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Does Gildan Shrink? (Tested & Answered)

Gildan is a fabric that is often referred to as a blend of natural and synthetic materials. Clothing pieces made out of the Gildan fabric are advertised as being very high-quality.

Although it is often claimed that Gildan pieces of clothing are resistant to shrinkage even after extensive wear and constant washing, this fabric can shrink if it is not properly maintained.

The level of shrinkage in regards to Gildan tends to be very low and minimal changes can be visible on the garments.

Key Takeaways

  • The synthetic and natural properties of Gildan lead to the pieces of clothing being resistant to excessive shrinkage and they successfully retain their original shape.
  • Gildan can slightly shrink after it has been washed in extremely hot water temperature, but it fits in the same way after it has been worn.
  • Gildan clothing pieces are regarded as being very high-quality if there is purely natural cotton in its properties.
  • Certain items that are made out of Gildan have been pre-shrunk by using different methods which makes the pieces resistant to shrinkage after washing.
  • The best possible maintenance method that can be utilized when it comes to Gildan is hand washing which can also prevent shrinkage.

Does Gildan Shrink?

Clothing pieces made out of Gildan can shrink if proper maintenance is not utilized by the consumer such as exposure to extremely high levels of heat and hot water. The Gildan material usually shrinks after it has been washed, but it tends to get back into its original shape after wearing.

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Why are Certain Gildan Pieces Advertised as being Pre-Shrunk?

Manufacturers have been producing Gildan clothing pieces for many years. Known for their high-quality properties and superior durability, these pieces of clothing are also often advertised as being pre-shrunk.

This means that companies are advertising Gildan clothing as being resistant to shrinkage after washing due to it being pre-treated with certain techniques that cause the clothing pieces to be durable and pre-shrunk.

Gildan pieces are also known for promoting safety for the consumers and their primary goal is often pointed out as being connected to taking proper care of the people who are wearing the particular pieces of clothing.

How manufacturers promote the Gildan clothing pieces depends on the severity of treatments that are done before the item is advertised for purchase on the market.

Companies that put sufficient care in every piece of clothing that they produce, often use naturally produced cotton in their properties that has been pre-shrunk by using professional and well-thought techniques that are safe and efficient when it comes to achieving high quality.

Whether a Gildan clothing piece will be pre-shrunk and resistant to shrinkage during the process of washing, ultimately depends on the choice of manufacturers and companies.

What Leads to Clothing Pieces Made Out of Gildan to Shrink?

Regardless of whether Gildan pieces of clothing are pre-shrunk or not, certain items may still undergo shrinkage after being washed.

However, this shrinkage is not severe and the items tend to get back their original shape and un-shrink after a couple times of wearing them.

The best way about Gildan clothing pieces is that they have the ability to retain their original fit even after washing on a constant basis. Gildan contains enough flexibility and breathability in order to fit the body in a proper way.

What leads to clothing pieces made out of Gildan to shrink on certain occasions is washing them with excessively hot water or drying them at a high temperature. Any material that is exposed to such extreme heat has a tendency to shrink.

This is also the case with Gildan, but what differentiates this particular fabric from others is that the original shape and fit of Gildan clothing will be revived after washing and wearing.

What Makes Gildan Stand Out

The Gildan material is often connected to the manufacturing process of T-shirts. These types of T-shirts are known to be characterized as very high-quality due to the natural properties they contain.

Due to their high-quality properties such as pure natural cotton together with the utilization of methods for pre-shrinking, Gildan is often preferred over other materials when it comes to shrinkage resistance.

Gildan T-shirts have a tendency to shrink only slightly after they have been washed which is an advantage when they are compared to other materials that can easily undergo shrinkage after washing and drying without the ability to bring back their original shape and fit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prevent Gildan pieces of clothing from shrinking?

Even though Gildan clothing pieces tend to be pre-shrunk with certain techniques and methods by manufacturers, it is usually recommended for them to be washed by hand. This process of washing will ensure that no damage will be done to the fibers and the possibility of shrinkage be eliminated.

Do Gildan T-shirts made out of natural cotton shrink?

Naturally produced cotton that is used in the production of high-quality Gildan pieces of clothing prevents it from getting easily shrunk. A material that is produced in this way will retain its original shape even after it has been washed on a constant basis.

How much can Gildan shrink?

Gildan can slightly shrink after washing with hot water. However, the levels of shrinkage are very low and hardly visible without making a drastic change to the piece of clothing such as T-shirts. The shrinkage disappears after some time of wearing has passed and it gets back into its original form and fit.

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Final Words

Certain materials that are available on the market are simply better and more practical than others. Gildan is one of those materials that has been produced and treated in a unique way.

Due to the utilization of pre-shrinking treatments and the inclusion of high-quality properties, Gildan is often preferred by customers over other materials.

Some people simply tend to lean towards quality over quantity and apart from this, Gildan also offers practicality when it comes to shrinkage which is always a win-win situation.