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Does Balenciaga Run Small? (Honest Sizing Review)

If you know something about the most in-style fashion brands, you probably heard about Balenciaga, the first choice for many celebrities worldwide! For years, Balenciaga has made a perfect path for itself, and it stands as one of the most influential brands in the world.

Something worth mentioning that many people ask about Balenciaga as a brand is whether their items run small! Does Balenciaga Run Small? I will tell you about that and everything that you need to know! So, let’s dive into today’s article!

Key Takeaways

  • Balenciaga is one of the most famous fashion brands; meanwhile, it started in 19018 with a super small shop in Spain.
  • Balenciaga’s items do not run small, but they run big, which is an entire complex story, but with a simple thing to do: Choose one size smaller than you frequently do. 
  • Based on the sizing charts that Balenciaga offers for you, you can choose what size of sneakers you can choose from them.
  • The most famous sneakers that come from Balenciaga are the Speed Sneakers which are indeed some of the most comfortable sneakers one can find.
  • Fun Fact: The Balenciaga founder, Cristobal Balenciaga, started his whole sewing career at the age of 11, from his mom!

So, Does Balenciaga Run Small?

Whenever you want to purchase anything from a brand, people’s first worry stands on the fitting and the size you must choose! It is quite a complex thing to do, as many brands’ garments run small.

Anyways, Balenciaga isn’t one of them, but in fact, Balenciaga items run big, especially the shoe collections that they have. As funny as it may be for some, many people notice this once they stop their eyes on Balenciaga’s shoes.

Balenciaga doesn’t run small; instead, Balenciaga runs big!

Which Balenciaga Items Run Small or Run Big?

As I mentioned above, Balenciaga items generally run big and not small! Yet again, it is only related to Balenciaga shoes/sneakers. All other items from Balenciaga are true to size, and you won’t encounter any problem with them.

Balenciaga sneakers come in different models, and the ones that run big in this case are Balenciaga Triple S, Balenciaga Speed Sneakers, and Balenciaga Track Sneakers.

Recommendation: If any of you cares about what I say, I want to sincerely advise you to go one size smaller when you want to buy Balenciaga items/shoes.

Sizing Charts: Balenciaga Sneakers – US, UK, and EU (2 TABELA)

When someone tells you that shoes run big or small, I know everything gets complicated, and you don’t even know what to do! That’s why, I want to share the exact sizing chart for both men and women; they show how you can find Balenciaga sneakers in the US, UK, and Europe! Check the table down below!

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Men’s Balenciaga Shoes Size Chart

US                      UK                      EU
6                          5                        39
7                          6                        40
8                          7                        41
9                          8                        42
10                        9                        43
11                        10                      44
12                        11                      45
13                        12                      46
14                        13                      47

Women’s Balenciaga Shoes Size Chart

US                      UK                         EU
4                          1                            34
5                          2                            35
6                          3                            36
7                          4                            37
8                          5                            38
9                          6                            39
10                        7                            40
11                         8                           41
12                         9                           42

Based on these two tables full of numbers, you can choose the Balenciaga fits for you in US, UK, and EU. It is again essential to mention that you should go one size smaller from the shoes you constantly wear. For example, if you wear shoes of size 42, it is better to choose 41 so that they can fit better and there is no space at all. Choosing one size smaller from Balenciaga means providing yourself with more comfort!

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About Balenciaga and Their Items

Now that you know the main thing you asked for, I would like to share with you some other information regarding Balenciaga as an outstanding brand and the items it brings out on the market.

Who is Balenciaga?

Balenciaga is a brand that entered the fashion world in 1918 in Spain! It is well-known that at that time, the cofounder Cristobal Balenciaga started his job with a tiny shop in Spain and then moved on to Paris, France.

Nowadays, Balenciaga is one of the most potent brands all over the whole globe, and has earned the hearts of many people! Celebrities including singers, actors, and everybody else, loves to wear Balenciaga items, especially their shoes!

What do Balenciaga Items Provide?

As said, Balenciaga is very famous right now, and their items are surely seen everywhere. For some people, Balenciaga collections can be a little bit weird, depending on the styles that their items have, but still, it is essential to mention that comfort is surely on top!

I mentioned above some of the most famous Balenciaga sneakers, and yet again, the most well-known shoes are Balenciaga Speed Sneakers. You should know that these sneakers are the most comfortable types of shoes that you can find on the market when compared to many fashion brands. Balenciaga has made these sneakers with two things in mind: fit and comfort! They feel like you have both socks and sneakers on your feet!

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Final Words

As I repeated in this article, Balenciaga is one of the most famous brands nowadays, and their garments and shoes are indeed some of the most used by many people worldwide, especially VIPs.

I would like to mention again that this brand is most famous

for its sneakers, and you can choose many of them, yet the Balenciaga Speed Sneakers are super-used.

However, now you know that Balenciaga items don’t run small, but they run big! When you buy any sneakers from this brand, you should make sure to choose one number lower or smaller than the ones you wear most of the time.

After all, comfort is something that everybody loves, and for it, you can be more than sure! I hope that  this article is understandable and I hope that you know now the answer to the main question: “Does Balenciaga Run Small?”