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Can You Iron Wool? (The Best Ways To Do It)

Whenever the winter season ends, we first collect our winter clothes, which are probably made of wool. With the arrival of the following winter, we got to take them out on the world again, and what do we see? Those wrinkles that everybody hates!

That’s why, with the winter coming, in today’s article, you will find the answer to the question “Can You Iron Wool?” Let’s get this article started!

Can Wool Be Ironed?

Even though it may sound weird to you, you can iron a wool garment !

However, ironing wool is a procedure that requires a lot of care as it is one of the most sensitive materials when it comes to iron heat.

How to Iron Wool Clothes? – Step-by-Step

The clothes made of wool have their necessities and some things that need to be followed. That’s why, here at this part, I will mention a few easy steps that you should remember, but before going onto them, let me mention to you some accessories that you will need during the procedure of ironing wool clothes.


There are some things that are important to be found around whenever you want to start ironing your wool-made clothes and they include: Iron, Ironing Board, Pressing Cloth, Spraying Water Bottle, Towel, and Distilled Water.

Instructions: Steps to Follow

Now that you have all the supplies needed, let’s get straight to the steps that you have to follow:

1. The first thing that you should do before starting the whole ironing process, you should turn the wool garment cloth inside out, and that’s because wool tends to get a bit shiny when it is ironed on the front part.

2. Take the pressing cloth that I mentioned and put it above the wool cloth. It will be the biggest helper in order to keep safe the whole piece of clothing. Always remember that the cloth that you will use should be dry.

3. Once you have put the cloth on the wool-made piece of clothing and then you can adjust the iron wool setting regarding the heat that you will use.

4. Start the ironing process by pressing the iron on the thickest parts of the cloth that you have in front. If you are ironing a woolen sweater, start from the collar and then move on to the sleeves. Always remember to press the iron!

5. Now that you have covered all the parts of your woolen clothes, you should leave the cloth to cool off, and after that, it is ready and all nicely ironed.

When it comes to the shining pieces of wool I mentioned above; you should know that you can get rid of them if you use vinegar after they are made. Take a sponge and white vinegar and apply vinegar to the shining pieces. You will notice that everything will become the same!

Things to Avoid When Ironing Wool:

Every garment you buy has its label on the inner part, and there are some specifications regarding the ironing parts. If your woolen sweater or anything else has the no-ironing sign, never try to iron them, as you will destroy them completely!

Never leave the iron in one place, not for a second! The moment that you leave a hot iron in a woolen-made garment, everything is going down, and your favorite cloth is going down as well.

You should never hang wool items the moment you finish the ironing; there will definitely appear creasing.

An Alternative Technique for Removing Wool’s Wrinkles

I am pretty sure that many people don’t want to use iron to get rid of the wrinkles in their wool-made clothes, and fortunately, there are some other things that you might want to try.

Steam iron is another approach, steam iron steamers are quite flexible tools that can ease many of your jobs when it comes to ironing different materials that clothes are made of, and wool is definitely one of them.

Hang your woolen garments somewhere and use the steamer starting from the top part. As the steam gets deeper into the wool, every little wrinkle it may have will disappear.

The steam iron method can also be considered a DIY version as you can do it by just hanging the clothes in the bathroom while you are taking a very hot shower. The steam that comes from the hot water will also help you get rid of the wrinkles.

Final Words

There it is! A whole article regarding one main thing which is whether you can iron wool! Here we came to the last part of today’s article.

As you know by now, wool can be ironed but still, if it isn’t done properly you should have in mind that all your woolen-made clothes should be thrown away and I am pretty sure that nobody wants this alternative!

What I hope here at the end is that this article will help you deal with the wrinkles on your wool garments in the easiest way possible!

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