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Can You Iron a Tie? (Guide & Explanations)

I am pretty sure that you have an all-wrinkled tie on your hands, but without knowing what material it is made of, you probably are thinking, “Can I Iron a Tie?” Well, let me help you with this part!

In this article, you will find the answer to the main question and some other important information about ironing a tie! Let’s start!

Key Takeaways

  • Ties can be ironed easily if you have some main things in mind!
  • The iron settings while ironing a tie all depend on the tie’s fabric, the material made of and you should work all based on it; for example, a silk tie is different from cotton and linen ties, so always take caution with silk ties.
  • You can find some interesting alternative ways so that you don’t use iron heat on your ties!
  • Whenever you are ironing or putting ties anywhere, the place should be very clean!

Can a Tie Be Ironed?

You can iron a tie! Ironing a tie is definitely the easiest thing to do without any kind of problem.

Still, there is always a but! Ties are very delicate clothing accessories, and a delicate cloth can be easily wrinkled.

How to Iron a Tie?

You should take care of a tie with delicate manners! You will have to be very careful when it comes to the ironing procedure. There are some appropriate ways how you can iron a tie, and I am all here to tell you those ways. Check out the steps below!

1. The first thing you should do is to find an ironing board, which should be one that cannot create wrinkles of any kind. Also, you would want to use a steady ironing board.

2. Moving on to the next step, there are iron settings that you should adjust, but here you should keep in mind the fact that you cannot use the same iron setting on every material.

If you own silk and polyester ties, you should adjust the iron to a low heat.

If the tie you are trying to iron is made of wool, then you should use a medium hot setting for wool ties.

You can iron cotton and a linen tie perfectly in any kind of heat setting; most importantly, they can withstand a hot setting.

3. Before starting the whole ironing procedure, it would be better if you use another cloth put on top of it so that the tie isn’t in direct contact with the iron that you are using.

4. If everything is ready and steady, start by ironing the back part of your tie until it is perfectly done. You should start from the bottom part and then go up!

5. When it comes to the front part, the one that is the most important one should be ironed super carefully! With a top layer of cloth, just like on the back part, you should start from the bottom of the tie and then direct it to the top part. You can also press the iron gently but very carefully!

6. The last thing to know and the one that you should do after you iron the tie is to hang it somewhere and let it cool off!

If everything mentioned above is done as it should, congratulations! You are professionally ironing your tie!

Alternative Ways: Remove Wrinkles on Ties Without an Iron

If you don’t want to use a hot iron on your tie because you are scared that you might damage it, there are some other ways that you might want to consider. These ways are called alternative ways that help you get rid of tie wrinkles!

1. If you are one of those who take a shower and the bathroom is filled with steam, I recommend you take your tie and hang it somewhere where the steam is mainly directed. The steam softens the fibers of any kind of material your tie is made of, and the wrinkles are gone.

2. Rolling! You may know that the proper way of folding a tie is to roll it and put it in the drawer where you have them. Well, let me say that when you roll your ties, you are also helping it get rid of wrinkles easily. Anyways, you should remember that the place where you put your tied while rolled up should be clean.

3. There is another way to help you if you don’t want to use a hot iron on your tie. Many people loosen and untie them and put their ties flat on a steady surface. This manner has helped a lot of people!

Fun Fact: Many people don’t like to iron their ties, as the heat of an iron, whether it is low or high, can easily make your tie become a little bit flat. In fact, that is something that you need to consider if you don’t want the heat to destroy your ties. 

Final Words

Talk and talk, here we came to the end of this article! As you all know now, ties can be ironed, but just as in everything else they have their own manner and they require some main things from you.

As I mentioned in the article, there’s no such thing that you should definitely iron your tie while using an iron. You can check out the alternative ways as well and have your tie straightened perfectly!

I hope that this article brought you everything you needed to know about ironing a tie!

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