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How To Get Diesel Smell Out Of Clothing? Tips & Tricks

When you’re outside, and you smell it occasionally, or while you’re in your RV, the smell of diesel might be somewhat pleasant. However, once you step foot inside your home and notice the persistent smell of diesel fumes on your clothes isn’t going away, you will definitely want the odor removed.

A simple wash in the machine isn’t set to get the smell out of your clothes, so you need to think of alternatives. This is a list of advice on how to get the diesel smell out of your clothing.

Key Takeaways

  • The smell of diesel fuel contains high amounts of sulfur which makes it a very pungent and gross smell that won’t get out of your clothes.
  • The fact that diesel is a substance that is made out of petroleum which is a form of crude oil makes for very greasy stains on your hands and clothes.
  • This is why methods on how to get rid of the diesel smell of your clothing are helpful to know.
  • Fast Orange is an excellent brand of grease remover, whether that be in the form of a hand cleanser or a laundry detergent.
  • Other DIY methods, including baking soda mixed with vinegar or alcohol, are also great at disintegrating stains and neutralizing strong odors.

How Can You Get Diesel Fumes Out Of Your Clothes

If you’ve had to work with diesel before, you know the smell of sulfur all too well. The stains and the odor of diesel aren’t the easiest things to deal with. The easiest way to get rid of the diesel smell is to neutralize it with a substance such as baking soda.

However, getting diesel out of clothes is genuinely pretty difficult.

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What Is Diesel

Diesel fuel is a substance that is made out of crude oil, more specifically petroleum. It can also be produced synthetically from biomass or coal. Regardless, diesel fuel leaves grease stains like no other, whether that be on your hands or on your clothes.

It contains sulfur, which we all know smells pretty bad. This makes the undeniable fact that diesel smells bad very understandable. Diesel has a very strong and pungent smell. It’s very heavy on the nose.

How To Get Rid Of It

If messing with diesel isn’t a must, staying away from it is the best course of action. However, if you have to come in contact with diesel and it’s unavoidable, there are a few ways to deal with that.

If you get diesel on your hands, you can wash it off with soap, vinegar, lemon, and salt. On the other hand, getting rid of diesel on your clothes is a more difficult task.

Read on to find out how to safely remove the diesel smell from your clothes.

Ways To Get Diesel Smell Out Of Clothes

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar form a great solution that helps in removing any stains. Because of the chemical bond between baking soda and vinegar, which can disintegrate oils, this solution is one of the most effective methods for removing grease.

The way it’s done is by mixing vinegar and baking soda with your laundry detergent when you’re washing your clothes. As for the measurements, add about 100ml vinegar and 100g baking soda.

Put the mixture of salt and vinegar solution in addition to your detergent and place all of it into the washing machine. When you’ve done that, just let the clothes wash as per usual.

If the pungent smell isn’t entirely gone after one wash, you can always rewash or rinse it until you get your wanted results.

Baking Soda and Alcohol

Baking soda doesn’t only form a strong bond with just vinegar. Baking soda is very versatile and can be used for almost anything. Naturally, another great solution would be baking soda and alcohol.

Both of these substances are great for removing strong smells. A perfect example of such a smell is diesel. It has a very annoying stench, so using potent substances such as alcohol to get rid of it is an obvious choice.

For this method, you’re going to need lukewarm water for it to work most efficiently. Add a cup of baking soda and a cup of alcohol to the cup of water that you’ve already poured into the washing machine.

When you’ve put all these ingredients together, put the greasy clothes into the machine and let them run a washing cycle. After the machine is done with the wash, take them out, and the smell should be gone.

If, for some reason, the smell isn’t gone, rinse the clothes with some water or repeat the washing process as I suggested in the previous method with the baking soda and vinegar.

Fast Orange Laundry Detergent

One solution to your stinky problem, which doesn’t require any type of chemistry experiments on your part, is simply buying the Fast Orange laundry detergent. This is an excellent detergent for removing grease anywhere.

Fast Orange is a great and reliable brand when it comes to removing grease stains. So, if you have diesel stains on your hands, Fast Orange can remove that, too, as they also have hand soap.

In addition to that, it’s a detergent that makes it very easy to use. Just place the normal amount of detergent into the washing machine as you usually do. That should be about a cupful of laundry detergent. In this case, we’re going to use Fast Orange.

Before using this detergent, check the bottle for any instructions, and make sure to check the tag on your clothes as well. Knowing what kind of setting you need to wash your clothes on makes a difference, and so does knowing the contents of your detergent.

That being said, Fast Orange contains aloe vera, lanolin, propylene glycol, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. These are all ingredients that make this detergent a fantastic option when picking a laundry detergent or a hand cleaner to remove any grease stain or smell off your clothing.

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Final Words

The smell of diesel is annoying and persistent. This is why using strong chemicals is most effective in removing the pungent smell out of your clothing. If you can’t avoid the stains altogether, you can at least make sure to find proper ways to remove the horrific smell that comes together with it.