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Does Pretty Little Thing Run Small? In-Depth Review

Pretty Little Thing is a famous British clothing brand, and in the last few years, this company gained even more popularity. It is an online shopping brand that provides stylish clothing at very affordable prices.

Not only clothing but they also produce accessories, jewelry, heels, and so on. Okay, but what about the sizes? Does pretty little thing run small? While shopping online, this is the case we care about the most and whether the garments will fit adequately or not.

In this article, I will explain whether the clothes of Pretty Little Things run small or not. However, I will do my best to discuss this case in every little detail.

Key Takeaways

  • Pretty Little Things is a famous brand worldwide that provides stylish outfits for an affordable price.
  • The garments of this brand tend to run small,  so you will need to size up most of the time while making a purchase.
  • Dresses and tops are the two items that will run small, but the jeans from this brand will come in their proper size.
  • Before making a purchase, please read the comments and reviews and consider other people’s experiences to make the right decision.

Does Pretty Little Thing Garments Run Small?

Yes, Pretty Little Thing clothes run small, unfortunately. As you can see, the answer is simple, but here is some crucial information that I must mention, and this is the part where things get a bit more confusing. You already know that Pretty Little Thing is a British brand, and I know that you are asking yourself now what this has to do with the topic.

Here I am to explain what I mean by highlighting this. Since Pretty Little Thing is a European brand, the sizing is proper for those who live in Europe, but if you are in the United States, this indicates that the items of Pretty Little Thing will run at least one size small.

So, in this article today, I’m going to be giving you some tips for getting a suitable garment that will fit you perfectly in years to come.

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Garments of Pretty Little Thing that Run Small

When it comes to shopping online and buying the most stylish clothes, we are all into it, but I get stressed while buying something since, most of the time, I have such issues with the sizes.

It is the same with Pretty Little Thing garments; whenever I get a piece from this brand, I have to think about what size I should get for hours, which is so sad and disappointing.

However, only some garments of the Pretty Little Thing run small. So, let’s discuss and see which outfits run small, so you can better determine which size to get when you are about to purchase something from PLT.

Shirts, T-shirts, and Tops

Shirts, T-shirts, and Tops are the most found garments in our garderobe, and most of us don’t know how many t-shirts or tops we have, since we wear them a lot in our daily lives.

Pretty Little Thing provides unique tops and shirts, which is why I love purchasing those items from this brand. Hence, the confusing part is when you have to decide about the size. I decided to share my experience with you, so you could clearly understand the logic behind it.

It was the first time I purchased a top from this brand, went online shopping, and ordered my size, which is S; it was all okay up to this point; what happened then? When the top arrived, it was all right regarding quality and style, but once I wore it, I found out that I should have been ordered one size bigger since it was so tight, and the top didn’t fit me properly.

Since then, when I purchase a top or shirt from this brand, I always order a size bigger, and the results are perfect.

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If you are considering purchasing a dress from Pretty Little Thing, please let me point out that you have to size up since the dresses of this brand tend to run small, for half size or one size.

Doing so will be better; otherwise, the dress you will get will be so tight, and maybe you won’t like the fit, and if you want the item to have a perfect fit, you better size up.

Garments of Pretty Little Thing that Do Not Run Small

Besides the garments that run small, there is an item that will come to you in the proper size, so you won’t need to size up.


Pants are the only outfit of the Pretty Little things with the proper size and will fit you perfectly. The Jeans or pants of this brand are perfectly constructed for any type of body and are of high quality.

When I need to purchase a pair of stylish jeans, the first brand that comes to mind is Pretty Little Thing because I adore how they appear and are the perfect fit.

Tips on Getting the Proper Size in Pretty Little Thing Garments

First and foremost, there are some steps you should follow to get the correct sizes. Before making a purchase, please read the comments and reviews.

It will also help you gain some essential information about the quality and measures since it is crucial to know other people’s experiences.

The garment’s fabric also plays a significant role in this case; if it is a stretchy one, you most likely won’t need to size up.

Consider the country that you are living in as well. I know this sounds funny, but it is what it is. If you live in the United States, you will need to get one size bigger item from this brand.

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Final Words

When I started writing this article, I thought of it like a bottomless pit, yet here is the bottom. Pretty Little Thing is quite a famous brand worldwide, and most people love shopping online from this brand.

They offer high-quality garments for an affordable price, but where they suck is the sizes. The garments of this brand tend to run small. In this article, I give the most straightforward answer and make you better understand everything regarding this brand.

I hope you find value in this article and enjoy reading it.

Take care, everyone, and have a nice day!