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Brother AS2730S vs. Brother LX27NT: A Great Comparison Review

If you are a novice tailor and have stumbled upon the very well-made brother sewing machines, you may find yourself in a dilemma. Who wouldn’t with all the different types of equipment available? However, as said in your situation, you may have a tough time choosing a starter model that will not intimidate you. So, the “Brother AS2730S vs Brother LX27NT” discussion begins in your head. All the information scattered online about the two models does not help that much either. With this article, I hope to thoroughly assist you, in reaching a detailed conclusion together so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

Key Takeaways

  • The Brother as2370s and the Brother LX27NT are both great purchases for novice in-home machines.
  • If weight is a problem for you the LX27NT model is lighter by 1kg compared to the ax2370s.
  • When it comes to stitching both have 27 built-in unique stitch patterns.
  • The stitching width and length are 5mm in the ax2370s model and 5mm by 4mm in the LX27NT, making the first model a preferable choice for stitching.
  • The ax2370s costs a little bit more, but for excellent reasons.

Brother AS2730S vs. Brother LX27NT: How Do The Siblings Differ?

Saving you some time if you are in a rush and need an answer right away the better choice to make between these two models is the Brother AS2730S. It might be slightly more costly, but it has its solid reasons. With this choice, you get everything you need for an in-home model while feeling assured you didn’t make a mistake. Highly recommended by previous users as well it outperforms its current competitor and is the ideal choice to make between the two.

The Brother AS2730S Model

The numbers after the title “Brother” may scare you, after all the main motives of these two machines are comfort and usability. No worries though since the manufacturers delivered on their part.

The AS2730S model is a home sewing machine that is ideal for anybody in need of fast mend or to bring a project to life. As a machine, it prioritizes comfort and longevity as well as assurance to the user. Upon purchasing this model, you will realize the petit build it has but this should not deceive you as it is packed with power. The Brother AS2730S also comes with a list of several accessories and characteristics that make it an inexpensive but smart investment for the perfect in-home tailoring experience.

The Brother LX27NT Model

You may notice that this model of the Brother in-home sewing machine goes unnoticed sometimes but that does not mean it is not worthy of praise. The LX27NT is a comfortable fit if you have just started your tailoring journey. It suits more professional tailors as well making it a good choice for all.

Being a great starting point for a first-time sewing machine the Brother LX27NT gives the user calm easy-going control over the sewing process. It too comes with several benefits right out of the box making an easy setup without any pressure. This model is also adored by in-home seamstresses and seamsters, this is probably due to the feel the rig gives while using it. Overall, the buyers of the Brother LX27NT have only good things to say and this is with a reason of course. Putting your money into this model will make it count.

Although the Brother manufacturers have done a great job building their sewing machines, praising them constantly is not what we are here for. The AS2730S and the LX27NT models will be evaluated in three key categories to narrow down the ideal choice: comfort upon use, stitching capabilities, and accessory bonuses.

Comfort Upon Use         

An important factor that influences a buyer when choosing between two sewing machines is comfort when using them. The tailoring industry is not a job to be underestimated so getting tired from the machine itself is a big drawback.

Luckily both the AS2730S and LX27NT are made to achieve maximum relaxation while using them. Both come with adjustable free arms that are deeply valued by anyone using a sewing machine, these two brother models excel in this department. They also have a built-in needle threader and an automatic one-step buttonhole.

Another bonus when it comes to the comfort of the machines while using them is their weight and size. A big robust sewing machine is uncomfortable especially if you are looking for a home-model sewing machine. The LX27NT is a bit lighter with a weight of 6kg while the AS2730S is just a little bit heavier at 7kg.

Overall, the AS2730S and LX27NT are praiseworthy for their ease of use and this topic should cause no worry to a new user.

These shared features give the two machines an even playing field. I can go so far as to suggest that this could have been purposefully manufactured by the makers themselves to guarantee a quality machine with either choice.

Stitching capabilities

The next usual step a tailor looks at is the sewing machine stitching capabilities. Everyone including you may want to have a clear idea of the options available.

Brother makes this possible by having 27 built-in stitches for both the AS2730S and the LX27NT. They go one step further with this by showcasing the patterns that are available on the machine itself.

The LX27NT model also has a documented stitching speed of 710, a standard above-average speed for brother sewing machines. On the other hand, even if the AS2730S has no stated stitching speed, the Brother manufacturers are recognized for their reliable machines, therefore the speed for this model is still above average.

Both types include a manually adjustable thread tension setting. allowing the tailor to alter the thread till they determine that it fits their style.

The AS2730S model has a slight upper hand over the LX27NT when it comes to the width and length of the stitching. The maximum width and length for this particular model are 5mm. Whereas on the LX27NT model the maximum width is 5mm and the length is only 4mm. While this may not be a drastic difference between the two it is still a distinction to be made.

Accessory Bonuses

Most sewing machine companies forget the details such as the addition of accessories, and when they add them, the price of the machine skyrockets. The Brother company has managed to keep a very low price on both models while adding accessories such as an LED sewing light, needle sets, and different kinds of foot accessories. The as2370s also comes with a soft cover case for the machine itself.

While the makers have gone above and beyond to ensure that the consumer has everything they need straight out of the box, the AS2730S model comes with a bit more attention to detail hence why the price is slightly more than that of its counterpart, the LX27NT.

Final Thoughts

I again mention the toughness to differentiate between the Brother AS2730S and the LX27NT since they both are remarkably made and don’t lack in any aspect when it comes to in-home sewing machines.

If you are considering the least expensive version, the Brother LX27NT, then that is a great choice since it comes with all the qualifications needed. Though cost is not in play for the decision-making process, I recommend the AS2730S since it has slightly more elevated traits. But, once again, I feel the need to remind you that you would not make a mistake with either option because they are both quality-driven devices.

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