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Does Under Armour Shrink? Fully Answered

Under Armour pieces of clothing are produced from synthetic materials which are known to be characterized with high levels of durability.

Most commonly, an Under Armour clothing piece contains polyester in its properties which makes it highly strong and resistant to damage.

However, it is important to determine whether Under Armour can undergo shrinkage in order to make sure that the particular pieces of clothing are maintained in a proper way.

Under Armour materials can slightly shrink after they have gone through the process of washing. Extremely hot water should be avoided when washing Under Armour in order to avoid excessive levels of shrinkage of your clothing pieces.

Key Takeaways

  • Under Armour is referred to a material produced from polyester that is used in the production of different clothing pieces regarded as durable and long lasting.
  • The synthetic properties of Under Armour tend to give the material the necessary strength to endure damage and avoid the appearance of creasing.
  • Even though this material is known for its high levels of strength, Under Armour can undergo shrinkage if it is not properly maintained.
  • Hot water can cause shrinkage of Under Armour because the synthetic fibers can get stiff and damaged.
  • High heat from a dryer and clothing iron can also cause shrinking of Under Armour, as well as loss of original fit, shape and form.

On Which Water Temperature Should Under Armour Be Washed to Avoid Shrinkage?

Materials containing synthetic fibers in their properties are usually resistant to shrinkage and the appearance of creasing.

Under Armour contains polyester in its properties which makes it resistant to shrinking unless it is washed with extremely hot water.

Hot water can cause severe damage to the synthetic fibers of Under Armour which can lead the material to shrink in size and therefore provide a different fit.

Polyester that constitutes Under Armour clothing pieces is known to be strong and durable even when it is wet, so using the cool water temperature in the washing machine is highly recommended.

A normal process of washing Under Armour with cool water should not show any visible signs of shrinkage.

However, even if the piece appears slightly shrunk, it will likely stretch out and retain its original shape after it has been worn.

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Does a High Heat Setting on a Dryer Cause Shrinking of Under Armour?

Any material, regardless of whether it is produced from natural materials or synthetic fibers can undergo shrinkage on a high heat setting in a dryer, which is why most people opt for different drying methods.

The high levels of heat cause Under Armour to shrink. This is the reason why the dryer is not your best friend when it comes to avoiding shrinkage of your clothing pieces.

The heat from a dryer can cause the synthetic fibers to get tighter and more rigid due to the pressure of the clothing pieces being tossed around.

High heat and long drying cycles can also cause entrapment of odors on Under Armour materials which is another reason why this method of drying should be avoided.

An alternative way of drying your Under Armour materials without causing them to shrink, is to simply hang them and let the air flow do all the work.

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In What Ways Does Heat Cause Damage to Synthetic Fibers?

Apart from hot water temperatures and high heat setting on a dryer, damage to synthetic fibers can be done by the use of an extremely hot clothing iron.

Because of the reason that Under Armour materials contain polyester in their properties, the synthetic fibers can get stiffer and severely damaged if the high heat from a clothing iron is directly applied to them.

In order to avoid shrinkage and damage of Under Armour such as the clothing pieces getting burnt and unwearable any longer, it is recommended for them to be ironed on a lower heat setting.

Besides that, this material is known to be resistant to creasing. Therefore, the need of ironing may not be necessary.

If some creases do appear on the Under Armour materials, they can be easily fixed by ironing them on a low heat setting or even a better option includes the use of the steam option on a clothing iron.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you safely place Under Armour in the dryer?

Under Armour can resist the force of a dryer. However, you should be mindful of the heat used to dry your pieces of clothing. High heat in a dryer can severely damage the synthetic fibers of Under Armour, causing the material to shrink in size and lose its original fit.

How do you purposefully shrink an Under Armour piece of clothing?

If your desire is to shrink your Under Armour garments on purpose, what you can do is toss the selected piece of clothing in the washing machine and choose the highest heat setting and the longest possible washing machine cycle. After the garment has been washed, place it in a dryer on the highest heat setting and let the dryer complete its run until the piece is completely dried out. This process will assuredly shrink your Under Armour piece of clothing.

How much do Under Armour clothing pieces shrink?

With proper maintenance such as washing with cool water and air-drying, Under Armour should not undergo high levels of shrinkage. Even if some shrinkage is visible, after wearing the garment its shape will be brought back and the piece will fit just like it did before.

Final Words

Even though materials made from synthetic fibers such as Under Armour are less prone to getting shrunk, it does not mean that they cannot undergo certain levels of shrinkage.

The use of extremely hot water and high heat settings on a dryer as well as clothing iron can cause the synthetic fibers to get tightened and stiffer, leading to shrinkage.

Cool water, gentle cycles and low setting on a clothing iron have a tendency to provide the best possible maintenance of Under Armour without the possibility of shrinking and damage of the synthetic fibers.