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Janome HD1000 Review: A Heavy-Duty Companion

Back in the day, sewing machines were huge and heavy, they fall under what we know today as industrial sewing machines. They were used to sew tons of thick fabric every day.

Today the average Joe wants a sewing machine to fix the hole in their pants, shorten the pant leg on their new trousers or make Halloween costumes for their kids, no one really needs a huge industrial machine for at-home use, but we strive to get the same quality.

Is this possible? Yes, it is, with today’s technology it is possible to get industrial quality at home with a smaller, but powerful sewing machine. One of these little beasts is the Janome HD1000. Let’s go over the qualities of this sewing machine.

Janome HD1000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

A Great heavy duty machine, yet it is not complex and even welcomes entry level tailors, you will be hard pressed to find a choice like this.

Key Takeaways

  • The Janome Sewing Machine HD1000 is a heavy-duty mechanical sewing machine that can sew thick fabric.
  • It has 13 built-in stitches and an automatic needle threader.
  • The Janome HD1000 is a good beginner-friendly sewing machine that is great for sewing projects.
  • It may lack some features if you are an experienced sewer.

A Run-Through of the Design

The Janome HD1000 mechanical sewing machine has a vintage 70s look to it. It has sharp edges and two large dials in the front. One of the dials is for selecting the stitch type and the other is for selecting the stitch length. Under the dial, you have a big reverse stitch button. Just like with most sewing machines the stitch guide is printed on the machine and is located on the top next to the logo.

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General Overview Of Its Features

The Janome HD1000 is classified as a heavy-duty sewing machine which is what the HD in the name stands for. It doesn’t come with a lot of built-in stitches, but it does cover most of what you will need for at-home sewing.

The 13 built-in stitches include a 4-step buttonhole, stretch blind hem, standard blind hem, zigzag, stretch, elastic, rick rack, briar for quilting projects, blanket stitches, and an overcast stitch. It is possible to adjust the length and width of the stitch using a hand-controlled dial.

The Janome HD 1000 is also equipped with snap-on presser feet, and, good news for those with shaky hands, it has an automatic built-in threader so you don’t have to worry about threading the needle yourself. There’s also free motion sewing thanks to the Drop Feed With 3-Piece Feed Dogs.

Other features include a built-in thread cutter, a manual thread tension controller, a drop feed, and an adjustable free arm which is very useful when sewing circular fabric.

The detachable free arm gives you more space to maneuver the fabric so it doesn’t accidentally get sewn together in the wrong place. There is also an automatic bobbin winder and an extra high-pressure foot for thicker fabrics.

Fabrics That The HD1000 Can Sew

The Janome HD1000 as we mentioned is a heavy-duty sewing machine, meaning it can sew thicker fabric. You will have no problem hemming jeans on this machine.

When you are sewing hems however make sure to use a thicker thread and a bigger denim needle to prevent it from breaking or bending. The free arm feature comes in really handy here, you can just put your pant leg on the bottom and sew away.

Other fabrics that the Janome HD1000 can sew with ease include natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and wool, soft fabrics like silk, velvet, or satin, synthetic fibers and blends, fur, upholstery, leather, and medium knits. Of course, you can also tackle multiple layers of these fabrics but again, make sure to use the right needle and thread.

A Plethora of Accessories

The accessories of this sewing machine are quite welcoming there are extra bobbins, needles, a felt spool pack, a seam ripper, and three presser feet that are a zipper presser foot, a buttonhole foot, and a hemmer foot. You also get two screwdrivers, a soft cover for the sewing machine, a hem guide, and of course the manual.

  • Extra Bobbins
  • Needles
  • Felt Spoon Pack
  • Seam Ripper
  • Three Presser Feet
  • A Buttonhole foot/Hemmer Foot
  • Two Screwdrivers
  • An Instruction Manual

The Downsides of the Janome HD1000

As we mentioned the Janome HD1000 sewing machine only has 13 basic built-in stitches, so if you are looking for some extra decorative stitches you won’t find them on this machine. Also, the Janome HD1000 is marketed as a heavy-duty metal machine and this is only partially true.

While it does qualify as a heavy-duty machine it may experience some trouble while sewing a lot of patches as some people have reported. Plus, it is not all metal, only the frame is from metal, but the case is plastic. This is not a problem though because most of the at-home sewing machines have a plastic frame but you should keep it in mind in order not to get deceived by the marketing.

The Janome HD1000 also lacks an adjustable speed slider that allows you to set the speed on the machine. The foot peddle works fine in adjusting the stitch speed, but a speed slider is always better in case of our food slips or something similar happens.

Also, some people tend to prefer a top-loading bobbin, while the Janome HD1000 has a front-loading one. This is up to personal preference, but it is worth mentioning.  This may only cause a few extra minutes spent if you are working with the work table in its place because you have to remove it in order to get to the bobbin door.

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The Janome HD1000 is very user-friendly, it doesn’t have a lot of buttons and is very intuitive even if you haven’t used a sewing machine in your life. It is good for sewing thicker fabrics like multiple layers of denim, but you need to use the right needle and thread.  The swing machine has a vintage 70s look and it comes in both a black and white version with the exact same features.

Even though more experienced sewers that make a living out of sewing every day may find the Janome HD 1000 to lack some features if you are a beginner or just need your machine for fixing old garments, repairing your ripped jeans, making costumes for your kids or simply sew for fun then the Janome HD1000 is the perfect choice for you.