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Does Lululemon Run Small? Sizing Guide

Lululemon is an excellent brand of athletic clothes that you may need for running, training, and yoga. This brand is in charge of bringing comfortable pieces of cloth to you.

However, when you choose to buy any piece of garment from Lululemon, the size is the most important thing, and if you have ever been disappointed by a brand, you might ask if Lululemon runs small!

Key Takeaways

  • Lululemon is one of the greatest brands of athletic clothes, and it includes everything that any sports lover needs!
  • Most clothes from Lululemon come with their smallest size of 0 and the biggest of 14.
  • Not every cloth from Lululemon will run small! There are some exceptions!
  • The two key fabrics that Lululemon uses are luon and luxtreme! Perfect fabrics that bring out amazing comfortability.

Does Lululemon Run Small?

Suppose you need an instant answer about whether Lululemon clothes run small; yes, Lululemon clothes run small! You may deal with smaller pieces of the garment, but you should know that it happens only with some of the clothing items (more on below).

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How to Find the Perfect Size on Lululemon?

The best way to find the exact size on Lululemon and other brands as well is to check out the sizing charts that they have and in Lululemon you can choose rom XS to XXL easily.

Yet again, you can make some compromises with yourself, and I would like to share which items from Lululemon can run small; as I mentioned above, not everything runs small. Let’s see some clothes from Lululemon that do and don’t run small!

Lululemon Garments that Run Small:

After all, the whole point of this article is to see if Lululemon clothes run small, so let’s mention some garments that run small first. The pieces of cloth that run small from Lululemon include bras, shorts, skirts, swiftly, hoodies, jackets, swimwear, and dresses.

If you want to purchase any of the clothes mentioned above from the brand Lululemon, make sure to order one size bigger than the number you are. If you have a size M (medium), you should order an L (large) so that it can fit properly.

Lululemon Garments that Don’t Run Small:

Now that you know which clothes from Lululemon run small, something worth mentioning is the clothes that come with their true size and the ones that you can easily order with no worries about the size chart.

The Lululemon clothes that don’t run small are pants, tights, tops, panties, and sweaters.

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What To Know When Purchasing Lululemon Clothes?

You all know that clothes, especially those made for athletic purposes, should have some “features” they should offer you, which has to do a lot with the small running issue. It is crucial to remember the features that the clothes are intended to bring you, and only then can you find out whether they are small or not.

When it comes to Lululemon as a brand, I said at the beginning of the article that they bring and launch perfect clothes for athletic things that you may do, particularly for yoga! Yet again, based on this, you should check out some important things such as comfort, free movement, wrinkles, fabric, and the purpose of use.

Purpose of Use

When you have a specific piece of cloth in front of you from Lululemon, and it seems small, the first thing to have in mind is what you will use it for! The key concern of Lululemon is yoga, and for yoga, you surely need tight leggings.

Make sure to try them on before you think of the small running problem.

Comfort and Free Movement

While having clothes on, you should consider the part of comfort and whether you are free to move however you want. Lululemon makes tight yet very comfortable clothes, and once trying them on, try everything you do daily. Make sure that even though they can run small, you are good to go if they provide comfort and freedom of movement.


When trying to find the best clothes, you always check out the fabric they are made of, and in Lululemon clothes, you will find two key fabrics: luon and luxtreme. Two not known fabrics from everybody but two celebrities for Lululemon clothes fans!

Luon is one of the most comfortable pieces of fabric you can ever find and is fully breathable. Many people compare luon fabric to cotton. In Lululemon, you will find super stretchy clothes made of this material. Once you have them in your hands, you think they are very small, but the luon fabric intends to fit well in your body so you can feel its comfort and breathability.

Luxtreme, on the other hand, is a four-stretchy fabric that Lululemon uses, and they also use it in different garments, especially for running. Lululemon refers to Luxtreme as the fabric that feels like a second skin, and there is no doubt regarding comfort and free movement. Luxtreme garments always look small, and that’s because they are super-stretchy, and they might confuse you when fitting perfectly.

Based on these two fabrics, you may get confused about whether you have chosen the right size, but no worries because they are perfect and will fit your body adequately.

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Final Words

There you have it! A whole article with the answer to the question Does Lululemon Run Small and some other important information regarding sizes, fabrics, and choosing the right Lululemon clothes for you!

As I said, Lululemon as a brand is quite a famous name among athletes, and I love them too! It is a brand that surely knows how to gather clients by providing comfort and free use.

However, now you know that some clothes from Lululemon run small, but only some of them!

I hope that this article is understandable for you and I hope that you have found everything that you need to know!