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Brother CP60X Review: A High End Pick

Brother is a trusted brand that has been making quality products for decades. One of these trusted products is the Brother CP60X sewing machine. This machine is durable and versatile, has 60 stitches you can choose from, and is computerized.

The design is simple and it has all the essential features that you need to make most at-home sewing projects. So, let’s get into the Brother CP60X review and see what this sewing has to offer.

Brother CP60X Computerized Sewing Machine

A computerized sewing machine from brother that is really well built, meant to last, and at the same time it is feature packed to deliver in any kind of sewing project.

Key Takeaways

  • The Brother CP60X is a fully computerized machine and has high-quality controls and accessories.
  • It has lots of features and accessories to make any at-home project.
  • The Brother CP60X is a good machine for getting into sewing.
  • The computerized adjustments make it easy to use and save time on minuscule tasks.

Who is the Brother CP60X sewing machine meant for?

Everyone can use the Brother CP60X, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an intermediate. You can use the sewing machine for a lot of different projects and work with a variety of fabrics. The Brother CP60X is great for sewing cotton, linen, knits, silk, synthetic blends, and so on, however, it is not a heavy-duty sewing machine, meaning it won’t work as industrial sewing machines do and you should be mindful with thicker fabrics.

What are the features of the Brother CP60X?

The Brother CP60X has 60 built-in stitches shown on the side of the machine. The stitches include utility stitches, decorative, heirloom, and 7 buttonhole stitches. It’s worth mentioning that the display of the stitch patterns on the machine is pretty pale, so you might have to look closer to really see what type of stitch are you looking at.

Making buttonholes might be a bit of a struggle for beginners that’s why newer sewing machines have an automatic one-step buttonhole feature to make things easier. The Brother CP60X has 7 one-step buttonhole types so you can save time and get any desired buttonhole.

Speaking of things that take up too much time, threading the needle can also be a meticulous task, and yes we know nobody enjoys it, especially if you have shaky hands or bad eyesight. Thankfully, the Brother CP60X has an advanced needle threading system that makes setting up your sewing machine so much faster. All you need to do is put the thread tough and push the lever and you are ready.

7 Presser Feet

The Brother CP60X computerized sewing machine comes with 7 presser feet. These include the standard zigzag foot that you will probably be using most, especially if you are a beginner. The buttonhole and button sewing foot, the zipper foot, the overcast foot, and the monogramming foot that is used for decorative stitch work, and the blind stitch foot used for creating blind hems.

A Computerized Sewing-Machine

The Brother CP60X is a computerized sewing machine, which means that some of the features aren’t manual like we see with other sewing machines that require you to turn a dial to select a function. On the front of the machine, there is a small LCD screen and four buttons.

They are used to select the type of stitch you want, the length and the width of the stitch and it shows you what presser foot you should use depending on the stitch you selected. It does this by displaying a letter on the screen. Also if something is not set right, the machine won’t start working until you have everything in place.

Something that differentiates the Brother CP60X computerized sewing machine from some other computerized Brother sewing machines we’ve seen is that it doesn’t have a start/stop button. The only way to start the machine is by using the foot pedal, but this isn’t a fuss because the foot pedal is fairly easy to use and beginners won’t struggle with it. The only other button on the machine is the reverse stitch which is marked with a U shape arrow.

Other Useful/Essential Features

The only thing that is manually adjusted here is the thread tension dial that is located on the front. The Brother CP60X computerized sewing machine also comes with a LED light, a top-drop-in and quick-set bobbin that are easy to maneuver, a free arm feature that is used to sew tricky parts of your garments such as cuffs and sleeves, and a feed drop dog that should be dropped while you are performing certain tasks.

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What type of fabric can the Brother CP60X sew through?

The Brother CP60X motor is capable of sewing 750 stitches in a minute which means that it can tackle any thinner fabric with no problem. However, it is not a heavy-duty sewing machine and it is not meant for thick fabrics like denim and leather (if you are seeking a machine that can sew through hard material like leather a list of leather sewing machines).

On some occasions, the Brother CP60X can sew fabric up to 6 mm thick, but doing this regularly will strain the motor.

What accessories does the Brother CP60X come with?

The Brother CP60X as we mentioned comes with 7 presser feet, zigzag, zipper, overcast, button sewing, buttonhole, and a blind stitch foot. You also get a 3-piece needle set, 4 bobbins, a seam ripper, a spool pin, a cleaning brush, an eyelet punch, and a screwdriver. In addition, you also get an instruction manual and the standard power cord and foot peddle.

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So should you get the Brother CP60X? This will depend on what exactly are you looking for. If you are looking to buy a sturdy, quality sewing machine that has automated features that can save you time, then your answer is yes.

As we mentioned the Brother CP60X makes it very easy for you to set up your machine. It has an automatic needle threader, automatic stitch type, stitch length and stitch width selection, and a presser foot suggestion all on the little LCD screen. It is also worth mentioning that this sewing machine is affordable and would also make a great gift.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a heavy-duty machine that can pierce through tough leather with ease then you should look elsewhere. The Brother CP60X is made for at-home sewing and it is mostly made to work with lighter fabrics like cotton, silk, linen, polyester, and so on. It can work with thicker fabric like denim for example but it shouldn’t be the main focus because it will strain the motor of the sewing machine.