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Can You Put Bath Mats in the Dryer? (Helpful Tips!)

Bath mats also need to be washed sometimes. This is rarely the case though because a lot of people either wash bath mats only after they are so dirty and disgusting that it’s absolutely necessary.

To not be one of those people, make sure to clean your bath mat properly and regularly. How are you supposed to take care of your bath mats and can you put bath mats in the dryer? Read on to find out.

Key Takeaways

  • Bath mats or rugs need to be cleaned regularly, at least 2 to 3 times a month
  • Keeping your bath mats sanitary helps for the overall cleanliness of your toilet
  • You can never go wrong with cleaning something more often
  • Once you wash your bath mats, drying them on the lowest setting as well is very important
  • Bath mats that are made out of natural and soft materials can safely go in the dryer whereas hard-back plastic or nylon bath mats should be kept away from the dryer
  • Don’t apply heat to bath mats, and don’t wash or dry them together with towels or any other clothes

Can Bath Mats Be Put in the Dryer?

Bath mats should be put in the dryer at the lowest heat setting. Make sure to take them out once the cycle finishes, so you can lay them flat so they don’t wrinkle up.

This is especially important for hardback bath mats, which shouldn’t be in the dryer at a very high temperature as they can melt and become deformed.

A piece of even better advice is not to put your plastic or rubber bath mats in the dryer at all. If you don’t want your plastic bath mat to melt in the dryer, leave it out to air dry in the sun.

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How To Properly Take Care Of Your Bath Mats

Taking good care of your bath mats is a key task in not only keeping your bathroom looking clean but also actually keeping it sanitary. A lot of people don’t care about their bath mats as much as they should.

This, in turn, leads to very unhygienic bath mats that are so disgusting that they smell funky or almost have fungi on them. This is the last call for washing, and it’s when most people realize that, yes, you should wash your bath mat.

Some people might do this out of laziness or ignorance, but an undoubted fact is that bath mats look scary to take care of, especially for someone who’s never done it before. It can seem like such a daunting task to get yourself to wash your bath mat.

I know it used to be very difficult to get myself to clean anything in my toilet beside the towels which you just put in the washing machine. However, that’s exactly why I’m writing this article to help you keep up with these seemingly hard tasks.

Bath mats are really important and deserve a lot of attention, especially if you live in a bigger household. Bath mats should be cleaned regularly, meaning once a week, or at least twice a month if they’re not used that often.

You need to let your bath mats breathe. Stepping onto a damp bath mat right after you clean your feet in the shower feels like entering a disgusting microcosmic pool of strange bacteria, microorganisms, and fungi.

Don’t let it get that bad. Everyone wants to step on a fresh soft rug or mat, instead of a bunch of bacteria.

How to wash Bath Mats

For this exact reason, you should know how to wash your bath mats. The first thing you should do before putting your bath mats into the washing machine is to check their tags.

Depending on what kind of materials they are made of you can either wipe the plastic clean if they have a hardback or you could put them in the washing machine.

When you put them in the washing machine, make sure that you put them on the lowest heat setting with a mild detergent, so they don’t get ruined.

Also, you shouldn’t mix them with other types of clothing items or even towels. A bad thing that could happen if you mix them with towels, let’s say, is that the residue lint can get mixed with the rug and this makes them soak up more liquid.

The fact that they can soak up more liquid leads to slower drying and we don’t want that. Whether your bath mats are made out of microfiber or have nylon or plastic backs, they can go into the washing machine. They won’t be damaged if you put them on the coldest setting and use a gentle detergent.

On the off chance that they are damaged, that means you should reward yourself with a new mat. If the plastic has cracks in it and is starting to peel off you shouldn’t put them in the washing machine as this can very easily ruin the inside of your machine.

Drying Your Bath Mats

After you wash your bath mats it is obviously time for them to dry. Putting your bath mats into the dryer usually isn’t a big problem.

 You can keep them safe by putting them on the lowest setting just like when washing them. And, also check their tags to see if they are safe to put into the tumble dryer. Every article is different, so just check the tag to be safe.

After you do that, you can put them into the dryer. Some mats, if they have plastic backs, shouldn’t be put into the dryer as this can ruin them. However, that’s not the case for every bathroom rug.

No need to worry so much, just don’t put them to dry with other clothing items so if an accident happens you don’t damage them as well.

Another method of drying your mats is air drying them naturally. This is the safest method of drying any article of clothing.

Letting them lie flat to dry is great and even though it takes a bit more time, it lets you rest assured that no damage will be caused to your beloved article whatever that may be.

Final Words

To sum it all up, putting math mats in the dryer is fine as long as you’re using low heat. Personally, I wouldn’t let math mats that are made out of the plastic into the dryer, and would just let them air dry.

However, microfiber or cotton rug-type bath mats are safe to tumble dry. No matter which option you choose, cleaning your bath mats and keeping them dry is very important for your hygiene.