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Can You Iron a Wool Suit? (Answered)

A wool suit is one of the best garments anybody could have; I love the look it gives. But since it is made from a natural fiber, it also requires special maintenance.

In this article, first and foremost, I will answer whether you can iron a wool suit or not and then continue writing about this case in more detail. So let me start, please.

Can You Iron a Wool Suit?

Yes, you can iron a wool suit. But, keep in mind that you should be extra careful while ironing a wool suit. It is a very delicate fabric; if you do not iron it correctly, you will damage your wool suit.

I know that ironing a wool suit is not as simple as ironing other clothes, but it is not rocket science either; once you learn the steps, everything will seem way easier.

Learning to iron a wool suit is essential; otherwise, iron may scorch and make some parts of the wool suit seem brighter. 

How to Iron a Wool Suit?

Let me explain in detail how you have to iron a wool suit without causing any damage to it.

First and foremost, keep in mind that before ironing any garment, especially a wool suit, before ironing, please do not forget to turn the w suit inside out. This is the best way to iron it if you want to keep it bright the first day you purchase it; otherwise, ironing may cause your iron wool to fade. It would be better to smooth your wool suit with your hands before ironing it.

Once you turn it inside out, it is time to set the heat level of your iron. Always ensure that your iron is at the lowest heat level because your wool suit cannot withstand high temperatures and may get burnt. It would

I would highly suggest, and more than a suggestion, it is a must to use a pressing cloth. It would be best to place the pressing cloth on the wool suit before ironing.

Next, it is time to start ironing. To get immersive results, slowly and carefully iron the wool suit in straight lines. Another thing to point out, in this case, is it better to iron only one side of the wool suit.

If you follow these steps, I guess you won’t have any problems while ironing your wool suit.

What We Can Do to Remove Scorch Marks?

Assuming that something went wrong with the ironing, you notice scorch marks on your wool suit. Do not panic since there are methods to remove those scorch marks.

Using a Mix of Hydrogen Peroxide and Water

You can use a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide and water to be able to remove scorch marks. But please do not use this solution for wool suit jackets that are dark colored. This solution will work better for those wool suits which have light colors.

But wait, let me explain how you should prepare the mixture. Take a spray bottle, mix 1 cup of water with one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide, spray the areas with scorch marks, and let it dry for some minutes.

Using Vinegar

This is one of the easiest ways of removing scorch marks; all you need is a piece of cloth and vinegar. Take that piece of cloth, submerge it in a mix of water and vinegar, and then sponge the areas that have scorch marks; leave the wool suit to rest for 3 to four minutes, and sponge off the places where you put the mixture. And it is done.

How Often Should You Iron a Wool Suit?

If you are storing wool suits properly, you won’t need to iron them often since they do not get wrinkled quickly. So, all you have to do is give them the necessary maintenance. If you don’t want to iron them, you can also use a hand steamer and steam iron your wool suits. And, to be honest, this could be a better way because it is safer than ironing. If you don’t have a hand steamer to iron steam, you can also use the shower as steam iron, and you only have to hang the wool suit in the shower and let the hot water flow.

Final Words

It is time to write a great conclusion to this article. I don’t know what to write about more, but there is always something left to say. This was an intriguing article because I love wearing wool suits, and I have many of them. But they require more maintenance than other clothes since they are made of natural fibers. Ironing a wool suit is the most important case that we should consider with the wool suits.

We have to ensure that we know the exact way of ironing them; otherwise, ironing will ruin wool suits, and you won’t be able to wear them anymore. I want to say that you should try to avoid ironing them so much; better use a hand steamer.

I hope that you will find value in this article.

Take care!

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