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Does Shein Run Small? Sizing & Fit Guide

Shein is a well-known fashion brand for clothing; most likely, all of you are very familiar with this brand. Shein offers different garments styles for an affordable price, and you can find any women, men’s, and children’s clothing there.

However, what you should pay attention to when purchasing clothes are their sizes. Sometimes garments we buy tend to run small, and I am sure that most of you face this issue a lot.

In this article, I will discuss Shein as a brand and whether the garments of this company run small or not. It will be an intriguing article with many things to discuss, so this is the reason why I do not want to waste much time in this introduction section.

So, let’s move on to the central part of this article and brighten your day by answering this challenging query.

Key Takeaways

  • Shein is a trendy clothing brand that provides stylish garments for an affordable price.
  • Yes, the Shein clothes run small; the sizes of the Shein garments could be very inconsistent, so you could effortlessly get a garment that won’t fit you properly.
  • Pants, shirts, and dresses from Shein tend to run small, and you should always pay attention to getting suitable sizes.
  • Before buying a Shein garment, better read the reviews and comments, and always consider the fabric of the outfits.

Does Shein Run Small?

Shein garments run small, unfortunately. Please size up when ordering. As you can see, it is a very straightforward answer, though. The sizing of Shein clothes could be erratic most of the time, so you could easily make a mistake when purchasing clothes from this brand, especially if you are shopping online or without trying them on. If your size is M and you buy a garment from Shein in this size, it most probably will run small, sadly. 

I can hear you asking, “but how we should know the right size?” there is nothing to worry about since this is the main reason I am writing this article. I will explain everything in detail, including which types of Shein clothes run small, and I will mention some tips on how to get the proper size when purchasing from Shein. This brand provides garments such as dresses, blouses, trousers, and so on; I will discuss them individually to help you get the right size when purchasing from this brand.

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Garments of Shein that Run Small

Shein clothes run small, as I have stated above, but this doesn’t mean that you will face this issue with all of the outfits you will buy from this brand since some specific items will fit your size perfectly and not run small. This is the section where I will discuss which of Shein’s garments run small and explain how much they do. 

Worth mentioning is that if you are shopping from Shein, then you better go one size bigger in any products since doing so will be able to avoid this issue, but doing so will not always help with this problem. After I finish this part, I will mention tips on making the right purchase and getting the right size that will fit you adequately. But now, It is time to discuss the garments that will run small. 

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Pants and jeans are the garments we wear the most, and I love purchasing different types of these clothes. When I buy pants or jeans, Shein is one of the first brands that comes to mind since they are affordable and stylish. This is not the case, though, since you are curious about the size of those pants and whether they run small or not. I have no happy news, unfortunately.

The Jeans and pants you purchase from Shein will run small, especially since the inseam is a bit tight. I state this based on my experiences. I love online shopping, so I purchased and got a pair of pants from Shein, I ordered the size I always wear, but when the pants arrived, they were so tight and didn’t fit me. So, when I buy jeans from this brand, I get one size bigger, which fits me perfectly. 


When it comes to dresses, you should be very careful since they run very small, sadly. The sizing of Shein dresses is very inconsistent, if you order your size, the dress most likely won’t fit you at all, and you should get at least one size bigger and eventually two sizes. Otherwise, you won’t be able to wear dresses of Shein, due to their improper sizes. If you want to make the right purchase with the proper measures, you better try the dress on and avoid online shopping. 


What about the shirts of Shein? Shein’s tops, t-shirts, and shirts also tend to run small. If you want your shirts or tops of Shein to fit you properly or better, the best thing you can do is order one size bigger. By doing so, you will get the proper measures for you. I know that this could be annoying, but this is the only way you could make the right purchase from Shein. 

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Tips on Getting the Proper Size in Shein Garments

Before purchasing any garment from Shein, I would firstly recommend that you read some

reviews and pay attention to others’ experiences about the sizing and whether they run small or not. This would help you a lot in making the right decision. 

Considering the fabric and style of the clothing you want to order will also play a significant role in getting the correct size. If the material is stretchy, the garment won’t run small that much, and most likely, it will fit you adequately. 

And the best way to avoid this issue is to try the garments on, by doing so you will be able to get the clothes that will suit you perfectly, and you don’t have to mind whether they will run small or not.  


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Final Words

Unfortunately, the Shein garments will run small, which is disappointing. Especially the shirts, tops, pants, and dresses are what you should pay attention to most.

The dresses from Shein tend to run relatively small, so better to order bigger sizes if you want a better fit. However, hopefully, from this article, you were able to understand the trick to getting the proper size for you. 

I enjoyed writing this article and hope you will feel the same while you read it. This article will be a great guide where you will find the answers to your frequently asked questions regarding this topic.