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How to Close an Ironing Board? (Explained)

Some people iron their clothes on any covered flat surface in the house. It could be a countertop covered with a towel. However, ironing boards provide much more convenience in doing this chore. Three challenges come with ironing boards: setting them up, closing them, and finding a place to store them.

Key Takeaways

  • There are three types of ironing boards: freestanding, compact, and wall built-in
  • Each type has a different mechanism for closing
  • Most compact boards get folded in half completely
  • Built-in ironing boards have a wall cabinet with an automatic or manual locking mechanism
  • Standing ironing boards can be folded in different ways. Choose the one that fits you the best.
  • Fold your ironing board firmly and safely.

Why do we use ironing boards?

Ironing boards are around for about 200 years. Its convenience resides in its ability to get folded and placed away to save space. You can set it up only when you need it.

In comparison with improvised flat surfaces, there are some benefits of using an ironing board properly. There is a much better ironing surface and more space to work. The quilted fabric pad from which the ironing board is covered does not move as it is secured in place. This makes it easier to move the clothing item to adjust it and get all areas needed to iron.

How to close an ironing board?

Closing an ironing board table depends on its design. There are three main types of ironing boards: freestanding model, compact table board, and wall built-in ironing board. The most common choice is the freestanding model. We will explain how each one works and a step-by-step guide about their closing mechanisms.

Freestanding ironing board

This is the type of ironing board with a relatively more complicated mechanism of folding. However, they are the most used ones. The reason for that might be the mobility and the larger ironing surface.

Collapsable ironing board legs make it possible to fold them and not occupy much space. They also are adjustable in height. Although, there are more ways to close a standing ironing board properly.

One of the options is to fold it standing upright. This is a more direct and easy way to do it. The instructions are the following:

  1. Clear the ironing surface. You would not want to forget a hot iron while closing the board.
  2. Find the lever press under the board. Most of the time they have the shape of the letter L. You can find them on one or both sides of the board.
  3. After finding the lever press. Hold one hand ready to press it and the other hand on the opposite side of the board. That hand should prevent the board to collapse quickly and hurt you.
  4. While holding both hands in position, push the lever and bring the board down to the floor.
  5. Don’t release the lever until the board is completely on the floor.
  6. After you release the lever. Hold the legs and bring the nose of the board up. Now secure the legs into the leg lock. This prevents the legs from opening until the next time you need the board. You do this by pressing the lever and releasing it after the legs are locked.

There is one more way you can fold your ironing board upright. Simply do the first steps in the same way as in the previous method (standing upright board), while the lever is pressed, and position the other hand on the nose of the board. Following that, tilt the board backward until the nose is facing the ceiling. The legs should be folding as you are tilting the board. Lastly, when the legs are fully folded lock them in place.

The third way to do it is a safe method since you have more control while operating. In this method, you have to lay the ironing board upside down on the floor and then fold its legs.

The first thing you should do differently here is to turn the ironing board gently upside down with its legs directed upwards. Then you also have a better view of the lever and the lock mechanism of the legs. While holding the legs of the board with one hand, push the lever down with the other hand. Fold the legs down toward the board and secure them into place with the locking mechanism.

Compact table board/Tabletop ironing board

This type is a choice for households with less space. They are smaller, and you can place them on a table, countertop, or floor. They can get folded in an even more compact size. From there you can put them in a cupboard, under the bed or any available space.

For the reason of keeping simplicity, these ironing boards do not have a complicated folding mechanism. Here are the instructions:

  1. Turn it in an upside-down position with its legs pointing upwards.
  2. Fold the board. Usually, they fold in half.
  3. Fold the legs inwards.
  4. Some compact table boards cannot be folded. Therefore, after they cool down, you can immediately store them.

Wall built-in ironing board

This also is a space-saving ironing board. They are practical and you don’t have to deal with folding legs and locks. They get installed on the wall and your only worry is finding the perfect ironing spot.

The folding mechanism is simple. As in other types of boards, make sure to clear the ironing surface. Lift the ironing board upwards and towards the wall and push it into the cabinet on the wall. Most built-in ironing boards have a self-locking mechanism. Some types require to be locked by the user.

Safety Precautions to Have in Mind

Here we should mention some safety measures you can take even though they may seem obvious. Always remember to remove the iron and other things from the board before closing it, as they may fall and cause injuries. Once you get an ironing board, check the underside of your board to see and understand the mechanism. This way you understand better what you are doing.

After closing the board never forget to close the legs in place. While moving your board with legs unlocked, they can swing open. This can hurt you or cause damage to the board or objects around it. Wait for the board to cool down before you fold it.

Final words

Convenience sometimes requires new skills to be acquired. Practical tools like ironing boards have a simple operating mechanism. To make the most of them you can always learn how they work and new ways of using them. Experimenting with ways to close your ironing board may help you find the method that works best for you.

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