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Can You Iron a Suit? (Don’t Skip This One)

Ever had a formal occasion where you needed to wear a suit? I bet you did! However, once you take your suit in your hands, you notice that it is full of wrinkles, and you are not sure what to do!

Can you iron your suit? Is that possible? Well, in this article, I’ll answer that question for you; you just keep reading.

Key Takeaways

  • Suits are mostly made of materials that can be ironed, and you definitely should iron them so that they look better!
  • The first thing to remember when ironing a suit is to start with the jacket, and then move on to the pants.
  • Using a pressing cloth is one of the most crucial things to know when you have to iron a suit jacket or pants.
  • Always make sure to iron the pants’ pockets as they have quite an interesting role in the wrinkling part!

Can a Suit Be Ironed?

Suits are always made of fabrics that you can iron without any problem! Basically, you can iron a suit, and it should be ironed so that it looks as it is supposed to!

An ironed suit will always look good whether you use it at work, at a wedding, or at any other gathering. A suit will always look perfect when it is ironed in the best way possible.

How to Iron a Suit? – Things to Know

You understood that you should iron a suit but what you didn’t understand above is how to do so! I am more than glad to tell you that I am here for that too! I will mention some things that you need to know in order to iron suits in a better manner.

A complete suit is when there are the jacket and the pants as well, so I will tell the steps based on these two pieces of cloth that make a suit! Let’s see!

Ironing a Suit Jacket

When I have to iron a suit, I first start with the jacket, as it is a little bit more complicated, and jackets are always divided into more sections. 

The first thing you should know when starting to iron a suit is to find out what fabric it is made of, and while checking the label, you can find out whether you can iron it. I don’t think that you will encounter any problems, but still, it is important to check it out!

An important thing to know is that you should always have a clean iron in your hands so that it doesn’t destroy the fabric used to make the suit. 

Once the iron is plugged in, you should know the different materials and the heat level they can withstand. For example, cotton and linen love hot settings, nylon, silk, and acrylic love the cool or low setting; meanwhile, you can iron polyester blend fabric with a medium heat setting

The next thing to do is to use a pressing cloth so that your iron isn’t in direct contact with the suit jacket’s fabric. 

The jacket should be put down well on the ironing board or wherever you want to iron it, and you should ensure that it stays smooth in its place. 

Always start with the back part of the jacket, and again, depending on the material, you can turn the jacket inside out or just start ironing it as it is. After you finish with the back part, you can turn on to the front and leave the arms/sleeves as the ending procedure. 

The last thing left is to wait for the jacket to cool off while on the ironing board and then hang it so it won’t be wrinkled again!

Ironing Suit Pants

Now that your jacket is ready and hung somewhere let me tell you how you can iron your suit pants so that you can finish and complete it as a whole!

Just like on the jacket part, checking the label, having a clean iron, using a pressing cloth, and the heat levels that a specific fabric needs are the first things that you should know, and I won’t get into deep details regarding them.

Something worth mentioning when ironing suit pants or other pants, in general, is the fact that it is always better if you use an ironing board. That is needed because pant legs can complicate things a little bit.

The first thing you should pay attention to when ironing pants is starting with the pockets. They are a bit tricky, and I really hate when they are too big, but ironing them first will prevent wrinkles in many ways.

Next on, you can start ironing the legs of the pants! You can start with whichever one you want, but you need to remember that you should fold them all based on the crease, as many suit pants have a crease on the front center part of the leg.

If you have finished both legs, hang the pants, don’t fold them; always remember to hang them properly so that they don’t get wrinkled again.

Final Words

Here we came to the end of today’s article, in which I mentioned whether you can iron a suit and some ways on how to do so!

What I hope here at the end is that this article has provided you with everything that you needed to know, and I hope that the steps I mentioned will help you iron your suits in the easiest way possible!

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