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Does Modal Shrink? Washing & Caring Guide

A strong material that is known for its ability to endure damage and creasing is definitely modal.

Due to its properties, modal is a very durable fabric that is easy to maintain without being overly time-consuming and requiring the need of specific maintenance methods.

Even though this fabric is known for its durability and resistance to wrinkles, many people still wonder whether modal shrinks and to which degree.

When it is compared to other similarly produced fabrics, modal is regarded as being more resistant to shrinkage. However, that does not mean that modal cannot undergo shrinkage at all. If modal is not properly taken care of which includes washing and drying, it may shrink to a certain degree.

Key Takeaways

  • Modal is a very durable and strong fabric that is also known for its stretchiness and high levels of comfort it provides on the skin.
  • Shrinkage is unlikely to happen to modal materials, unless they are being improperly maintained.
  • Washing modal materials with hot water can cause shrinkage and fiber damage.
  • Tossing modal items in a dryer on high heat setting can lead to shrinkage of a high degree.
  • If modal is treated and maintained in a proper way, the chances of shrinkage are low and almost out of the question.

Can The Modal Material Shrink in The Washing Machine?

Clothing pieces made out of modal materials can be safely washed in a washing machine. However, it is important to pay attention to the water temperature they are being washed with.

Even though modal is known to be highly durable and strong when it contains moisture and wetness, hot water temperature should still be avoided during the process of machine washing.

The shrinkage of modal usually appears after it has been washed with hot water. For this reason, it is often recommended for modal to be washed with cool water.

Why Does The Modal Fabric Shrink in The Dryer?

Although the chances of modal shrinking in the washing machine are slim to none unless it is washed with hot water, tossing this material in the dryer can cause high levels of shrinkage.

The modal material is known to be very strong with the ability to endure severe damage. However, if it is dried on a high heat setting, wrinkles and shrinkage will appear.

The fibers of the modal material will undergo shriveling which is ultimately the reason why modal fabrics shrink in the dryer on a high heat setting.

To Which Degree Does Modal Shrink?

If the modal material is properly maintained by being washed with a suitable water temperature and a correct drying method, the levels of shrinkage will be low.

Apart from that, modal materials are known to retain their original shape with every wash and after the pieces have been worn for certain amounts of time.

In comparison, constant washing with hot water will cause the modal material to shrink to a higher degree which can also lead to damaging its fibers.

Tips on Maintaining the Modal Fabric In Order to Avoid Shrinkage

In order to ensure that you successfully avoid shrinkage of the modal material, it is important to implement proper maintenance methods which will also aid in its quality and shape retention without causing excessive damage of the fibers.

There are certain tips and tricks to keep in mind during the maintenance process of modal:

  • Always pay attention to the care label – Most modal pieces have a care label attached on the inside of the particular garment, containing instructions for proper maintenance. If these instructions are not meticulously followed and paid close attention to, your clothing pieces made out of modal will get damaged and shrunk.
  • Wash the modal material with cool water – As previously mentioned, it is not recommended for modal materials to be washed with hot water. The temperature on which you are washing your modal pieces is crucial in order to avoid shrinkage. The modal materials should be washed with cool water temperature to ensure its longevity.
  • Use a gentle cycle – Apart from using the correct water temperature, the maintenance methods of modal also include the use of the suitable washing machine cycle. Using a gentle cycle during the process of washing modal materials will help in the retention of original shape and form.
  • Air-dry the modal pieces of clothing – Dryers on high heat settings should be avoided with modal. The process of drying modal materials is most efficiently and safely done by hanging the items to air-dry which can also help to avoid shrinkage.
  • Use a proper detergent – Although this material is known to be highly durable, it still requires the use of a proper detergent in order to serve you a long time without the possibility of getting shrunk or damaging its fibers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the modal material have a tendency to stretch?

The modal material is known to have high levels of stretch which ultimately leads to it being regarded as a very comfortable material to wear on the skin.

Can modal materials be washed in the washing machine?

Modal materials are durable enough to sustain the force and tension of a washing machine. However, you have to be careful about which water temperature you are using in the process of washing modal in order to make sure that you avoid shrinkage and fiber damage.

Can I toss modal garments in the dryer?

It is possible for modal materials to be dried in a dryer. However, if a high heat setting is used during this process, it can cause the material to shrink. For this reason, it is better to hang the items to air-dry.

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Final Words

Making sure that your modal pieces will retain their original shape for long periods of time can only be possible with the utilization of proper maintenance methods.

Hot water can damage the fibers of the modal material as well as cause high levels of shrinkage which is very unfortunate if you are trying to use the items for a long time.

Luckily, every piece of clothing made out of the modal material contains a care label with instructions that are easy to follow in regards to proper washing and drying of the modal material.