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Brother BM3850 Review: A Full-Function Sewing Machine

Looking for a powerful easy-to-use full size sewing machine? The Brother bm350 has got you covered. As a sewing machine, it will make your tailoring life a lot easier. It is designed to be easy for anybody to use, regardless of their level in the tailoring experience, and to allow them to effortlessly layer thick materials. Simply s that it is the ideal sewing machine option and ending it there will not do its service. By dissecting the Brother BM3850 and describing all of its amazing components, I hope you will be able to appreciate how exceptional it is.

A Complet Review of Brother BM3850 Sewing Machine

Brother BM3850 Sewing Machine

A Machine that is easy to use and well designed, something that we should expect from Brother by now, all of their machines are top-notch, and brother bm3850 is no expectation.

Stitching Power

When you are deciding on a sewing machine the stitching power it has is important. After all, you do not want to be the owner of an appliance that is incapable of performing its fundamental purpose.

The Brother BM3850 is known to please everyone in this category, thus the previously mentioned issue will never arise. To back this claim up it comes with a stitch selection dial that includes 37 built-in stitching designs. It also includes an automatic one-step buttonhole stitch. With all these capabilities, it is a sewing machine that is simple to use and the preferred option for the majority. Not to mention the BM3850’s stitching lengths of 4mm and widths of 5mm, which are relatively common in these sorts of sewing machines and meet the demands of tailors.

Adding to the list the Brother BM3850 has a sewing speed of 800 stitches per minute. For such a compact sewing machine its above-average rate of stitching is quite impressive. On top of it, this machine is known to have the power to sow quilts and patchwork easily. The combination of power and speed it has makes it a fantastic choice when it comes to its sewing capabilities.

Machine Stability

The manufacturers at Brother are known for building durable sewing machines that last the owner a long time. They maintained the same quality of success in the Brother BM3850.

The main frame of this sewing machine is made of high-quality metal which is covered in a fine plastic finish. This particular construction results in the BM3850 unit weighing 6.71 pounds (3.04 kilograms), which is astonishing considering the utilization you get out of the machine itself.

The main purpose of this type of hardware is to provide security to the tailor themselves.

When compared to the many hours that a sewer will get out of the Brother BM3850, the steadiness you receive is invaluable. To conclude my statement the stability of this machine is praiseworthy.

Contact With Fabrics

One of the main features that the Brother BM3850 is known for is its ability to interact with almost any fabric with ease.

Coming in contact with various layers of materials has never been a challenge for the BM3850. As mentioned earlier it is widely used in the quilting industry. Of course, it does not stop there, it has proven to be very comfortable to use with multiple layers of denim or leather too as well as silk threads. Needless to say, any tailor would know that a different needle needs to be used with different fabrics.

The BM3850 is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a quality machine that can accomplish any assignment, from thick and stretchy materials to simple thin fabric projects.

Feet Options

The Brother BM3850 provides the potential owner of it an adequate selection of foot options. To avoid any of your time being wasted in this portion, I will get straight to the main point.

Available for you to use right out of the box the feet’ accessory options are gathering foot, zipper foot, zigzag foot, buttonhole foot, blind stitch foot, and quilting foot. This brings the total end number to six-foot attachments that are ready to use right away. The impressive number of foot accessories is not usually found in most sewing machines making it a great addition that the manufacturers at Brother have thought about.

Included Machine Features

To be completely realistic, there are a lot of fantastic features that come with the Brother BM3850 that you do not usually find in a sewing machine at this cost.

Starting this off with the stitching pattern being easily readable on the side of the BM3850 making it possible for the tailor to quickly glance over at them while working. Following this up with the free arm tool that makes working on cuffs easier and faster, this sewing machine appears to have it all.

Luckily for the future owner of the Brother BM3850 the features it has do not end with the free arm. In addition, this machine has an automated threader as well as an LED light, which naturally gives the tailor some relief while working resulting in a more quality end product. This helps the tailor’s experience even further making the BM3850 brother sewing machine easy to work with apparatus.

Beginner Friendly

A big question most want to know before investing in the Brother BM3850 is its ability to work with novice tailors. To that, I can confidently say the BM3850 is a great first choice for a beginner tailor. Not only do the features or functions pair greatly with a novice and their project it is greatly valued with the more experienced tailors as well. Thus, making the BM3850 a beginner-friendly sewing machine.

Final Verdict/Rating

To close this review of the Brother BM3850 I can say that the quality of the product you get not only matches the cost value but might even exceed it. With its features, you will surely be making a clever investment as far as it comes to great quality sewing machines. The Brother BM3850 will have your back in every case scenario, creative home projects, or advanced ones.

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