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Can a Tailor Make Pants Bigger? (Explained)

Imagine you decided to wear your favorite pants today, and immediately you notice there is an issue, your favorite pants don’t fit you anymore. There may be several reasons for that, you may have gained some weight, or the pants shrank, and who knows.

But this is not the topic of this article since I am here for you to find a solution for this case and not to discuss the reasons. In this article, I will discuss whether a tailor can make pants bigger or not. So, let me now dive deeper and give you the answer.

Key Takeaways

  • If you notice that your pants don’t fit you anymore, you may get upset, but honestly, there is nothing to worry about.
  • Yes, a tailor can make pants bigger using many different methods.
  • You can also enlarge your pants using the same methods as a tailor.
  • Many other techniques may help you enlarge your pants without sewing.

Can a Tailor Make Pants Bigger?

How To Make Pants Bigger?

The answer to this question is not more complicated than the one above since there are many factors that we should consider in this case. There are many techniques to enlarge pants, but it all relies on the type of pants, where the pants are, and the area that must be altered.

A tailor, or you, can also enlarge your pants by sewing or without sewing. I assume that many of you are asking, “how can we make our pants bigger without sewing?”, nothing to worry about since I have the answer to this question as well,

The most well-known method, in this case, is stretching, but I won’t discuss these methods here since I have unique sections in this article where I will write about everything in great detail. Therefore, all you need to do is keep reading and maintain your focus to understand all I will say.

Making Pants Bigger by Sewing

As a professional tailor, I have faced this issue many times, and of course, for me, it is not a big deal, to be honest. I will mention the methods I use for enlarging pants, but it is not rocket science; you can also do it yourself if you have time and want to develop your sewing skills.

Involving Extra Fabric at Side Seams

As a tailor, I can easily state that this is the best and simplest method I always use to enlarge any pants. It doesn’t require professional knowledge, but there are some steps you should follow to make it properly.

First and foremost, you should remove the belt loops from the side seams; it is not all; you have many more steps to follow. Then, you have to slice the seam in a V shape from both sides.

And here is the most crucial point where you should find a fabric that I can say is almost the same as the fabric of your pants. Once you find it, you have to cut the fabric to the same size as the side seams and start to sew the fabric properly. Make sure that you are sewing well; otherwise, it will look fake, and it is not aesthetic at all.

Adding Elastic Waistband

If the method above seem very incomprehensible for you, then here is another way you can enlarge your pants as well. In this case, you must remove the waistband and add an elastic band instead of the old one; if you are not a professional sewer, this could be the easiest way for you.

Extra Center Back Seam

Since dress pants typically have more allowance in the rear seam, I prefer using this technique. Additionally, this is a simple approach to making pants bigger. In this situation, all you need to do is remove the seam and repair it properly again without adding any additional fabric. Now that the job has been completed, you may wear them anytime.

Making Pants Bigger Without Sewing

If you have decided to enlarge your pant by yourself, but you are not good at sewing, there is nothing to worry about since there are also some methods you can make your pants bigger without sewing.

Using a spray bottle is one of the most popular and favored solutions in this situation; all you have to do is put on your trousers, spray them, and pull them as tight as you can.

You can also use your bathtub, I can hear you laughing, but this is not a joke. It is awkward, but it works somehow! Wear your pants and sit in the bathtub until the pants get wet, and then dry them. So simple but effective.

Final Words

Huh! It’s time for me to write my final words, but just for this article since I still have a lot to say about a few other circumstances. I love doing this job, and the main reason of that is because I love to spread knowledge and to brighten people’s day.

In this article firstly I gave a short answer to the main question of this article and then tried to explain the methods a tailor or anyone else can sue in order to make pants bigger. I have tried to explain those methods basically so everybody can understand. 

I hope that you will like this article and find value in it.

Stay tuned, many other articles are on the way!

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