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Can You Dry Clean Polyester? (Answered)

Polyester is a synthetic material that is very durable and lightweight. It has a tendency to dry quickly and it is resistant to wrinkles and shrinking. People often opt for buying items made out of polyester or polyester blends because they are generally easy to maintain and clean. It is completely safe to wash it with warm water but it can also be dry cleaned when needed.

Polyester fabric can be safely dry cleaned but over-drying should be avoided because it may lead to damaging the item. It is often recommended that certain pieces of clothing made out of polyester should be dry cleaned because washing them at home may not always be the most suitable method.

Key Takeaways

  • Polyester fabric is easy to take care of and clean because of its synthetic properties and durability.
  • Apart from being machine washed, it is also completely safe to dry clean polyester.
  • Some pieces of clothing made out of polyester are labeled to be dry clean only clothes.
  • Dry cleaning services are often used to ensure that there is no possibility of a clothing piece being damaged. Alternatively, some people started using dry cleaning kits at home which give the same results if used correctly, so yeah in a way I feel like it has it advantages over hand washing.

You can machine wash polyester at home

The majority of items made out of polyester can be machine washed without worrying about the mildness of the detergent or the cycle type. However, it is very important to pay attention to the temperature, since polyester is prone to shrinking if washed with hot water. However, certain polyester pieces of clothing are gentler which is why a suitable detergent needs to be used to ensure its quality maintenance as well as eliminate the possibility of the piece being damaged.

Also, because this fabric is synthetic, it may seem stiff after washing. For this reason, a fabric softener should be used in order for the beauty of the clothes to be highlighted. Polyester is usually wrinkle-resistant, which means that it doesn’t require ironing, and it is easy to wash and dry. Polyester can be machine washed at home but it is very important to read the labels and make sure you are doing your clothing justice by maintaining its quality.

Reasons why polyester should be dry cleaned

Certain clothing pieces made out of polyester are labeled to be only dry-cleaned. The reason for this is that those particular pieces contain properties that can be damaged if they are machine-washed. To avoid criticism, manufacturers instruct their customers to dry clean the polyester items. The label serves as proof used to defend themselves if a customer makes a complaint.

Dry cleaning products do not probe into the fibers of the polyester, as opposed to water, thus eliminating the possibility of the color fading or becoming patchy in certain places. In addition, it has been proven that machine washing is harsher on the clothing and it can make the fibers weaker in comparison to dry cleaning which is a more gentle method.

How to dry clean polyester

There are people who are professional dry cleaners and they know what solutions and techniques to use to make sure that your clothing looks sharp and clean. Also, they spend extra care when cleaning your clothing because they get paid for it and their ultimate goal is for the customer who is paying to be satisfied with their work.

When it comes to polyester, the one thing that should be taken into consideration is how often it should be dry-cleaned. This process can become expensive if you are making frequent trips to the dry cleaners only a couple of times after wearing the item. After some time, clothes made out of polyester can lose their freshness if they are not cleaned and that is the right time to visit the dry cleaners. Also, if you stain your polyester clothes, the dry cleaners have the best and safest solutions to help you with that.

Another alternative is dry cleaning your clothes at home. This method is more affordable and it can also be as effective if done properly. Before doing anything, read the label on the polyester piece of clothing and make sure you can do this at home safely. Then do your research on the variety of dry cleaning kits that are available on the market.

Read the reviews and if you are content with the outcome of your research, give them a try. If you are following all the steps, you get a more affordable solution that will ensure the quality maintenance of your clothes by doing it yourself.

The kits usually contain a pen that removes stains and a spray that eliminates odors. Then, the garments are placed in a dry cleaning bag together with thin sheets that create steam for 30 minutes. These kits are proven to work miraculously on many occasions and it is hard to notice the difference when compared to professional dry cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to dry-clean polyester?

It is indeed safe to dry-clean polyester. However, before you take your clothes to the dry cleaner, carefully read the label.

Does polyester shrink when dry-cleaned?

Polyester will not shrink when dry-cleaned because of its durability. The only way it can be damaged is if it is washed with hot water.

Is there a way to dry clean polyester clothing at home?

Yes. There are reusable dry cleaning kits on the market that you can buy. This may sound fun and easy, but be sure to read the instructions carefully to avoid damaging your clothes.

Final Words

Wearing clean and fresh clothes is highly significant for people who take care of their appearance. Clothing should be handled with care in order for it to last a long time and to retain its fresh look no matter how many times it is worn or how long it stays in the wardrobe. Durable fabrics such as polyester are easy to maintain and apart from simply tossing it in the washing machine, you can also have it dry cleaned or do it yourself cautiously and with gentle care.

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