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Does Burberry Run Small? (Full Sizing Guide)

Burberry is a British luxury brand that most of you are familiar with. The outfits of this brand are of high quality, I mean this is what we expect due to their exorbitant price.

Simply by glancing at those garments, you can tell that they are from Burberry because of their distinctive design. I can’t lie, I adore Burberry clothing because it is so fashionable and refined.

I bet that the main reason you are reading this piece is to know if Burberry clothing run small, I shall explore this topic in this article

Key Takeaways

  • Burberry is a well-known luxury brand providing top-notch garments.
  • Clothing from Burberry tends to run small, and it is always better to size up when purchasing at Burberry.
  • Shoes, pants, jackets, and shirts of bur4bbery will run small, so before buying consider this fact.
  • Before deciding on your size at Burberry, please consider the sizing chart of Burberry and read the comments and reviews of other customers.

Does Burberry Run Small?

Here I am with a straightforward answer to this query. Burberry garments tend to run a bit smaller; probably, you need to size up. Burberry’s outfits have an amazing look and perfect fit. They are perfectly constructed, which is what makes this brand unique.

So yeah, when shopping at Burberry, you should consider that their items run smaller for a tight fit. If you are not a fan of tight fit then it is always better to size up.

I can hear you saying, “How can we handle this situation? “; don’t worry; I’m here to assist and tell you of anything you require.

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Garments Of Burberry That Run Small?

Burberry is the pride of Britain since it is amongst the most popular luxury brands worldwide. Despite their garments being so unique and elegant, I can easily state that they are not true to their size, sadly.

The sizing system of Burberry sucks. I am not the only one who states this. Many people deal with this issue. If there is a problem, there is always a solution for it. I am here to tell you the solution; so you can purchase whatever you want from this luxury brand without hesitation.

In this section, I will mention the Burberry clothing that runs small. This will help you to find the correct size while purchasing one of these items.

You should therefore carefully read this section to avoid being upset by the results.


When it comes to shoes, I am very skeptical. I want them to be comfortable and have a perfect fit. Burberry shoes are of high quality; they have an excellent fit. You can get all of what I mentioned only if the shoes are the correct size; otherwise, you will suffer while wearing them.

Burberry shoes are not true to their sizes. When purchasing shoes at Burberry, I would advise going one size up, and this goes for both men’s and women’s footwear.

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Jackets from Burberry are what you need for a perfect and elegant look. Yet again, despite this, they tend to run small.

I want a little room in anything I buy so I can move around comfortably. As a result, whenever I purchase a Burberry jacket, I order one size up since I dislike the tight fit. If you are like me, you must size up as well, due to Burberry’s uneven size.


Pant of Burberry are other items that run a bit smaller than your regular size. This is due to their elegant style, and they are a bit tight. Based on my experience, if you are about to go shopping at Burberry and buy a pair of pants better go for one size bigger.


Unfortunately, Burberry shirts do not come in their intended sizes, therefore you must size up. They frequently run very little, It is best to order at least one size larger when purchasing shirts if you want to ensure a precise and proper fit.

Tips On Getting The Proper Size in Clothes of Burberry

First and foremost, if you want to get the right size while purchasing at Burbary, it is always worthwhile to check the sizing chart that you will find at Burberry’s official site.

The chart is perfectly constructed and, the sizing system is well explained. You have to compare their sizing with your regular size and make the right decision.

You can also read the reviews and comments of other people and consider their experiences, doing so will help you a lot.

You can ask the staff for advice if you visit one of Burberry’s retail locations. They will assist you on getting the correct size for sure.

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Final Words

We’ve pretty much come to the conclusion of the blog, so just to recap: yes, Burberry runs small, and practically all of their clothing does, so always choose a smaller size when buying.

I’m not going to lie, their luxurious attire and everything, makes up for the exorbitant price tag.