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Does Hugo Boss Run Small? Honest Sizing Guide

Hugo Boss is a super famous brand worldwide, and it is known as e leading name, regarding many clothing items people need. Yet again, the internet is all over Hugo Boss, and there is a question around, and it is: Does Hugo Boss run small?

This article aims to find the answer to that question, but if you want to find out everything about Hugo Boss, stick to the end! Now, let’s start this article, and let me tell you whether Hugo Boss runs small or not!

Key Takeaways

  • The main items that run small from Hugo Boss are their shirts!
  • To deal with the running-small issue, you can check Hugo Boss’ sizing charts and even measure yourself and share the exact numbers with them!
  • Shoes from Hugo Boss tend to run big most of the time, and you should go one number down when purchasing them!
  • Something that will fit you perfectly from Hugo Boss is the outstanding jeans they bring onto the market!
  • Hugo Boss garments are known to be high-end, but they bring out exceptional quality!

Does Hugo Boss Run Small?

Hugo Boss garments tend to run small, but you should know some specific things related to that!

This dilemma includes some specific items from Hugo Boss that run small and others that come as you need and wear them! First, let’s check out the clothes that run small and then the others that fit pretty well. Let’s find out!

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Hugo Boss Garments That Run Small:

Hugo Boss indeed brings out some of the most outstanding tops, including shirts, sweaters, and other things, and they are the prettiest garments one can find. Yet again, shirts from Hugo Boss run small most of the time!

Hugo Boss Garments That Run Big:

As some of you may know, Hugo Boss brings different items you need, and one of them is shoes! However, I want to mention the fact that the shoes from Hugo Boss are the ones that fall into the category of running big garments!

Hugo Boss Garments True-to-Size:

Above I mentioned Hugo Boss tops and their shoes! Everything left, including pants, shorts, and other things, are all true-to-size! You won’t have any problem with the other clothes as Hugo Boss makes them exactly as you need them.

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Finding the Exact Size at Hugo Boss (1 TABEL)

I know that the sizing charts many brands offer are weird and complex, but still, everything depends on that.

In the table below, you can find the exact numbers related to XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL from Hugo Boss related to their shops and online websites in the EU, US, and UK. Check it out!

  • Size                          EU                      US/US
  • XS                            44                          34
  • S                              46                          36
  • M                             48                          38
  • L                              50                           40
  • XL                            52                          42
  • 2XL                          54                          44
  • 3XL                          56                          46

How to Find the Exact Size in Hugo Boss?

Checking the table above will be one of the best aids in choosing the right size and the clothing article that fits you better. However, as I said that Hugo Boss runs small, you should have an idea regarding the sizes, and there is another way to find the perfect fit for you: finding and wearing the exact measurements!

When you shop online for Hugo Boss garments, on their website, you will find another sizing chart in which you can add your exact measurements. For example, you can do measurements regarding the waist, chest, arms, and legs, and once you do so, you are ready to find the best-fitting clothes from Hugo Boss!

About Hugo Boss

I want to mention everything you should know about this prominent name in the fashion industry; you will find some important information about them, of course, if you are interested!

Brand’s History:

Hugo Boss is a brand that started its job in 1924 in Metzingen, Germany. The founder of this brand has the exact name, Hugo Boss, is a German fashion designer and businessman. The brand was among the greatest ones regarding uniforms for police, but it has come to a point where they make some of the most impressive and stylish menswear.

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What does Hugo Boss offer?

Based on the running small, running big, and true-to-size clothes that I mentioned in this article, you can easily understand that Hugo Boss has a lot to offer! It is essential to mention that as time has passed, Hugo Boss has included in their stocks various accessories, footwear, and different perfumes!

Prices and Sales:

Hugo Boss stands as one of the most high-end brands worldwide, and that concludes with the fact that Hugo Boss items are pretty expensive! However, Hugo Boss has some reasons why their garments and other items are pricey.

Hugo Boss says they are a quality brand, and we cannot deny that! The quality they offer is indeed one of the best, from the fabric they use to the time you can have their garments on you.

However, this brand offers sales of many kinds as well! If there is a holiday, there is a sale in Hugo Boss stores!

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Final Words

There you have it! A whole article regarding the main question “Does Hugo Boss run small?” and other important information regarding their history and their items in general.

Hugo Boss items run small, but it is more specified when it comes to shirts, and they are the garments that give you a hard time most! However, as I mentioned, you can measure everything you need, and based on their sizing charts, you can find the best clothes.

It is crucial to mention again that Hugo Boss stands in a group with some of the most famous fashion brands worldwide, and they will bring you quality garments!

I hope that in this article, I have mentioned everything you need to know regarding the questions you have for Hugo Boss, especially the main one: Does Hugo Boss run small? Good luck with finding the best-fitting clothes from Hugo Boss!