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Does Poplin Wrinkle? (Answered & Explained)

Poplin is a very popular sewing fabric. Most likely you’ve already had a piece of clothing made from this fabric, typically a raincoat let’s say. But what makes poplin popular? And what is poplin material in general? Does poplin wrinkle? This is exactly what we are going to discuss in this article, stay with us to know more.

Key Takeaways

  • Poplin is often a mixture of blended fabrics such as wool, cotton, or silk. There is no doubt that the cotton mixture is the most popular and practical one
  • Poplin has a textured structure with ribbed lines but results in a smooth-looking fabric
  • The horizontal ribs help the fabric to be stronger and more resistant
  • This fabric dates from the 19th century when it got famous because women wanted comfortable yet good-looking dresses to wear on a daily basis
  • Poplin is a fabric that offers plenty of benefits
  • It is wrinkle-resistant, stain-resistant, and water-resistant
  • This fabric is very easy to maintain

What is Poplin?

Poplin material is also known as a cabinet. This material is lightweight but also thick, it comes in many variations such as being blended with cotton, wool, or silk. It is mostly made from the fibers of the materials it is blended with. Poplin comes mostly plain and has horizontal engraved lines which make the fabric strong. Because of those lines, the texture of the poplin is often ribbed, but the surface is always smoothly looking. You can wear poplin in different seasons throughout the year, but usually, the most famous clothing pieces made from poplin are dresses, coats, activewear, and other casual blousons made for men and women.

Poplins Origins

This material was originally made in France even though it was famous worldwide, also ‘poplin’ comes from French and can be translated to “a plain woven fabric”. It’s known that poplin was created back in the 19th century when women wanted practical, comfortable, and not-so-expensive dresses, as dresses were mandatory and very feminine back then. Due to that, these women were looking for all-day long comfortable but also good-looking fabric. Poplin was first made from heavy wool with mixes of silk fibers, but that’s not the same case as today. Now, the most popular poplin variation is from 100% cotton and that is because this blend results in durability, smooth looking, and more environmentally friendly fabric. We can safely say that cotton poplin holds onto the market’s demand.

Poplins benefits 

Poplin is popular amongst sewing and haute couture for a reason, and the reason is that you are getting a full package of poplin with such benefits as:

• This fabric is very breathable which makes it comfortable for wearing. It doesn’t make u feel uncomfortably warm or sweaty which makes it very practical

•It is very soft as it is durable. As we said this material makes you so comfortable that you wouldn’t have a problem wearing it all day long.

•It doesn’t look plain because it has a detailed surface (the ribbed lines we mentioned before). The detailed surface doesn’t make it too fancy but it gives your look a spice of classiness.

•It is water resistant. This characteristic is very practical because no matter how sweaty you get, your clothes won’t rat you out; and will always maintain a fresh look

• It is stain-resistant. You won’t have to worry about little drops of coffee or juice spilled. However, if some tough-to-avoid stains occur, it’s easy to get rid of them

•It is unlikely to crease. You can move along all day and your clothes won’t be creased because of the tightness that this fabric possesses.

•It is very easy to maintain and also wash. All it takes is a simple machine wash in a normal setting. You can also dry clean it and it will still look perfect and fresh.

Does poplin wrinkle

Now moving to the most important part, we are happy to announce that poplin is mostly wrinkle-resistant. Depending on the quality of the fabric it can sometimes be a little bit wrinkled, but not as much as other materials are. But usually, it is known to be a naturally wrinkle-resistant material. So, if your poplin clothes do wrinkle a little bit the best you can do is iron them, just be careful not to set the temperature so high while ironing. Also, leaving it to dry on a clothing hanger does its job perfectly as the clothes are dried naturally in a straight position – no wrinkles should occur.

Maintaining poplin

This fabric is very easy to take care of and maintain. All you need to do is to read the label etiquette before washing it so you will know how to maintain it the best. Most poplin pieces are usually washed at forty degrees maximum and ironed on medium to low heat depending on the percentage blended. Try to wash poplin with a little bit of baking soda or vinegar so it kills the bacteria and deep cleans the fabric resulting in a fresh and smooth fabric.

Stains. How to get them out?

Luckily, it is very easy to get stains out of poplin since it doesn’t stain easily, while on the other hand, it is odor free. If the stain is fresh, all you need to do is find the stained area and brush it lightly with your finger, with other pieces of fabric, or with a small brush. If the stain has already dried up, then apply a little bit of detergent and a couple of sips of warm water and do the same brushing process as before. If you are damned, and none of these worked for you, then soak the entire clothing piece in a stain-removing detergent. Although, try to choose a bleach-free one so it doesn’t ruin the print or patterns on the cloth. This is the final step that must help you with stain removal.

Removing wrinkles

Even though the most popular and effective way of removing wrinkles is with ironing, it is not necessarily true that it is the only option. What happens if you don’t have time for ironing? Simply use water and spray it onto the wrinkled spot and smoothen it after with your hands. Or if you don’t have time for ironing, you’ll probably have time for showering. In that case, just leave poplin hung on a clothing hanger while you shower, and the steam will automatically straighten up the wrinkled spots.

Final words

Poplin is famous and pricey material but for a good reason. What you are getting from purchasing poplin is chore-free clothing. You don’t have to make time for ironing or hard maintenance because the fabric itself is resistant to important things. This is buying and saving you time that you can spend on something else, unlike other fabrics that need hours of procedures to look good. So, if you are still debating whether or not to buy poplin, we hope this article helps you because the answer is yes. Poplin is a durable fabric that would be an ideal choice for many people.

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