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Does Corduroy Shrink? Answered & Explained

Corduroy is a fabric that is known to be very comfortable and durable at the same time while providing a put-together look by appearing flawless.

However, this particular fabric requires proper maintenance in order for shrinkage in the size of the pieces to be avoided.

The coziness of the corduroy fabric provides a comfortable feel on the skin and in order to retain its original quality and shape, it needs to be properly taken care of.

Key Takeaways

  • The corduroy fabric is characterized as durable but it can still shrink if it is exposed to high levels of heat.
  • Excessive high heat temperatures can shrink corduroy in the washing machine.
  • Ironing a slightly wet corduroy piece can lead to shrinkage.
  • Corduroy usually shrinks in length rather than in breadth.
  • Restoration of shrunken corduroy fabric is hard to accomplish which is why proper maintenance is highly recommended.

Does Curduroy Shrink?

The corduroy fabric is not usually prone to shrinking. However, this fabric can shrink in size if it is incorrectly washed and exposed to high levels of heat for long periods of time which can also lead to damage to its original quality.

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How Does Corduroy Shrink?

Exposing the corduroy fabric to high levels of heat can lead to shortening the length of the particular piece and ultimately cause shrinkage in size.

High heat is not the best friend of corduroy fabric because it can cause a lot of damage to it such as shrinking.  Regardless of whether you are washing the corduroy fabric by hand or in a washing machine, hot water can lead to shrinkage.

This has a tendency to happen especially when the corduroy fabric is not blended with fragments of the cotton fabric. The corduroy fabric will be less prone to shrinkage if it is blended with cotton fabric.

Some people want to shrink their corduroy pieces on purpose and that is why they usually wash them at a high temperature in the washing machine.

However, this can also lead to certain side effects of which many people may not be aware. Shrinking the corduroy fabric in this way is connected to the loss of control by the person who is trying to achieve this.

People do not have full control over how much exactly the corduroy fabric will shrink and this process may lead to excessive shrinkage and bad results.

Can Ironing Lead to the Shrinkage of Corduroy Fabric?

Another way of shrinking the corduroy fabric on purpose is ironing the piece while it is still slightly wet by using a high temperature.

Not only will this shrink the fabric, but it can also cause damage and loss of shape to the corduroy fabric. Mindfulness is a key factor when you are trying to shrink corduroy on purpose.

Some people are interested in the different ways you can shrink corduroy pants because of the common belief that this will make the piece fit their body in a better way.

What certain people may not be aware of is that the corduroy fabric may only shrink in length. If you are trying to shrink your corduroy pants in breadth, you may get the opposite effect and ruin the possibility of wearing the item again.

Applying high heat to a damp piece of corduroy fabric is damaging to the fibers, especially if a protective cloth is not placed between the iron and the fabric.

Every method of shrinking corduroy fabric can cause damage to it and it is always important to avoid experimentation with shrinkage because you may end up not being able to wear your corduroy pieces any longer.

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How to Properly Take Care of Corduroy

In order to avoid unwanted shrinkage and unnecessary damage to a high-quality piece made out of a corduroy fabric, certain things of great significance should be kept in mind:

Read the instructions

Before attempting to wash, dry, or iron the corduroy fabric, it is important to read the instructions on the label in order to make sure that you are using the proper heat which will aid in the proper maintenance of the corduroy fabric.

Wash with cool water

In order to avoid shrinkage, it is often recommended to stay away from high heat when it comes to washing corduroy fabric. Due to the fabric’s durability, corduroy can be washed in a washing machine with cool water.

Iron corduroy from the inside

To ensure that you are properly taking care of your corduroy pieces such as clothing, it is important to iron them from the inside. This will guarantee the avoidance of damage or shrinkage to the fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for the corduroy fabric to shrink in the dryer?

Corduroy fabric can shrink when it is tossed in a dryer while using a high-heat setting. The best method for drying the corduroy fabric is to let it air dry which can also help to avoid the possibility of shrinkage.

Can you wash corduroy fabric in the washing machine?

Due to its high level of durability, corduroy can be washed in a washing machine. However, high heat should be avoided in the process of washing because it may cause the items to shrink. Instead, it is better to wash corduroy fabric in the washing machine by using cool water.

Can you restore shrunken corduroy fabric?

Fully restoring corduroy fabric that has been shrunk may be difficult to accomplish because once an item loses its original shape, its fibers become more stiff and more firm. The fibers can be slightly softened by the use of gentle shampoo and lukewarm water, but the fabric might never get back to its original shape.

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Final Words

Regardless of whether you are trying to shrink corduroy on purpose or it simply happened by accident, the end result may not be satisfying.

No fabric should be forcefully shrunk because once it loses its shape, there is no going back and methods of restoring may not be applicable to durable and thick fabrics such as corduroy.

The awareness and mindfulness of how to properly take care of corduroy fabric can ensure that unwanted shrinkage will be entirely avoided.