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Can You Iron Polyester? (Tips & Procedure)

Polyester is one of the most popular textiles for upholstery, clothes, and other home items. It is a synthetic fabric people created and engineered to possess specific properties to resist repeated use. Because it is so popular, many wonder if you can iron the polyester fabric.

If you want a clear answer to that, you must keep reading, and you will get your questions answered.

Key Takeaways

  • You can easily iron polyester clothing but there are a few things that you should always keep in mind.
  • Using a pressing cloth is one of the most essential accessories that you should have in front of you when trying to iron polyester.
  • When ironing polyester you should always make sure to leave the cloth cool off before wearing it or putting it in its place!
  • Two other methods to do in case you hate iron are hanging the polyester garments immediately and using a steamer!
  • The main thing that you need to remember is the fact that polyester really hates super-high temperatures of iron.

Can You Iron Polyester?

Polyester can 100% be ironed, but just like in every other thing, it owns its proper care so that you don’t fully destroy this fabric.

Anyways, without getting into too much detail, I would like to mention that polyester isn’t one of those materials that get wrinkled easily; yet again, it needs some ironing sometimes.

How to Iron Polyester? – Steps to Follow

As I mentioned above, polyester has its own proper care when it comes to iron it, and the first thing that I would like to mention for you is the fact that polyester shouldn’t be ironed directly as it can easily get damaged! It doesn’t like super-high heat as it can burn the fabric quickly.

Also, something that you would like to remember, when purchasing a polyester garment or anything else, you should check the label that it has. If there is no ironing sign, you should never put the polyester fabric under an iron!

Anyways, the steps that you should follow while ironing polyester are:

1. Set the Iron’s Temperature

Polyester doesn’t like too much heat, and the first step in ironing it would be to adjust the iron’s heat settings to the minimum level and wait for it to achieve that level. This goes specifically if you have just ironed a heat-loving garment first, and then you need to iron polyester. Wait for the iron to “calm down.”

2. Take a Pressing Cloth

Hence its name, you need a pressing cloth in order to iron a polyester-made cloth or whatever. Put the cloth above polyester so that you don’t put your iron directly on the polyester cloth (as mentioned above, it doesn’t like it)

Using a pressing cloth will also help when e iron may be dirty so that the dirt won’t be attached directly to the polyester garments.

3. Iron

Basically, if the two things mentioned above are done well, all you need to do is iron your polyester shirt, dress, or whatever! Make sure to iron it while moving the iron in simple moves.

4. Rotation and Movement

It’s the third time I am mentioning that polyester doesn’t like high heat, and nothing says more about it than this part.

You should always move a polyester cloth in case you are ironing it in sections! For example, if you are ironing a long polyester dress, you will have to do it in sections, right? Well, that means that once you iron one section, in order to move into the next one, you should take the cloth out of the ironing board (or whatever you use) and let the piece of polyester cool.

5. Hanging

This is the last and simplest step that you should do when ironing a polyester garment! Just hang it somewhere so that it won’t winkle again, and you don’t have to iron it again and follow the steps.

You can use whatever you want to hang a garment made of polyester without any problem! The only important thing is to hang it and you will easily notice that there will be no wrinkles!

Alternative Ways: How to Keep Polyester Out of Wrinkles?

I am well aware that many people don’t like to iron either because they hate the act of ironing or if they have had a very bad experience while ironing. There are a few ways to keep or protect polyester from wrinkles without having to use an iron.

When you wash a polyester garment, make sure to hang it immediately after the washing procedure. Without mattering whether you wash it on a machine or by hand, you should hang it when it is wet. When wet, the water pressure that the polyester garment will have will make the cloth heavier on the bottom part, and there is no place for wrinkles.

Another method you can use to get wrinkles out of your polyester cloth is using a steamer! As some of you may already know, steaming any kind of garment helps a lot in order to remove wrinkles, and it will help in polyester as well.

Using the bathroom steam method may also help, but I wouldn’t prefer it to use on polyester clothing because it makes them as if they are recently washed!

Final Words

Everybody knows that every type of fabric needs its proper care and has its own maintaining form. Even though the lightest fabrics are more high-maintenance, will polyester fabrics you won’t have this problem. Still, when it comes to ironing you should make sure to do it in the best way possible.

So, in this article, you read that polyester can be easily ironed, but always you should do it as the polyester-made cloth wants and not as you do, since not every fabric can be ironed in the same way.

I really hope that this article has provided you with everything that you needed to know regarding the main question can you iron polyester?

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