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Best Upholstery Sewing Machines: Detailed Explanations

Industrial sewing machines are everywhere, but when you search for specific ones, that’s when things get a little bit complicated. I mention the word specific machines because you are here to find an upholstery machine, and I am here to help you!

In this article, I will list some great sewing machines with the hope that you will find the best upholstery machine!

My Favorite Upholstery Sewing Machines: A Brief Overview

Most Affordable
Janome HD1000BE

Janome HD1000BE

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Best for Beginners
SINGER | 4423 Heavy Duty

SINGER | 4423 Heavy Duty

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Best Runner-Up
Brother CS7000X

Brother CS7000X

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Best Overall
SINGER | Heavy Duty 4452

SINGER | Heavy Duty 4452

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Key Takeaways

  • Upholstery is a material used in furniture mostly, for example, chairs and sofas.
  • If you are just starting your sewing career and want to find a great beginner machine, I present to you SINGER | 4423 Heavy Duty, which by the way is amazing!
  • Another machine worth mentioning is Brother CS7000X which has helped me go through the most difficult upholstery things.
  • The free arm feature on a industrial sewing machine is one of the main features that will help you do the job more quickly

The Top 4 Best Upholstery Sewing Machines

4. Janome HD1000BE Sewing Machine – Most Affordable

I first heard about Janome when I was on a tight budget and really needed a machine to help me with upholstery. The Janome HD1000BE machine is affordable compared to many other sewing machines.

What I love more about this industrial sewing machine is that it looks very cool and is strong enough to withstand anything! I am pretty sure that you will love the way it comes in full black coverage and with no extra noise that may bother you while working.

The automatic needle threader found on this machine will probably be the best thing to own, and I was amazed at how fast it works regarding this part. You can also use quilting features for any type of sewing, especially the free arm for sleeves.

The ability to change the stitch length and its zigzag width is indeed one of the most outstanding features it has so that it can be appropriate for anything and any material you might use.


Key Specifications:

  • Machine Type: Mechanical
  • Number of Stitches: 14 Built-In
  • Number of Needles: not specified
  • ButtonHoles: 4-Step Buttonholes
  • Stitching Speed: 1000 spm

What I Like About It

  • Quiet and Smooth
  • Great Stitch Quality
  • Affordable
  • Good-Looking

What I Dislike About It

  • A Bit Complicated at First

Why Should You Buy It?

If you don’t want to spend too much money on a machine, here is the Janome HD1000BE that comes at a very affordable price range, plus it is very good-looking!

3. SINGER | 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine – Best for Beginners

No tailor hasn’t heard about Singer industrial sewing machines, and here goes Singer 4423, one of the machines I love to use. It became my best friend when I was a beginner in sewing upholstery.

The metal material used on this machine makes it one of the most durable machines found on the market, and it is the machine that can stay with you for a pretty long time while it is here in front of me as I am writing about it.

The combination of 23 stitches that it has brings you a high number of stitch applications which will amaze you in many different ways. Also worth mentioning is its ability to work with super-thick materials of any kind, just like upholstery.

There is a powerful motor that this machine owns, making it fast and quiet at the same time. Singer 4423 machine never bothered me with an unsupportable noise.

Accessories Included: All-Purpose Foot, Zipper Foot, Button Sewing Foot, Needles, Bobbins, Seam Ripper, and more.


Key Specifications:

  • Machine Type: Mechanical
  • Number of Stitches: 23 Built-In/97 Stitch
  • Number of Needles: not specified
  • ButtonHoles: 1-Step Buttonholes
  • Stitching Speed: 1100 spm

What I Like About It

  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Greatly Built
  • Accessories Included
  • Great in Thick Materials

What I Dislike About It

  • It Collects Dust Somehow

Why Should You Buy It?

Coming from a very reputable brand that has a history when it comes to sewing machines, you simply can’t go wrong with this one.

2. Brother CS7000X Sewing Machine – Best Runner-Up

A few months ago, I bought a new machine, the Brother CS7000X, one of the greatest computerized machines from the amazing Brother brand.

On just a first look, this industrial sewing machine has a friendly look which will make you fall in love with its small size and great built quality. It is also a strong machine made out of metal, and even though it is small in size, it allows you to work amazingly on a wide table. The automatic needle threader it has is very appropriate for any kind of needle that you may use.

You don’t have to do much on this machine as it is one of the most advanced computerized machines and it helps me while stitching, threading, and some slight movements.

The free arm of the Brother CS7000X helps me deal with different sleeves; besides that, during upholstery sewing, it eases my job in many ways. It accepts any kind of material without any problem, which I think is an important factor to consider.

What I love about this machine is the fact that it has many built-in types of stitches that I use in many materials and for different things. They are known to be used for utility, decorative, and heirloom stitch functions, especially in quilting.

Accessories Included: 10 Feet, Wide Table, Twin Needles, and Bobbins.


Key Specifications:

  • Machine Type: Computerized
  • Number of Stitches: 70 Built-In
  • ButtonHoles: 7 1-Step Auto-Size
  • Stitching Speed: Adjustable Speed (750spm maximum)

What I Like About It

  • Computerized
  • Cheap
  • Needle Threader Included
  • 10 Sewing Feet

What I Dislike About It

  • Maximum Speed of 750spm

Why Should You Buy It?

To be honest, the Brother CS7000X is my favorite machine and I love to use it while upholstery sewing. I am pretty sure that it will become your favorite as well, and most importantly, even though it is computerized, it comes at an affordable price.

1. SINGER | Heavy Duty 4452 – Best Overall

Here goes another Singer machine that definitely deserves to be added to the list as a great upholstery industrial sewing machine. You will be amazed at how impressive this machine is and how well it does during upholstery.

Even though it owns an old fashion look, this machine will definitely be the most durable one that you can use, all based on its great metal base. You won’t be bothered by trying to adjust its needle and thread since it will work fully automatically.

There’s something quite important about this machine, and it is the fact that it has a very powerful motor that drives it quickly and silently. Once you find the perfect needle to use for upholstery, your job will be super-easily done and without any kind of problem material-wise.

The plate or the working area that this machine has is a feature that many professionals in upholstery sewings mention. This plate is super-easy to use as it creates very smooth and quick movements for any fabric you might use.

Accessories Included: Different Feet for various materials, Dust Cover, 5-Pack of Different Needles, Bobbins, Spool Pin, and many others.


Key Specifications:

  • Machine Type: Mechanical
  • Number of Stitches: 32 Built-In
  • ButtonHoles: 1 Automatic 1-Step Buttonhole
  • Stitching Speed: 1100 spm

What I Like About It

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Lots of Accessories

What I Dislike About It

  • None

Why Should You Buy It?

A Singer industrial upholstery sewing machine can never be a bad choice! You will have this machine helping in every kind of sewing that you may do, and while in upholstery, known as the best overall, Singer Heavy Duty 4452 is the best purchase that you can make.

Things to Consider For Upholstery Sewing Machine: Buyer’s Guide

You probably want to know some of the key factors you should think about and search for before choosing the best upholstery sewing machine; I’m pretty sure about that.  I’ll mention a few things for you, though!


You can utilize different materials when working with a machine, and one of the most important features to look for in upholstery machines is this.

Given that the fabrics used in upholstery are quite thick and hard, a sewing machine for upholstery should be able to accept and sew a variety of materials.

Free Arm

The greatest thing you can do is look for a industrial machine with the free arm feature.
Since no two pieces of furniture are the same, the free arm will enable you to sew various upholstery in a range of furniture.

Machines with the free arm feature are more adaptable in their application.


One more time, let’s talk about the materials. They are never the same, and you cannot use only one foot to sew them!
Some machines function fantastically with various feet because they come with them as extra accessories.

The sewing machines I’ve listed in this article are outstanding, and most of them come with various feet.


A sewing machine’s stitches indicate the type of stitching it will perform.

In actuality, a machine is better the more stitches it has. You will be able to determine this only by using both machines with a few or with more stitches.

Always remember that the more built-in stitches an upholstery sewing machine has, the better it will perform.


The best investment you can make is a quick sewing machine!

Every machine has its stitch per minute listed someplace, and I’d like to point out that those with stitch speeds greater than 1000 are preferable. A speedy machine will make your chore easier for you in many ways and speed up the procedure.


Although sewing machines can be somewhat expensive, if you look harder, you will undoubtedly discover some affordable models similar to the ones discussed in the article.


The best thing that you can do is to set a budget in your mind and then search for some of them according to that price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is upholstery?

Upholstery is sewing furniture like seats, sofas, chairs, and car seats. It is not an exact material that is used, but it is the process of sewing fabric, webbing, springs, and padding on a combined form at the top of furniture.

What materials are used for upholstery?

Different types of upholstery work with different materials/fabrics. Examples include cotton, leather, wool, silk, polypropylene, acrylic, rayon, nylon, and many others.

What type of needle is used to sew upholstery?

The needle you use on upholstery depends on the fabric in which you will work. For a lightweight fabric, you should use a needle of size 9-11; midweight fabric requires 11-12; on the heavyweight fabric, you should use 14-16, and in super heavyweight fabric, a bigger needle at 16-18 in size.

Are there characteristics of upholstery?

There are a few things that you should have in mind as the characteristics of upholstery, and they include low maintenance, resistance, and esthetics. It is ready to go only if the upholstery is resistant to stretch, light, and rubbing!

Final Words

Coming to the end, I would gladly say that all the machines I mentioned throughout this article will definitely bring out the best during upholstery and will ease your job in many different ways.

Still, you can easily notice that I added two Singer machines as they are some of the most commonly used by many people worldwide, and some of my colleagues love them and use them.

As a concluding mark, I really hope that this article will be your biggest guide on choosing the best upholstery sewing machine that you need!

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