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Different Sheer Fabric Types

Sheer fabrics can be classified as see-through fabrics. Sheer fabrics can be transparent, however, that doesn’t mean that all transparent fabrics are classified as sheer. Generally, we have two types of sheer fabrics, Egyptian ones such as cotton or silk ones that come from China. Despite that, how many sheer fabric types are there? Read on to find out.

Key Takeaways

  • Best sheer fabric types are made out of materials that are natural and silky smooth.
  • Chiffon is the most expensive and popular type of sheer fabric perfect for dresses, skirts, or even shirts
  • See-through materials are very trendy and are used for any type of fashionable garments
  • Sheer fabric types are mostly made out of cotton, nylon, silk, polyester, wool, etc.
  • In conclusion, fabrics such as tulle, organza, or chiffon are made out of the materials listed above.

Types of Sheer Fabric

Sheer fabrics are a great way to add a little more flavor to your everyday look, whether that’s a beach look where you want to place a chiffon skirt over your bikini, or you want to wear a classy see-through top to work. For ultimate comfort, you need to know what kind of materials are used for the production of the different sheer fabric types out there.


When it comes to silk, we all know how soft and comfortable it is on the skin. Its soft feel provides you with maximum luxury and smoothness. It’s timeless and an absolute essential for any kind of clothing item for either men or women. 

A lot of other unimaginably soft fabrics can be produced with the combination of silk and some other type of fiber. Such fabrics include chiffon, organza, and georgette which I’ll describe below.


Chiffon is a silk blend, most frequently found in combination with polyester in a blend that is a very popular fabric type to use for any kind of flowy clothes. It’s airy and amazingly soft which makes for a fabulous look and a perfect drape. It sits very graciously on your body and is a very delicate yet durable material. 

I love the feel of chiffon, however, high-quality chiffon can be very expensive. It is the most expensive type of this kind of textile. Chiffon is a great material for any type of flowy dress or skirt. I vouch for the smoothness and comfort. It’s definitely worth its price.


Organza is a similar blend of materials to chiffon. It consists of silk and polyester as well as nylon, which chiffon does not have. This makes it airy yet slightly crisp. The fact that it is made of more synthetic fibers achieves a stiffer look and feel. This doesn’t make it any less airy than chiffon, but it does however result in a material very prone to wrinkles. So, you have to be more careful with this type of material if you want it to look good. 


This type of material is best for billowing dresses. It’s most commonly used for producing saree and Indian-styled dresses because it provides comfort and it’s very light. This makes it perfect for layering. It’s made out of silk and polyester and is a very durable and lightweight fabric. It’s a sheer fabric type that can be found in any color and is perfect for everyday usage.

Sheer Fabric Types Made Of Cotton

When it comes to cotton, that’s the second most common variant of sheer fabric types. Cotton doesn’t have the same look when it comes to sheer fabrics, but it can be found in a wide range of colors and is a lot more breathable than silk. However, it’s not as slippery or flowy and obviously does not achieve the same flowy delicate look.

There are a few types of sheer fabric types that are produced out of cotton and they are:


Organdie is a blend of materials that consists of cotton and nylon. It is a type of loose-woven material that looks classy, sheer or not. I have an organdie top and it’s great styled with classy long pants or a loose skirt. 


Voile is yet another classy option of sheer fabric made out of cotton. Precisely, it’s a cotton blend that includes not only silk, but also linen, polyester, and rayon. It’s a great material for skirts, dresses, or see-through tops.


This type of material is very durable and great for a maxi dress or a simple sheer clothing item that you can use as a layer to spice up your everyday outfit. It’s made out of silk, wool, and cotton which makes it very durable, comfortable, and effortlessly trendy.


This sheer fabric type is usually found with lace or embroidery on the neckline or sleeves and is very breathable. It’s a great option for a shirt or a short dress that has a very clean, shirt-like look. It’s also great for a saree and other types of fancy dressy sheer shirt types.

Additional Information


Polyester sheer fabrics are the ones that I already mentioned previously. To name a few, that would be organza, georgette, chiffon, or voile. Most sheer fabric contains some sort of polyester in their blend or they can be 100% made of polyester.

This synthetic fabric results in durable, man-made garments that can be found in any color you want. It’s an amazing choice for a sheer shirt, mini, midi, or maxi dress or skirt.

Polyester is produced as a naturally sheer white fabric, so it won’t be hard to find any type of clothing item made out of polyester.

As a synthetic material, it’s an option that’s also a lot cheaper than natural materials such as silk or cotton. This makes it easy to find and very affordable.


Rayon is a synthetic fiber similar to polyester which means it’s also found in a wide variety of fashion items. Usually found in combination with polyester and other materials such as polyester, cotton, nylon, etc. It’s most likely to be found in lace or tulle. We all love lacy shirts, corsets, or even wedding dresses. So, it’s cool to know what lace is actually made out of.


More often than not nylon is found in materials such as tulle, organza, or organdie. Nylon materials usually have a nice silky feel to them. They can be flowy but are mostly stiff. This sheer material results in materials that are prone to wrinkling and are nonetheless silky and smooth. 

Tulle is a must-have material for any ballet dancer, as that’s what tutus are made out of. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t the perfect material for any classy, layered, skin-tight, or flowy dresses and skirts.

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Final words

Sheer fabrics are great for the production of any kind of fashion garments, from see-through tops such as blouses and shirts to skirts and even pants. Mostly, however, we use these lightweight fabrics for dresses, they can be for special occasions such as your ballet classes or a wedding. They offer comfort and are very easy and simple to layer and style.