forgivable. 

As the name implies, the sewing machine is mainly designed for heavy-duty to handle tough fabrics such as denim and canvas. I can go beyond and say the machine is the master of every type of sewing. Your search has come to an end here, I guess. 

HD3000 belongs to the manual working machines with too many awesome features like an automatic thread cutter plus a size buttonholer.

The automatic button holder is pretty impressive, the size of the buttons is adjusted automatically, and you end up with less effort and an expected outcome.  

It may have eight stitches in total, but it does a lot more than those that offer above-average. If you seek a professional perspective, then choose, then don’t miss the opportunity.


Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 10 x 19 x 15 inches
  • Weight: 18.7 Pounds
  • Built Material: Metal

What I Like About It

  • Works quietly
  • Highly durable and steady
  • Perfect stitches
  • Can perfectly manage the thick fabric 
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Automatic Thread Cutter

What I Dislike About It

  • Hard to make sudden changes

Why Should You Buy It?

HD3000 is a heavy-duty sewing machine and here the spoken language is professionalism and perfectionism. Besides, it has attractive features even though isn’t rich. The precision in sewing in any thick material is possible. If you want the best overall, here you have it.

Buying Guide

The Intention of Using the Sewing Machine

Clarify in your mind what your intention is and what’s the matter with using a sewing machine. The frequency of usage is a key point because the choice depends on it. For heavy-duty and extended use, of course, you go for something automatic rather than manual, for instance the automatic needle threader is a really useful feature.  

Depending on how you intend to use the sewing machine, you will require a particular model. If you want to use the device frequently over an extended time, an electronic device is preferable to a mechanical one.

For few and far between, or simply put, casual occasions, choose electronic ones to have control over the machine. Offering various sewing patterns is preferable if you will use them for embroidery. Just be informed these types of machines don’t at affordable prices.  

There are thick troublemaker materials like leather, canvas, and jeans which I categorize as hard to deal with. It doesn’t sound logical; the lightweight and low-cost sewing machines to perform the same way. 

Therefore, think about your intention first, and then determine which model suits you best.

Bobbin Type & Winding

There are tons of options that create confusion because they come in different sizes and materials (mostly plastic, aluminum, and metal). Professional tailors say there is no difference but perspective change.

My personal perspective is that you cannot stitch correctly if the bobbin type isn’t right. These recent sewing machines allow them to slide open the panel and move smoothly inside, which is a huge difference in comparison to the old-style machines. 

Many-Sidedness of Stitches 

The stitch count is in every manufacturer’s advertisements. Stitches can be in various types, starting from the pure standard straight to the zigzag. You even have ornamental to show off your creative side. Regarding stitch type, you adjust the height and breadth. 

I prefer electronic sewing machines over manual ones due to their additional offerings in the feature section. It’s so tiring to adjust anything manually. Something more convenient would be a nice choice if you’re not sewing as a hobby but do it professionally. In brief, pick those with more number of stitches.

Tension Adjustment and Speed Control

Putting too much force will make make a loud crunching noise which can lead to silly or mad stitches in the fabric. Again, in those sewing machines that are electronic, aka computerized, the tension adjustment is made automatically.

As for the speed control, don’t pause every time you change the material’s position. Always keep the speed constant.

Needle Threader

The needle threader is not a must, but it still has its own place to save you from mystery. It would be annoying and such a waste of time to repeat the process every single day.  

I’m on the needy side of this feature. Remember, it’s all about productivity and time-saving. 

Power Switch & Safety Aspect

If you have kids running around, it will be nice for the sewing machine you pick to have a power switch. It’s better to be safe than sorry. s.

Price & Warranty

Since we, including myself, don’t belong to the group “I want it, I got it,” checking the price and offered warranty seems logical.

Thankfully, most companies categorize the machines’ characteristics and then put the price range. The automatic or computerized superb quality machines are more expensive than those mechanical ones. The prices are more or less $150 to $5000. 

It’s noteworthy to mention that electronic sewing machines are more likely to get damaged even though they are built from sturdy materials. 

As for the warranty side, Janome nailed it by giving 25 years of service duration. Amazing, isn’t it?


Are Janome Sewing Machines Worth Buying?

It’s worth giving a shot. The professionals and customers favorite Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine because the versatility and features inside can handle almost any type of tick fabric with ease.

Is Janome Better than Brother?

Yes, it partially is. I say partially because of the precise stitches and great durability. But, some Janome products are quite expensive for no good reason. Brother, on the other hand, is definitely worth every penny you pay, and at times, they serve to even more value for the given price.

Closing Words

Janome, aka innovative and practical sewing machine company, did its best as usual. My principle is not to offer a single product if it isn’t coming from a well-known manufacturer because I feel like the reputation is gained from the quality and the customers’ positive feedback.  

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