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Does Asos Run Small? (Honest Sizing Guide)

When we are shopping online what we care about the most is the sizing system of the brand, and whether the garments will run small or not.

This is the exact reason why am I writing this article. If you are curious about the sizing system of Asos and whether this brand’s clothing runs small, then you are in the right place. I will discuss everything regarding this issue, so please keep reading!

Key Takeaways

  • Asos is one of the most trendy brands, where you will be able to find the most stylish garments.
  • Aso’s articles of clothing do not come in their true sizes, and they tend to run bigger, so choosing the right size would be challenging.
  • Dresses and shoes are the only items of Asos that run small, so before purchasing one of these garments you better size up.
  • If you want to order the correct size and get an adequate fit, then better check the size guide on the Asos app or consult the Fit Assitant tool.

Does Asos Run Small?

Asos clothing tends to run large, but not small. While purchasing outfits from Asos you don’t need to size up, which is a happy fact. According to me the garments of Asos have a perfect pit, besides the fact that they run large, I love it that way.

When I am shopping online from Asos, I mean all the time, I always order my size, they run a bit larger but as I have mentioned I adore the baggy style, and if you are the same as me, then it is very easy to get the right size and perfect fit while purchasing clothing from Asos.

Furthermore, what makes me adore Asos that much, is their high-quality and very stylish products. You will be able to find any type of garment in Asos, that will suit all your demands and make you look perfect.

Asos clothing is always a great idea and worth the money you pay, believe me, you will never get upset about what you will receive. Although garments will run a bit large, you will always get that baggy style look with clothes. I think this is pretty perfect for those that don’t like tight outfits.

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Garments of Asos That Run Small?

Online shopping is always a risk because ordering the right size sometimes seems like rocket science. I have stated above that Asos clothing runs a bit bigger than the normal size, but there are two items from Asos that run small.

From my experience, Asos shoes run small and it’s pretty unbelievable right? So, while ordering shoes or heels, it is better to size up at least half a size; otherwise, the shoes that you will receive won’t fit.

If you are about to purchase dresses from Asos, please keep in mind that they will run small, and better to size up if you want to get an adequate fit.

How To Get The Proper Size While Shopping From Asos?

I am addicted to shopping online, but I am always so stressed when I have to decide on the size since many brands including Asos have an intriguing sizing system. Garments of many brands tend to run small, and with Asos, this is vice versa.

I have stated above, that I love the baggy style, but sometimes I also love to wear tight clothing, and if I am purchasing from Asos, I always consider if I want the outfit to look tight or baggy. Based on that, I’ll order a size smaller if I want the clothing item to look tight, while if I want the outfit to look baggy, I order my correct size.

Asos has a Size Guide on each product page; all you have to do is click on that button. In the Size guide, you can read the measurements of the model, the outfit, and many other fitting and washing tips. On some product pages, there is also a tool called Fit Assistant, that you can consult for ordering the right size.

Fit Assistant will ask about your height, weight, and age, so it would be able to help you in finding the adequate size for your body.

Moreover, if you want a tight fit, you should always size down, because this is what I always do, and I appreciate the results since I get the perfect fit I want.

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The Return Policy Of Asos

You cannot always make the right purchase and get the proper size, sometimes the garments that you will receive may be smaller or bigger, unfortunately. Although what you’ll like about this company is the fact that Asos has a friendly return policy.

If you have made a wrong purchase and you don’t like the garment you received, or it doesn’t fit you properly, you can easily return the item and get a refund.

Please let me tell you about my own experience. A few months ago I ordered some outfits from Asos including a pair of jeans. When I received them, the jeans didn’t fit me well, and they were too big, so I decided to return the jeans.

I had no issues while returning them and it was pretty easy. However, I got the refund after 22 days. So, if you face the same issue, all you have to do is return the items and wait for the refund which can sometimes take time.

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Final Words

Here is the end of this article. ASOS is a well-known brand, that provides high-quality garments. A purchase from Asos will never be a mistake since they have the most stylish outfits, and even though their sizing is correct most of the time, bare in mind that clothing items tend to run larger.

Dresses and shoes are the only items of Asos that run small. If you love baggy style clothes, then you don’t have to size down while purchasing since the Asos garments will always have a little room, so you could feel more comfortable.

Have a nice day, and take care!