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Can you Dry Clean Jeans: Explained

Denim fabric has been on the market for a long time and it is a staple in most people’s wardrobes. Jeans made out of denim are considered to be timeless and classic, you can never go wrong by wearing them. They offer many possibilities for styling and creating a variety of different outfits. To provide the most suitable care for their jeans, people often take them to be dry cleaned.

Jeans can be dry cleaned and taken care of properly by trained professionals at dry cleaning services. Instead of simply machine washing the jeans, specific products and solvents are used to gently and carefully maintain the quality of the particular item.

Key Takeaways

  • Jeans are made out of denim fabric which is a natural material and the production process of jeans is a complicated and lengthy one.
  • There are several types of denim from which jeans are made and each has some differences in the way they look and feel on the body.
  • By using appropriate cleaning solutions and solvents, dry cleaning services can detect and get rid of stains and odors while at the same time guaranteeing the proper maintenance in regard to the quality of your jeans.
  • If your jeans are not very dirty or smelly, you can wash them by hand at home using a gentle detergent. This process is more reasonable than simply throwing them in the washing machine.

Different types of denim

There is a variety of denim fabrics and each one differs in some way when it comes to the way they are produced. Different types of denim exist to offer many ways of styling and unique looks. Denim is usually produced by using cotton threads spun into yarn. Then the threads are dyed and washed to get the classic blue denim. Apart from blue, there is also a variety of denim colors on the market today such as black, white, grey, or even vibrant colors.

The original cotton denim is made from 100% natural materials. Raw denim is a fabric that does not undergo washing after dyeing which makes it feel harsh to the touch. In comparison to unwashed denim, washed denim is washed after the dyeing process to avoid the fabric from shrinking and deteriorating. All of these different types of denim are very structured.

However, there is also stretchable denim which is combined with synthetic properties that give them the ability to be flexible, and they are believed to be more comfortable to wear in comparison to regular jeans. Regardless of which type of denim jeans you choose to wear, they all give a similar look while at the same time allowing people to choose their preferences.

Dry cleaning jeans

To ensure that you get the most out of your jeans, it is crucial to take care of them correctly. Denim may look like a strong fabric, but it is actually very fragile and easily damaged. Many people take their jeans to be dry cleaned because of how meticulous the process actually is. Professionals working in dry cleaning services are trained to do their job in the right way and they have the ability to take care of your jeans by using specific products and techniques. Their goal is to treat every possible stain, odor, or dust without damaging the jeans or causing the item to lose its quality. Cleaning your jeans by simply washing them is not a proven way to get rid of every stain. Dry cleaning services have the best solutions for treating sensitive fabrics and ensuring the longevity of your jeans.

Washing jeans at home

Apart from dry cleaning which is the best method to maintain the quality of your jeans, you can also wash them at home. Before you decide on washing your jeans, carefully follow the instructions on the label to avoid the color of the jeans fading. Whether you decide to wash your jeans by hand or in the washing machine, always wash them inside out. This will eliminate the possibility of color fading. If you decide to hand wash your jeans, do it gently without scrubbing using a mild detergent. This way of washing jeans is less harsh on the material in comparison to machine washing.

However, this process can be time-consuming because it is hard to remove every stain that your jeans may have by only using your hand. In comparison, machine washing is less time-consuming and easier to do. You can simply toss the jeans into the washing machine and they will come out smelling fresh and clean. However, even though machine washing will certainly clean your jeans, it is not the best option when it comes to the risk of color fading and causing damage to the material.

The spinning of the washing machine creates abrasion, thus washing out the color of the jeans as well as weakening the fabric. Although it may seem that machine washing will save you time and also clean your jeans, it is not the best way to preserve the quality and durability of your jeans.

Frequently asked questions

Will dry cleaning jeans shrink them?

With proper care from the dry cleaners, the process of dry cleaning should not shrink your jeans. Dry cleaning requires using special products and techniques to get rid of the stains on your jeans as well as any unpleasant odors, while at the same time preserving the color and structured look of your jeans.

Is dry cleaning jeans really necessary?

The majority of people take their jeans to dry cleaning services because they are not able to remove stubborn stains on their own or because the item no longer smells fresh. Dry cleaning is not necessary every time if your jeans don’t have any stains or dirt on them and gentle washing by hand is recommended.

What happens if you wash dry-clean-only jeans?

If the label on the jeans instructs you that the jeans should be only dry cleaned, these instructions should be strictly followed. A dry-clean-only item can shrink if it is washed and therefore your jeans will be ruined.

Final Words

Investing your money in high-quality denim results in the jeans lasting you a long time, without the need to buy new ones very often. However, to ensure the longevity of your jeans you also need to take care of them and follow the instructions given on the label. Cleaning delicate fabrics such as denim are appropriately done by dry cleaning services because of their knowledge and experience in the treatment and maintenance of your jeans.

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