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Can You Put Wet Clothes in the Dryer?

The fast-pacing life that most of us are living can sometimes lead us to make irrational decisions and rush through certain processes.

This can be the case with putting wet clothing in the dryer because we have so many other obligations throughout the day.

Perhaps you believe that simply tossing your wet clothes into the dryer is easier than any other method, but you can unintentionally and unknowingly cause damage to your dryer.

Key Takeaways

  • Extremely wet clothes should not be put in the dryer.
  • Slightly damp clothes can safely be put in the dryer.
  • Clothes that are still leaking water when you get them out of the washer, should be air dried before putting them in the dryer.
  • There are alternative ways of drying your clothes apart from using the dryer.
  • To avoid the appearance of wrinkles, do not squeeze the clothes. Instead, pat it dry or hang it to air dry.

Can You Put Wet Clothes in the Dryer?

It is not recommended to put wet clothes in the dryer especially if water is still leaking out of them. Certain dryers are not able to endure the level of wetness your clothing is characterized with, thus damaging the efficiency and quality of the particular dryer.

How to Dry Clothes Using Your Dryer

The dryer is most commonly used for drying clothing that is slightly damp and does not contain high levels of excessive water. Drying your clothes by using your dryer can save you a lot of time without having to hang your laundry piece by piece in order to air dry it.

Oftentimes, the weather outside makes it difficult for your clothes to air dry because of the low temperatures, snow, or rain.

This is the reason why the dryer is used when your clothes need slightly more work in order to get completely dry.

Putting slightly damp clothing in the dryer will safely dry your clothes without making them feel harsh to the touch because not much time will be needed in order for them to completely dry.

It is also often recommended for the clothes to be air dried at least for an hour before putting them in the dryer to ensure speeding of the process. The dryer can be very practical for drying your clothing if it is used properly without putting dripping wet clothes into it.

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Alternative Ways for Drying Your Clothes

If your clothes are extremely wet and leaking water all over the floor, there are several possible ways of drying them without using the dryer.

The most obvious one is air drying. Even though this method of drying your clothes may be lengthy and time consuming, it is proven to be very effective without causing any damage to your clothing.

However, make sure to not leave your clothing to air dry for too long because they may lose their softness because of the harsh weather conditions during the cold weather months.

Another alternative way of drying your clothes without simply putting them in the dryer, is to dry your clothes inside of your house by hanging them on a clothing rack.

This method will ensure that your clothes will get dry because the temperature inside is higher than the temperature outside during fall and winter. Also, the heating is probably turned on at a high setting which will allow the clothes to properly dry.

Before you hang your clothes to dry inside your house, make sure that you squeeze the excess water out of them in order to avoid a wet mess on your floors.

A method of drying clothes quickly, that people seem to often forget, is to make the most out of your washing machine by increasing the cycle speed.

When the cycle speed of the washing machine is high, the clothes turn out moderately damp because the fast cycle has already squeezed out the excess water. In this way, you will not need much time to air dry your clothing because they are already half-dry.

By using this method you will also ensure that you are using your washing machine at its full capacity and thus not having to pay more money for electricity as opposed to also using your dryer.

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Tips on Safely Drying Your Clothes

  • Pat them dry with a towel – Delicate and light fabrics can easily shrink if they are squeezed too harshly, so patting them dry with a towel can ensure the elimination of wrinkles as well as proper removal of the excess water.
  • Use a clothing rack – Using a clothing rack to hang your clothes to dry can also prevent them from getting wrinkles while at the same time ensuring that the process of drying will be faster.
  • Use air drying clothing pins – To keep your clothes secure on the clothing rack, it is often recommended to use air drying clothing pins to keep them in place and avoid the risk of them falling on the floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I put wet clothes in the dryer?

Putting wet clothes in the dryer can cause impairment to the particular dryer and also lead to the clothing not drying fully as well as smelling weird.

Can you put clothes straight from the washer to the dryer?

If your clothes are moderately damp when you get them out of the washing machine, it is safe to put them in the dryer. However, if the clothes are still leaking water it is not recommended to be put in the dryer.

Will super wet clothes get dry in the dryer?

Clothes that are characterized by high levels of wetness will take a long time to dry in the dryer. This can also cause damage to the dryer and decrease its capacity.

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Final Words

The impairment that can be done to the dryer by putting extremely wet clothes into it can be very significant.

Not only will this cause your dryer to be ruined, but you will also not be successful in drying your clothing. This risk is not worth taking and it is better to be patient and air dry your clothes to ensure safety for your dryer and also for your pieces of clothing.