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Overcoat vs. Peacoat: Is There a Difference?

If it already falls where you live, you might want to start thinking about putting away the summer and casual outfits and taking out the warmer ones. Of course, during the colder mounts, you will need something to keep you warm, but we don’t mean a boring windbreaker or jacket.

If you want to look fashionable and turn heads in the sweater weather mounts, we recommend you choose between an overcoat or a peacoat. Wondering which one you should choose? Just keep reading to see the benefits of both, an overcoat vs a peacoat.

Key Takeaways

  • You should own at least one coat in your wardrobe, especially if you are someone who wear suits, you need to consider your coat styles.
  • Peacoats are short, double breasted, and made from wool fabric.
  • A double breasted overcoat is longer and heavier, they should be around the same length as a trench coat if not shorter.
  • Both can be styled to look casual but very fashionable.
  • It is very important to choose the right size coat.

Overcoat vs. Peacoat: Comparison

Yes, of course. Even though they might look similar, overcoats and peacoats are different and they both should be styled differently. Also, if you own both, you might want to pay attention to what occasion you wear which one. These may seem like small details but trust me, by the time you finish reading this article, you will have a better understanding of styling your coats.

So, what is the difference?

Peacoats are fashionable coats that are very versatile and can keep you warm during cold mounts. They are double-breasted coats that end at your hip area and are made from wool. Peacoats go way back to the time of the old European and American sailors, so their color was originally navy. However, today peacoats come in many styles and colors, and both men and women wear them.

Overcoats, on the other hand, are longer, around knee length, usually single-breasted and heavy. They come in a variety of colors and styles and can look very fashionable and tasteful. Usually, they are made from heavy materials like fur and wool, making them the perfect winter coat.

Which one should I buy?

Even though coats look pretty fashionable on their own, you still need to pair them with the right clothes. If you are going for a more laid-back look, we recommend you pick a peacoat. The double-breasted coat definitely looks more casual, so you can just pair it with light denim jeans and a thin sweater, and you’ve got yourself a brunch-ready outfit. Keep in mind that even though peacoats will keep you warm to some extent, they won’t save you in the freezing cold since they are not very lengthy.  However, if you have a fancy dinner date, you might want to skip the peacoat and grab an overcoat.

Overcoats are more formal and look very good with suits, unlike peacoats. The reason behind this is that overcoats are long enough to cover a suit jacket or a blazer. They are made from heavy materials, and that means that they will keep you warm all winter long. Overcoats also give you a sharp and fitted look.

How to style them?

First things first, no matter which cost you choose it needs to fit you perfectly. If the coat is too small you will have trouble moving your arms and will feel tight in your back, if the coat is too big on the other hand you will look baggy, almost like a child in their dad’s suit.

As we mentioned, if you want a more street-casual look, you might want to wear a peacoat. The double-breasted buttons however make it so you would have to wear it closed up all the time, otherwise, it just looks big and floppy. You can pair it with any kind of jeans, a thin sweater, and some boots or sneakers and you are ready to go. Remember that this outfit probably should not be your “go-to winter outfit” thought, since you will probably get cold walking around for a longer duration.

Now let’s talk about the overcoat. Even though overcoats are considered to be “formal wear,” you can definitely pull off a street-style look too. If you have a fancy date, sure, go for the suit; we are sure that your date will love it, but let’s say you have to go somewhere during the day. Then you can pair your coat with some acid-wash or distressed jeans, a nice sweater, a chunky scarf, combat boots, and ta-da! You have yourself a celebrity in New York look. Overcoats can keep you very warm during the winter, but keep in mind they can be a little difficult to move in because of their knee-length size.

Where do I Find Them?

Usually, your nearest shipping mall will have coats out as soon as the temperature starts to drop. However, finding the perfect fit may take time. When shopping for a coat you need to be picky, as they can be quite expensive and are meant to last a long time. Remember that you will probably be wearing something chunky underneath, so make sure that it is not too small, also, check to see if the sleeves are not too long or too short. If you are looking to spoil yourself, you can also get it custom tailored. This can be a good investment because you can wear that coat for years to come since it is a classic piece.


Every man deserves to look good and feel comfortable. A good coat can help you with that, plus it will keep you warm and cozy during the colder days. It’s completely up to you if you choose to go with the laid-back style peacoat or a sharp-looking overcoat, either way, you will be turning heads this winter.

Remember, it is very important to pick the perfect size and style because these types of coats if made properly, are meant to last a very long time. You probably want to avoid looking like a kid playing dress up with their parent’s clothes, so choose carefully. Check your local retailer or go to your local tailor to get a custom-made coat. Don’t be too afraid to splurge on a piece you will be wearing for years to come.

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