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6 Best Tailors Chalks You Can Buy

Every tailor needs a few sewing accessories, and one of them is chalk! Because you are here, I am pretty sure you have everything in your hands, and the one missing is chalk, right? Well, I am here to help you!

In this article, I will mention some amazing chalks, from which you can choose the best tailor’s chalk to help you bring out the best of the marks on a material you need to sew! Let’s get it started!

A Quick Look at My Favorite Chalks for Tailors

Best For Thin Markings
MAGGIFT Sewing Chalk

MAGGIFT Sewing Chalk

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Best for Professionals
Ogrmar 10PCS

Ogrmar 10PCS

Check Price
The Cheapest
Triangle Tailors Chalk

Triangle Tailors Chalk

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Best in White
Clover Triangle Tailors Chalk

Clover Triangle Tailors Chalk

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Best Pen Chalk
Madam Sew Chalk

Madam Sew Chalk

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Best Overall
Mr. Pen- Tailors Chalk

Mr. Pen- Tailors Chalk

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Key Takeaways

  • Chalk is one of the most important accessories that serve as a marking tool, which every tailor needs in their workshop.
  • Chalks will completely ease your job especially when it comes to the pre-sewing procedure.
  • One of the greatest and the best overall chalk that you can find is Mr.Pen Tailors Chalk.
  • If you are not a tailor that works in colorful ways, check out the Clover Triangle Tailors Chalk which comes only in white color and is great for marking fabric.
  • The most important feature that you need to check out when it comes to choosing a tailor chalk is the material that it is made of.

The Top 6 Best Tailors Chalks

6. MAGGIFT Sewing Chalk – Best For Thin Markings

I found it impossible to make this list without including the Maggift Sewing Chalk. And once you learn how practical these chalks are, you’ll understand why they’re a sewing accessory that any tailor should be equipped with.

Just like the two above-mentioned products, this one is sold as a 10-piece set.  And if you prefer making yellow, blue, white, and red markings when sewing, then this is the most suitable tailor’s chalk set for you as the chalks come in all of these colors.

What I like about the Maggift’s 10-piece chalk set is that each piece is manufactured from a good-quality wax powder, which reduces its risk of distorting or crumbling no matter how often you use it. Additionally, this wax powder is soft and it doesn’t tend to stick to the fabric that’s applied to, which means you can easily erase any wax powdery markings.

Another thing I like about Maggift’s chalk set is that the chalks come in a triangular shape, which allows you to hold them more firmly and easily while marking. This set also allows you to create precise markings by using each of the chalks’ sharp edges.

And last but not least, one more characteristic that makes these chalks one of the most sought-after tailoring items is that they’re quite thin, which is why they may come in very handy whenever you want to make thin markings.

Before I wrap up this section, I’d like to emphasize that Maggift’s chalk set is packed in a cardboard box, which means you need to be careful how you handle it and where you store it at home. Also, being packed this way makes the chalks prone to breaking when transported.


What I Like About It

  • The product is sold as a 10-piece chalk set
  • Chalks are made with wax powder
  • They have a good design
  • They’re easy to hold
  • They’re thin

What I Dislike About It

  • The product is sold in a carton box

Why Should You Buy It?

Buying this chalk set is a great choice if you prefer creating different contrasting markings. Additionally, Maggift’s tailor’s chalks allow you to mark fabrics accurately, and they’re especially convenient for making thin markings.

5. Ogrmar Professional Tailors Chalk – Best For Professionals

Now, it’s time to introduce you to the tailor’s chalk I chose as the best. Considering the fact that I’ve been using this product for many years, I can assure you I didn’t make a mistake by choosing it as the number one tailor’s chalk.

This product provides you with 1o differently-colored chalk pieces, which means you’ll be equipped with this sewing item for quite some time and be able to create colorful markings and patterns.

What I like about Ogrmar’s tailor’s chalks the most is that they’re manufactured from compacted chalk, which allows you to make thin, powdery markings that are easy to wipe off, on any type of fabric.

Another thing I appreciate about this product is that the chalks allow you to mark fabrics easily and accurately since they’re shaped like a triangle, which provides you with three thin, sharp edges. This can benefit any tailor since once one of the edges gets blunt, you can use each of the other two edges.

Just as is the case with Andgoo’s tailor’s chalks, Ogrmar’s tailor’s chalks are a great choice for professional tailors, beginners, and anyone else enjoying working on sewing projects at home.

The only thing I don’t like about this product is that it’s packed in a cardboard box, which means that the chalks aren’t protected from breaking in transit and that they should be stored properly at home.


What I Like About It

  • Chalks are thin and shaped like a triangle
  • Markings are easy to brush off
  • Chalks are suitable for marking different types of fabrics

What I Dislike About It

  • The product is packed in a cardboard box

Why Should You Buy It?

If you’re looking to buy a product that will help you make precise, thin, and contrasting markings that you can brush off with ease no matter if you’re working on woven or knitted fabrics, the Ogrmar Professional Tailors Chalk is the ideal choice for you. You can’t go wrong when choosing this product to be a part of your sewing equipment.

4. Triangle Tailors Chalk – The Cheapest

Purchasing a package of ten chalks inside is never a bad thing to do, and considering the price that these chalks come at, I couldn’t resist but buy and trying them.

To be honest, I was really fascinated by how these chalks were able to draw on different thick materials, and I have used all the colors they come at, yellow, white, red, and blue.

What amazed me most was the fact that I was able to remove them just by patting them on the piece of fabric that I marked with my hands. By the way, alcohol is also good for wiping up these chalks.

I love to take these chalks with me everywhere I have to work as they come in an airbag package, which doesn’t allow crumbles to happen.


What I Like About It

  • Ten Chalks Included
  • Airbag Package
  • Easily Removed
  • Compacted chalk

What I Dislike About It

  • Not the Best for Light Fabrics

Why Should You Buy It?

This chalk is one of the cheapest marking tools that you can ever find on the market. If you are not willing to spend money on one, this one seems like it comes free.

3. Clover Triangle Tailors Chalk – Best in White

Clover is excellent powdered chalk, and it is also one of the most affordable tailor chalks that you will find. I have used this chalk, and it is always around my atelier.

This marking chalk is a white color, and it comes in the form of a triangle, which by the way, is the shape that many tailor chalks come at. When it comes to the writing part, this chalk is great.

However, you should keep in mind that when in use, you shouldn’t press it too hard as it is a little bit tricky when it comes to movement. It happened to me when I first started using it, and let me tell you that it was not a good experience.

When I use this chalk, I always make sure to sharpen it a little bit, and you will notice that there are no crumbles made whenever in use.


What I Like About It

  • Affordable
  • Great Quality
  • No Crumbles

What I Dislike About It

  • Hard to Remove When Pressed too Hard

Why Should You Buy It?

Many tailors don’t want to use colorful chalks as they sometimes confuse them, and if you are one of them, I would recommend you to check out the Clover chalk which is the best one coming only in white.

2. Madam Sew Chalk – Best Pen Chalk

Just as it has a very fancy name, this chalk is one of the fanciest and the pretties ones that you can find on the market. It is a pen chalk, which is indeed one of the favorite chalks for many people, and I love to use it too.

It made me try this chalk because it is one of the most interesting and greatest-looking chalks out there. Once I bought it, I noticed that looking good is not the only good thing. This chalk is one of the most precise and the most accurate chalks I have ever used.

I am using the white-colored one, but I am glad to tell you that there are also two other colors that you can choose from, which include red and yellow. The Madam chalk will stay on the fabric that you are sewing until you finish the process, and then, I use a brush in order to remove it, but you can also use a dampened cloth.


What I Like About It

  • Very Cool
  • Great in All Fabrics
  • Three Color Choices
  • Refillable

What I Dislike About It

  • None to Be Found

Why Should You Buy It?

Pen chalks are modern and have a really sleek design. Well, if you need a pretty chalk to work with, you might want to choose the Madam chalk.

1. Mr. Pen- Tailors Chalk – Best Overall

Last but not least, here goes the famous Mr. Pen, which brings a package of 8 chalks within. These chalks are the ones I am using right now, and I have them in front of me as I am writing this review. They are indeed the best overall for a reason.

These chalks were always in my atelier and are definitely the ones I love most. With them, I write and make marks on any fabric that I sew, and it works perfectly and accurately, even in silk and satin, which are a bit tricky to put marks on.

Another thing that I love about these chalks is that they include all the colors a tailor may need. You can find white, yellow, blue, and red. Besides that, these chalks are pretty superb when it comes to the holding part, which won’t block your movements.

Something else that I cannot leave unmentioned about these chalks is that they are very easily removable, even if I use my hand to rub on the marks I made.


What I Like About It

  • 8 Pieces
  • Great Colors Included
  • Affordable
  • Easily Removable

What I Dislike About It

Why Should You Buy It?

The Mr.Pen chalks are indeed the greatest chalks that any tailor can use. Whoever chooses these chalks is satisfied and I am pretty sure that you will be one of them too!

What to Consider Before Buying a Tailor Chalk? – Buyer’s Guide

Even though not the longest buying guide list, a person who needs a tailor chalk should have in mind some specifications. They are:


Before choosing a tailor chalk, you first need to check the package and the number of chalks that come in that package. You will find different packages of chalks, and I prefer you to choose the ones that have more pieces of chalks inside.


The material of the chalk is also a feature that you should definitely consider. This part, one of the materials, is mostly related to the fact that you need to remove it from the fabric after you are done sewing it. Most tailors choose wax-based chalks, so you might want to have that in mind.

Shape and Colors

The shapes and colors of the chalk you choose are basically related to your preferences, and it is not the best thing to be given as a buying guide. As for the shape, tailor chalks mostly come as triangles; meanwhile, when it comes to colors, many of them come in a rainbow coloration. The ones that include more colors within are definitely the greatest ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would a tailor need chalk?

Chalks are the best sewing accessories that are used before the hole sewing process. A tailor needs chalk to make his or her marks before they start to sew. Tailor chalks are all temporary marks that are added to a sewing material and vanish easily.

What is the difference between a tailor’s chalk and a regular one?

Regular chalks tend to crumble quite easily; meanwhile, on a tailor’s chalk, you will not find crumbles as much as on the other ones. Also, the tailor’s chalk is more precise whenever in use.

Are tailor chalks expensive?

If you check out the chalks that I mentioned in this article, you will clearly notice that tailor chalks are very affordable and, in fact, they are super cheap. You will not hurt your wallet while purchasing chalk for sewing.

What are tailor chalks made of?

A tailor’s chalk is made out of limestone, which is fully composed of the mineral calcite.

Final Words

Well, here we came to the end of this article! As you can notice, there are different chalks that you can choose from and all the chalks I mentioned in this article are indeed some of the greatest and the mostly used chalks that you can ever find on the market.

I really hope that as we came to the end, you have chosen the best tailor’s chalk that you have been searching for!

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