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Can You Put Bras In The Dryer? Helpful Guide

I’m sure if you’re a woman you want your bras to look new and in shape. However, we all have that one bra that we wear so much that it doesn’t even look like a bra anymore.

A big part of preserving your bra is taking care of it, not wearing the same bra all the time, and washing it carefully. So, can you put bras in the dryer? Let us find out.

Key Takeaways

  • Bras can, but should not be put in the dryer
  • Tumble drying your bras creates unwanted friction and heat which results in quicker damaging
  • Tumble drying lowers the bra’s lifespan by a lot
  • Except for not drying them, you should also not wash them in the machine if possible
  • Bras are very delicate and are best left to air dry

Can Bras Be Put in the Dryer?

Well, technically yes they can be put in the dryer. However, the materials from which bras are made are easily degradable in high heat. Using high heat will ruin the shape and shorten the lifespan of your favorite bra.

This also makes them shrink. Your best bet is to put your bra in the dryer at a very low temperature. So, even though bras can be put in the dryer it’s not very smart to do.

My opinion is that the bra should be naturally left out to dry. As even washing the bra in the machine is bad enough for the longevity of the amount of time the bra can be used for.

I have had so many of my favorite bras ruined with just a few simple washes in the machine. And those were perfectly new bras that got destroyed very fast and are now just barely usable.

Having your bras ruined makes them not only look very unpleasing and ugly but also makes them very uncomfortable to wear.

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A Few Tips on Preserving Your Bras

Fasten the hooks on your bras before you wash them

It’s very important for your bras to be hooked before you put them in the washing machine. Why you might ask?

Well, leaving them unhooked, not only ruins the hooks if they hit the metal frame of your washing machine but also hooking them prevents them from attaching to any of your other clothes that you’re washing them with. This helps in keeping all of your clothes safe.

It is a great thing to consider doing to not ruin the hooks, as well as not to stretch the bras themselves and other clothes they latch onto.

Don’t wash them with a very strong detergent

This is another big one. Bras are very delicate garments that should be treated as such.

The best thing you can do for the longevity of the lifespan of your bra is handwashing them, or at least washing them with a mild detergent used for delicates. Sometimes even hand soap does more good than a strong cleanser or detergent.

Use a lingerie bag

To add to the previous two paragraphs, in protecting your lingerie and the rest of your clothes a crucial thing is buying yourself a lingerie bag.

This is just a small bag made out of mesh material that is used to keep your lingerie together. If you can’t wash them by hand and it is out of the equation for any reason, or you don’t have time to do that and have to put them in the washing machine, just buy a small lingerie bag and you will definitely notice the difference.

Don’t put them in the dryer

The most important thing on this list is probably drying them. The reason why you clicked on this article is for me to tell you no. It’s not okay for bras to be put in the dryer, and that should be avoided as much as it can be.

It’s better if you let them sit outside and let them dry in the sun or even let them sit under the air conditioner.

If you must put them in the dryer please use the lowest setting temperature-wise. Because the temperature ruins the material and misshapes the overall form of the bra.

Even at the lowest temperature, this happens very easily while tumble drying. Moreover, if you really ought to tumble-dry them, at least make sure to take them out while they’re still slightly damp and let them shape back into their form in the sun or even at room temperature.

However, I strongly recommend you let your bras naturally air dry, as this doesn’t allow the bras to mix with other clothes in the heat.

Air-drying is a lot better for bras, because as we mentioned before they are delicate garments that shrink and become misshapen with the help of heat. So, keep them away from the dryer.

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Don’t wear them too many days in a row

Wearing your bras a few days in a row can be pretty bad for them as well. This shortens the lifespan of the bra pretty drastically. Your bras deserve days off too!

It’s best to have a few bras you wear on rotation instead of wearing the same bra for a week. What this does is that the bra you’re wearing for multiple days in a row has a substitute, so that all the filth and sweat build-up won’t be absorbed in one bra.

You can switch your bras up and wear three different bras in a week so that one can be washed while you wear the other two. This is a perfect way to keep your bras safer and stop cutting their lifespan short.

Store your bras properly

This is something not a lot of people take into consideration when thinking about making their bras last longer. They just throw their bras in a drawer without caring about how delicate they are, and how carefully they should be treated.

Once you throw them in the drawer together with all of your underwear, this creates a jumbled mess of clothing that results in faster damage to the bras. What’s more, leaving them like that does take up less space, but at the expense of your bras’ shape and lifespan.

The better option is to stack your bras one on top of the other like they are stored in the lingerie shop when you first buy them.

This helps preserve the original shape of the cups as well as the elastic of the straps. So, even though it takes up a bit more space, it is much more useful and better for your bras overall.

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Final Words

Bras are very delicate undergarments and should be handled with care. Washing them in the machine is okay as long as you do it with a mild detergent and on low heat. Drying, however, is not only not recommended but also should be avoided at all costs.

Air drying is a lot better for preserving your bras than tumble drying. Take all the given tips because they can come in handy and guide you into keeping your favorite bra looking fresh.