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Does Bamboo Shrink? (Answered In-Depth)

Fabrics that are prone to shrinking are characterized as being impractical and difficult to maintain. People often choose to buy fabrics that can be easily washed without getting easily ruined.

Bamboo is a special type of fabric that is very comfortable on the skin and it provides a breathable feeling.

For this reason, it is very important to be mindful of the maintenance techniques that can ruin the bamboo fabric.

Key Takeaways

  • The bamboo fabric requires proper maintenance in order to successfully eliminate the possibility of shrinkage.
  • Delicate and comfortable bamboo sheets can shrink in a washing machine because of high heat.
  • Clothing pieces made out of bamboo can shrink in size unless they are being washed with a lukewarm or cold water temperature.
  • The use of a mild detergent is crucial for proper maintenance of bamboo fabrics.
  • Bamboo can also shrink due to lack of moisture which also leads to damage of the bamboo fibers.

Does Bamboo Shrink?

The bamboo fabric is prone to shrinkage if it is not maintained in a proper manner. Certain maintenance techniques may work in the process of maintaining the quality of other fabrics. However, when it comes to bamboo, incorrect washing can lead to severe damage to the fabric.

How Can Bamboo Sheets Shrink in the Washing Machine?

Using the incorrect water temperature in the washing machine can lead to shrinking the sheets made out of bamboo fabric.

This occurs because bamboo fabric does not have the ability to endure hot water temperatures and the problems that can occur because of this are mind-boggling and frustrating.

The damage to bamboo fibers can be a result of hot water temperature during the process of machine washing which can also lead to shrinkage and loss of the original bamboo sheets’ quality.

Tossing your bamboo sheets in the dryer in warm or hot settings is also not recommended because it can easily lead to shrinkage and also provide a stiff feeling to the fabric.

This does not mean that the bamboo fabric cannot be washed in the washing machine. Instead, high heat should be avoided during the process of washing bamboo sheets.

Bamboo requires moisture in order to be soft and comfortable on the skin. What high temperatures do to the bamboo fabric is shrinking its size.

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Can Machine Washing Shrink Bamboo Clothing?

Simply tossing clothing pieces in the washing machine only because they are similar in color is sometimes risky. This is because not every fabric should be washed at the same temperature in the washing machine.

Clothing pieces made out of bamboo fabric can easily shrink in the washing machine when they are washed in an improper manner.

Purposeful shrinking of bamboo clothing can easily happen by applying heat. However, it is very important to be mindful of the steps you are taking in order to retain the quality of the bamboo fibers.

Using high heat in regards to the dryer can also shrink bamboo clothing, almost making it unwearable and also uncomfortable on the skin.

The feel of bamboo clothing can change after shrinkage and the bamboo fabric can lose its softness due to lack of moisture.

Not every bamboo piece of clothing is made out of quality fibers, so the possibility of shrinking is very common and unavoidable.

How to Properly Maintain the Quality of the Bamboo Fabric

In order to make sure that you are taking the proper steps in the process of maintaining the bamboo fabric properly, there are certain things to keep in mind and consider to ensure that the pieces made out of bamboo fabric will not shrink or lose their original quality:

Use the gentle cycle

Washing your bamboo fabrics can be easily and properly done with a washing machine by using a gentle cycle and a lukewarm or cold water temperature. Avoiding the use of high heat will ensure that your pieces made out of bamboo will retain their quality and it will eliminate the possibility of shrinkage.

Mild detergent is best for bamboo

During the process of washing the bamboo fabric, it is often recommended to use a mild detergent that will not damage the bamboo fibers and will also be gentle on the skin. Harsh detergents and bleaches can ruin the bamboo fibers and also cause the fabric to shrink.

Let the bamboo fabric to air dry

Because of the reason that bamboo does not react very well when it is exposed to heat, using the dryer for drying out the bamboo fabric is not recommended. Instead, a more effective way of drying that also eliminates the possibility of shrinking is letting the bamboo fabric air dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the bamboo fabric shrink more than the cotton fabric?

The bamboo fabric can be more prone to shrinkage when it is compared to the cotton fabric because of the reason that bamboo needs moisture in order to stay soft. Cotton fabric can also shrink when it is exposed to high heat, but bamboo fabric is more likely to shrink in the washing machine.

How do I prevent my bamboo fabric from shrinking?

Reading the instructions and care labels on any piece made out of bamboo is highly recommended before trying to wash it. The easiest way shrinkage of bamboo fabric can be prevented is by avoiding the application of high heat in the washing machine or in the dryer.

What causes the bamboo fabric to shrink?

High heat and lack of moisture are usually the two reasons why bamboo fabric is prone to shrinking and the appearance of wrinkles.

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Final Words

Taking proper care of your bamboo fabrics can help in regards to original quality and softness retention as well as avoiding the damage on the bamboo fibers in regards to shrinkage.

However, when you are buying pieces made out of bamboo such as bed sheets or clothing, make sure that the fibers of the fabric are high-quality and durable in order to avoid the appearance of shrinkage and unrepairable damage.

Hot water temperatures may do great things in the process of washing other fabrics but that is certainly not the case with the bamboo fabric.