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Does Bape Run Small? (Honest Sizing Guide)

Bape is a well-known Japanese brand providing casual clothing and very stylish hoodies. Brand products define street style in the best way possible.

By shopping from Bape, you can catch the latest trends and look extraordinary. Bape’s garments are so comfortable, this is the reason why I love purchasing items from this brand.

Whereas, there is something more significant that I have to discuss regarding Bape. In this article, I will talk about the sizing system of Bape and whether the garments will run small or not. Read on!

Key Takeaways

  • Bape is a well-known Japanese brand providing stylish and comfortable garments.
  • The clothing of Bape tends to run small. The brand has an inconsistent sizing system.
  • Shirts, hoodies, and shorts Bape will run at least one size small. Due to this, you will need to size up while purchasing one of these items.
  • Jackets and shoes Bape are the only items that will come in their correct sizes.

Does Bape Run Small?

Bape garments tend to run small. The Sizing system of this brand is very inconsistent. It’s hard to get the size you usually wear. Most outfits will run at least one size smaller, indicating that you will need to size up while purchasing.

In this article today, we’re going to talk about how to choose the right size for you. Remember that you can never pick your regular size while shopping at Bape since they do not fit true in size.

Although, I don’t think that’s enough reason to avoid shopping for this brand. Many other brands have a problem with the sizing system, so it’s pretty common everywhere.

I hear you asking how to choose the correct size. We’re going to talk about this in more detail in the sections down below.

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Garments of Bape That Run Small

Famous Gaming Brand Razer Collaboration with Bape.

Getting the right size at Bape is a very challenging process due to this, but the best way to shop at Bape is by trying the garments on; otherwise, you most likely will get the wrong size so; the garments won’t fit you adequately. So, let’s see which of the clothing items from Bape run small!


The shorts of Bape are very stylish and comfortable, but they tend to run small. They run at least one size small, and the first time I ordered a pair of shorts from Bape, I went with my regular size, and what I received was very disappointing. I was not able to fit into them. Since then, whenever I shop at Bape I go one size up.


Hoodies are amongst the most popular items of Bape. If you want to get the most stylish sweaters,  you should always go for Bape.

Unfortunately, when purchasing hoodies at Bape, you will need to go for one size larger as well because hoodies will run one size smaller.

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Shirts are another items of Bape that will run small. Bape has an inconsistent sizing system with shirts as well. Whenever you go shopping for shirts at Bape, it is better to size up to get an adequate fit; otherwise, the shirts you will get will be too tight. Although, if tight t-shirts are your style, then this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

I am the type of person that loves a bit of room. This is the central purpose why I order at least one size larger.

Garments of Bape That Do Not Run Small

My dear readers, not all the garments of Bape will run small; hence some items come true to their size.

You can effortlessly order a jacket from Bappe in your regular size. Jackets of this brand come in their correct size. Bape provides stylish jackets; most of them are oversized but that’s not by mistake, it’s just the style of clothing that they provide. Shoes are the other item of Bape that comes true to size.

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Final Words

The brand provides excellent hoodies, shirts, shorts, and many other items. Unfortunately, Bape has an inconsistent sizing system, and most garments will run small, but that is pretty common amongst other brands as well. So, shirts, sweatshirts, and shorts are the items that will run small.

While purchasing one of those outfits, it is better to size up if you want the perfect fit. While jackets and shoes of this brand will run true to their sizes. If you want to avoid this issue, it is better to check the size chart from their official website.

You can also read comments and reviews for any product and consider other customers’ experiences. Doing so will help you a lot in making the right decision.