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Does Forever 21 Run Small? (Sizing Review)

I don’t think anyone in the world hasn’t heard about Forever 21! It is one of the most famous fashion brands and has something for everyone to match anyone’s style!

Yet again, there is a question around on the world wide web related to the size of the clothes from Forever 21! Does Forever 21 run small? To find out the answer to this question and find out more about Forever 21, stick to the end of this article!

Let’s start and find out about this query.

Key Takeaways

  • Forever 21 runs small, and the main thing that fits truly are the dresses!
  • To deal with the running small problem, you should always choose a garment one size bigger than the number you actually wear.
  • Forever 21 is one of the brands that own everything you need with super affordable prices and the lowest in the whole fashion business.
  • Fun Fact: Forever 21 owns this name just because the founder of the store always considered the age of 21 to be an enviable one!

So, Does Forever 21 Run Small?

Forever 21 is the brand that runs small on its items more than any other brand you have ever heard of!

In fact, I want to share with you that many people who have bought their favorite garments in Forever 21 aren’t fans of their clothing anymore! Their sizes were fine for some years, but now, they have seen to change the entire sizes, and people cannot find what they are looking for and the size that fits them better.

Yet again, it is essential to mention that in order to deal with this issue, it is better to find out the garments and search one number bigger. You will definitely fit on a bigger number.

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Forever 21 Items that Run Small:

Even though I mention it in a general form, I want to include what are the garments from Forever 21 that mostly run small! Those clothes include jeans, shorts, tops and shirts in general. Meanwhile, the only thing that fits perfectly at Forever 21 is the dresses.

What do People say About Forever 21 Sizes?

In this section, I want to refer to Forever 21 as a store, so don’t confuse yourself. Anyways, Forever 21 is one of the most frequented stores in the places where people go shopping.

As their items are quite affordable, Forever 21 is full of customers every time you go there. However, as I mentioned above, the sizes of the items have confused many people as some of them say that for one person Forever 21 makes about three sizes, through which you can fit. What do I mean by that? Let me explain!

When you try to find the best-fitting items in Forever 21, you should search everywhere! I have encountered many people that have dealt with this problem, and even though they were searching for an L (large garment) they had to choose the XL version of the same item to fit properly in it!

However, this issue has been very popular amongst people mainly these two last years. Before that, Forever 21 always brought true-to-size garments, and no one had problems with anything.

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Forever 21 – The Brand

If you ever read some of my articles regarding different brands, you probably know how much I love to mention some things regarding the brand as a whole, so let’s see what Forever 21 is about!

When and Where It Started?

Forever 21 was founded on April 21, 1984, by Do Won and Jin Sook Chang. Since then, it has provided people with comfy items overall, and they have included everything people need. Forever 21 started with a very small shop in Los Angeles, California; meanwhile, right now, as I am writing this article, it owns a total of 540 outlets. When it comes to international findings, Forever 21 works at 790 stores where you collect everything regarding the US, Canada, Africa, Europe, and many other places.

This brand owns a very interesting name: Forever 21! If you ever cared why is it called that, it’s because the founders of this brand, more exactly, Mr. Chang, considered the age of 21 to be the most perfect one when people can wear whatever they want and need and still look good. Forever 21 has everything that will make you feel like you are 21 if I can put it like that.

What does Forever 21 Offer?

Forever 21 is a brand that is known for its trendy pieces of garments at very low prices, and it stands in the group with some of the most affordable brands you will ever find. Once you enter a Forever 21 store, you can be more than sure that you will want to stay there forever as they own everything a person may need, and can match most people’s clothing preferences.

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Final Words

Forever 21 is surely one of the most famous and greatest names by many people around the world. Even if you don’t have a Forever 21 store nearby, you surely have heard of them and know what they bring to the table!

This brand is made for everyone, but what “hurts” the customers mostly are the sizes that Forever 21 brings the clothes to! It is essential that when you go to a store you want to find the best-fitting clothes for you, but it seems like Forever 21 has brought differences.

After all, I want to say something else too! Forever 21 may have changed the sizes and the fittings for you but there is no doubt that you will find everything you need! If you need affordable items and garments that fit every style you might have, Forever 21 is forever there!

I hope that in this article you have found everything you needed to know about the fitting part in Forever 21. Does Forever 21 run small? Yes, it does!