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3 Different Types of Buttons for Apparels & Accessories

There is a huge variety of buttons that are produced nowadays and they are all used for different purposes. Many people use buttons made out of unique materials in order to achieve different looks in the production of clothing as well as providing a diversity of individual styles. Buttons can look and feel different which is why it is important to consider several types.

Buttons are usually produced from either plastic, wood, or metal materials and they vary in the way they feel, look and cost. Certain people use buttons for embellishment purposes, while others focus more on the practicality of buttons. Choosing which types of buttons you prefer can be hard because of the large assortment available.

Key Takeaways

  • Buttons have been used for a long period of time and manufacturers produce various types of buttons made out of different materials to make them available and affordable for everyone’s budget.
  • Buttons made out of plastic were invented to serve as an imitation to expensive buttons with which a similar look can be achieved.
  • Wooden buttons are known to be very durable and their versatility provides the creation of different styles in fashion.
  • Metal buttons are famous for their embellishment purposes and the classic look they give to a piece of clothing or even an accessory such as a handbag.

3 Most Important Materials for Buttons

Buttons Made out of Plastic Materials

In the past, buttons were very known to be very costly and deemed appropriate only for the attire of the rich people. In order to change this mentality, people started producing buttons made out of plastic that are available and affordable for everyone.

The purpose of producing plastic buttons was also connected to the manufacturers’ goal to try and copy the look of expensive buttons produced from more affordable materials. These buttons were characterized as having a flat and smooth top, produced from plastic materials such as polyester and they contained four punctures in the middle. Buttons made out of plastic are available in various shapes, colors, and sizes, providing a variety of different possibilities. Plastic buttons can be used on shirts, coats, pants, and even suits.

These types of buttons are usually not extremely costly so anyone can afford a piece that contains plastic buttons. However, they may not look the most expensive and glamorous which is the reason why people who want to achieve a classy look sometimes avoid them.

Apart from this, they are very practical and easily attachable to a piece of clothing using either a sewing machine or a needle and thread. Buttons produced from plastic are usually very durable which increases their level of practicality. Plastic buttons are affordable, available in different styles, and also they are convenient to use and maintain.

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Buttons Made out of Wooden Materials

The wooden material has been very popular in the production of buttons for many years. People often opt for buttons made out of wood because of the special look they provide on a piece of clothing, their flat and polished top, as well as how they can change the overall appearance.

The possibilities with wooden buttons are endless, offering a huge variety of different shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. In order to produce authentic pieces of clothing, manufacturers use buttons made out of wood.

This material is also known for its durability so there is no possibility of the button damaging or breaking. Apart from their use in the manufacturing of clothing, wooden buttons can also be used in the production of jewelry pieces, different types of ornaments and crafts, as well as home accessories.

Wooden buttons are extremely versatile and similarly to plastic buttons, they also may have four ruptures in the middle. There are many different uses of buttons made out of wood which make them practical while at the same time providing a fancy and dazzling look to the pieces.

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Buttons Made out of Metal Materials

The most durable types of buttons, known and used for many years are those made out of metal materials. These types of buttons are also known to be more costly in comparison to plastic and wood because of their high level of durability.

Due to this, buttons made out of metal materials are used in the manufacturing of clothing pieces such as denim jeans, leather jackets or handbags. In contrast to plastic and wood buttons, metal buttons do not usually contain four ruptures in them.

Oftentimes, buttons made out of metal have a certain design or logo on the top, which brings uniqueness to the piece of clothing or accessory and makes it look expensive and sturdy. Metal buttons can also have smooth textures and can be made out of stainless steel which is known to be the most durable and long lasting metal material.

The purpose of using metal buttons does not necessarily rely on practicality. Usually, these types of buttons are used for accessorizing the clothing pieces and enhancing their prettifying characteristics. Using metal buttons in the manufacturing of clothing and accessories has been popular for a long time and still commonly practiced to this day because of its classic look and feel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the four rupture buttons called?

Buttons that have four ruptures in the middle are usually characterized as having a flat top and thus they are called flat buttons. They can be produced out of various different materials such as plastic and wood.

How are buttons classified in the textile industry?

The classification of different types of buttons heavily relies on the materials from which they are produced and the different purposes for which they are often utilized.

What are the most common uses of buttons?

The purpose of using buttons in clothing or accessories can either be connected to practicality or the need of fancy embellishment. Securing the piece of clothing and making sure everything stays in place is more important to some people, whereas other people are not concerned with functionality or practicality. In fact, they are only concerned with their style and achieving an urban look.

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Final Words

Buttons made out of unique materials such as plastic, wood and metal are used for different purposes and for achieving contrasting looks. The addition of buttons to a piece of clothing can completely alter the look and also provide style, flair, and sophistication.