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Micromodal vs. Bamboo: Which is better?

Wearing well-fitted clothing is very important when it comes to a person’s appearance and style. However, wearing soft underwear is the foundation for building outfits that fit nicely on the body and provide comfort throughout the day. Wearing comfortable underwear is key when it comes to feeling confident, and usually, micromodal and bamboo fabrics are used for this purpose.

Key Takeaways

  • Micromodal and bamboo fabrics are semi-synthetic.
  • Bamboo fabric can be environmentally-friendly if manufactured properly.
  • Items made out of bamboo fabric can be easily ruined if washed on high heat.
  • The underwear comes in all shapes, sizes, and designs, but ultimately it is the feel on the skin that people are looking for.
  • Micromodal fabric is more durable and slightly more comfortable than bamboo fabric.

Micromodal vs Bamboo – How do they differ?

Although micromodal and bamboo fabrics are used to produce the most comfortable underwear, one is always better than the other. People either choose underwear from micromodal fabrics or from bamboo fabrics depending on their preferences. These two fabrics differ in the way they are made. Bamboo fabric is produced by extracting cellulose from bamboo stems.

The bamboo fibers are then made into yarn and the process of producing bamboo fabric is ready to set off. This fabric is semi-synthetic, very breathable, and not harmful to the environment if manufactured properly. This type of bamboo fabric goes through a chemical process and it is not the most ecological. However, high-quality bamboo fabrics are made with a mechanical process using bamboo wood fibers that are then created into a yarn. This natural and non-harmful way of producing bamboo fabric gives a smooth and silky feel to the items as well as makes them more durable.

Micromodal is produced by extracting cellulose from hardwood trees. Then a chemical process needs to take place to combine it with a synthetic fiber in order for it to be transformed into fabric. Both of these fabrics are soft but they differ in the way they feel on the skin. Micromodal fabric is much more velvety and silky when compared to bamboo fabric. It is also more absorbent and more breathable than bamboo, fitting perfectly on your body as well as being easier to maintain. Underwear and also sleepwear need to be the most comfortable pieces of clothing you own in order to feel beautiful and confident in your own skin.


Micromodal fabric has become very popular in the production of underwear for women and men because of its unique features. Underwear produced from micromodal fabrics is often described as being made to fit the body nicely. Apart from that, it has a reputation for being modern, luxurious, and stylish which ultimately draws people towards buying and using it on the daily basis.

The contemporary look of the micromodal underwear is a staple in the wardrobe of any person that has a sense of style. People want to look stylish themselves even though no one can see what they are wearing under their everyday attire. Underwear made out of bamboo is also stylish. However, many people are not aware that nowadays people experiment with different types of fabric and some of them haven’t even heard of bamboo underwear. Companies produce underwear from bamboo fabrics in various styles, colors, and prints while marketing it as the most stylish underwear you can buy. However, it is proven that bamboo fabric is not as flattering as micromodal fabric.

The weave of the micromodal is denser than bamboo which makes it look seamless and it is also thinner, thus sitting elegantly on the skin. It has also been proven that micromodal fabric is much easier to maintain than bamboo without the possibility of the color fading after a few washes. Ultimately, the design of the underwear is important. But what is more important is how it looks on your body.


Certain fabrics tend to wrinkle and shrink very easily, which can become a big problem when it comes to practicality and the quality of the item. Luckily, both micromodal and bamboo fabrics are resistant to shrinking. These two fabrics are easy to maintain, and choosing one or the other is a win-win situation.

However, one of them has a slight edge over the other. It is often recommended that items made out of bamboo fabrics should be washed with great care and not too frequently. Some pieces of clothing, or underwear, in particular, produced from bamboo fabric can be very delicate and damaged if washed on high heat, which would result in the color fading.

In comparison, micromodal fabric is easier to maintain. It is resistant to fading and can be washed as often as needed without the risk of damage. Due to this, micromodal is more durable than bamboo fabric and easier to take care of. It will last longer without losing its shape or color, giving the appearance of being brand new every time you wear it.


When it comes to the softness of both these fabrics, they are basically on the same level. Apart from this, they differ in the way they feel on the skin. Micromodal fabric is slightly smoother than bamboo fabric, thus making it more comfortable and breathable. The smoothness of micromodal is the reason why people choose it for underwear and even sleepwear, providing a luxurious feel and comfort on the skin.

Bamboo is also less moisture absorbent than micromodal, which can become a problem for a person who is constantly physically active. Both fabrics are good for people with sensitive skin because they provide a high level of comfort. But if your goal is to feel like you are living in the lap of luxury, micromodal is the way to go.

Final Verdict

Micromodal and bamboo are newly presented fabrics for producing comfortable clothing, offering a sense of comfort and pleasure. Out of these two, micromodal fabric provides all you are looking for when it comes to buying underwear because it is easier to maintain than bamboo and also feels more comfortable on the skin. It is good to try how both of these fabrics feel on the skin to be certain of your needs and preferences.

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