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Can You Iron Leather? (Explained)

Leather is a strong, long-lasting material, as we all know. However, can you iron leather? I’m going to share my research on this topic with you in this article to help you decide whether or not you should iron leather accessories like a leather jacket, leather shoes, leather skirt, leather purses, and so on.

It is essential to always know that leather is quite an interesting material and has its own ways of ironing, which I will mention here! Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Leather can be ironed easily but you should always have in mind some specifications and ways how to do so!
  • You should never iron leather directly, especially with a high heat setting as you can entirely damage the clothes!
  • There are three other ways that you can get wrinkles out of leather without the use of iron.
  • A great alternative method for getting wrinkles out of leather is using a wrinkle remover spray as they will help you deal with wrinkled leather perfectly!

Can Leather Be Ironed?

Yes, you can iron leather, but that’s not the whole answer, so keep reading!

I am pretty sure that everybody has some doubts regarding ironing leather as it is one of the fabrics that make you doubt it. I want to end them by saying that you can iron leather, and there is no problem.

There doesn’t exist a specific fact that is based on garments made of leather, as you can iron all of them without any problem. Feel free to iron leather jackets, pants, bags, and skirts, but not shoes, though!

How to Iron Leather?

You can iron leather, but still, it is a fabric that has its own manner of ironing, and it is something that everybody should know how to iron leather, and that’s what I am doing right now! You cannot just take your leather garment and start ironing it generally as you do with other clothes. It has some things that you should definitely know! Let’s start ironing your leather garments!


Knowing that iron doesn’t like high temperature is one of the crucial things that any “leather-owner” should have in mind! When you want to iron leather, you should always set the iron temperature on the lowest setting because when you iron leather at high temperatures or even use the medium setting, you will entirely destroy the clothes.

Another Cloth

If you ever ironed a delicate material, you probably have used another cloth that you have put on that fabric. When ironing leather, it goes in the same way. You will have to use a pressing cloth, and always remember that it should be strong and thick enough to withstand different heat settings. When I have to iron a leather garment, I always use a cotton cloth; more precisely said, I use a cotton towel.


Start ironing leather while not pushing the iron too hard on the garment or the pressing cloth. Make sure to use a light hand and never use your whole force! By the way, you can move the pressing cloth as much as you want and wherever you want when ironing in sections.

Things to Know: Other Ways to Unwrinkle Leather

If you are not sure about ironing leather while using direct iron temperature, I would like to mention some other ways through which you can free your leather garments of wrinkles.


You should always hang a leather cloth somewhere in your room! This goes especially when you wash them, and the water pressure will fully help you not use any kind of temperature on your leather clothes.

When hung, you can pull the material a little bit, but again don’t stretch it too hard as you can cause some damage.


Using a steamer in order to destroy the wrinkles out of your leather clothes is another method that you can use without having to use an iron. Steamers don’t provide too much heat, but you should always be careful regarding the damage that you can cause. Make sure to use the steamer while staying a little bit away from the leather garment that you have in front.

I am sure that many of you have heard about the steam bathroom method, and I am glad to say that you can use it on leather as well. Hang your leather cloth in the bathroom, and let the steam of hot water deal with its wrinkles without having to touch it in any way!

Use of Spray

A super-interesting method of taking wrinkles out of the leather garment that you may own is using some wrinkle remover. There are a few wrinkle remover sprays on the market, and they will help a lot when it comes to leather, especially as it is a fabric that many people hate and are afraid to use iron on.

Final Words

Ironing leather is a decision that should be made by you, but the important thing is that you can easily do so! What is important to mention again and again is the fact that leather can be fully destroyed when ironed at super high temperatures and even though it is a strong material, high heat can damage it easily.

In case you are not sure and have some doubts, it will be better to discuss it with a specialist! I really hope that this article has provided you with everything you needed to know regarding leather ironing in general!

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