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Singer 4432 Review: A Complete Powerhouse

If you are looking to take your sewing game to the next level and you need a sewing machine that is more powerful than your standard one but also reasonably priced, we have a suggestion for you. The Singer 4432 is a heavy-duty machine that can sew through the tough fabric and it’s meant to be used at home. So, let’s go in-depth and answer some of the questions you may have.

SINGER Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

A versatile all-rounder, I will mainly aim for the mid-range spectrum because it is good for both experienced tailors and those who have learned the first steps of sewing.

Key Takeaways

  • The Singer 4432 is a heavy-duty sewing machine that is great for beginners and intermediate sewers.
  • It is an at-home sewing machine for sewing enthusiasts, with a metal frame and a extra high sewing speed of up to 1100 stitches per minute.
  • The 4432 is easy to use and it has a lot of features that allow you to be creative with your work.
  • It is a good machine to use on both thin and thick fabric.

Who should consider buying the Singer 4432?

If you are someone who’s looking for mechanical sewing machines that can sew through pretty much any fabric, then the Singer 4432 is for you. It is very well-built and easy to use, making it the perfect choice if you want to upgrade from your old basic low-quality sewing machine.

The 4432 has a powerful motor and it can sew 1100 stitches per minute. It also has a lot of extra accessories that can be intimidating if you are a beginner. But don’t let this discourage you, just stick to the basics. Despite not being a computerized sewing machine it is still a unstoppable perfomer.

The reason why people tend to choose heavy-duty machines over basic ones is that they are not only faster but can sew through layers of material with no problem. The 4432 can sew through leather and denim. However, you need to use the right needle and don’t go overboard with the layering.

Don’t get things confused; even though this is a heavy-duty machine, it’s meant for at-home use for beginners and intermediate sewers and not for industrial use in sewing factories.

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A General Overview of the Singer 4432’s Features

Singer is a trustworthy brand that is a leader in the industry when it comes to sewing machines. Most of the products of Singer have interesting features and accessories, and the 4432 versatile sewing machine is no exception. So let’s go through the features starting with the automatic ones.

Automatic One-Step Buttonhole & Needle Threader

The Singer 4432 has an automatic one-step buttonhole that allows you to make a buttonhole in just one step which saves you time. Another thing that will save you time, and frustration, if you ask us, is the automatic needle threading. Let’s face it, nobody wants to be spending time threading the needle, especially if you have weak eyesight or shaky hands. The 4432 will do this step for you.

Adjustable Needle Position

Now let’s get to the adjustable features. No more manually moving the needle where you want it to start sewing. The singer heavy duty 4432 has an adjustable needle position that allows you to set your needle wherever you want, down, up, or in the middle. You can also adjust the length and the width of the stitch, according to the type of fabric you are working on, or your personal preference.

110 Packed Stitchin Options & 32 Built-In Stitches

The Singer Heavy Duty 4432 enables you with versatile stitching styles. It allows 110 stitching options and has 32 built-in stitches, of which 18 are decorative, 7 are stretch and the remaining 6 are utility stitches. And do not forget the speed, as we mentioned the 4432 can stitch 1100 stitches in a second, keep in mind that the average at-home sewing machine usually stitches 850 stickers per minute.

Stainless Steel Bedplate

Other features worth mentioning are the stainless steel bedplate that allows you to move the fabric quickly, since it does have fast stitch speed this is a very handy feature to have. Also, it has a clear bobbin case that allows you to see when it needs to be replaced and an accessory holder. The accessories include a four-presser foot, needles, extra bobbins, instruction manuals and so much more.

Is the Singer 4432 Suitable for Quilting?

The Singer 4423 does allow you to quilt. As we touched on it has the option to adjust the stitch length up to 6mm. However, we do suggest you contemplate buying an even feed/walking presser foot so you can sew multiple layers of fabric together without one moving around.

The 4432 is made to sew through tough fabric like denim and leather, it can even sew canvas. The motor is 60% more powerful than your average motor and the metal structure of the machine allows you to sew through strong fabrics.

Keep in mind that you have to use the right needle and thread when sewing through thick fabric. If your needle is too thin, it will break or bend, and if your thread isn’t strong enough it will tear, leaving your project falling apart.


The Singer 4432, similar to most newer Singer sewing machines, is relatively quiet. Since it is an at-home machine, you won’t have to worry about disturbing your family while sewing.

The Singer 4423 does not require you to put oil in it since it’s already lubricated in the process of manufacturing. If you, however, choose to put a few drops of sewing machine oil in the bobbin case area or the needle bar, this will not harm the machine in any way.


If you are looking into working with tougher fabrics, then the Singer 4432 is your new best friend. It has a powerful motor that allows fast stitching and the ability to sew thick fabrics like leather and denim. The Singer 4432 is generally recommended for beginners and intermediate sewers, but even if you have experienced this machine will be a good purchase since it is of high quality and relatively cheap.

The features it comes with allow you to get creative and work on different projects. The Singer sewing machines are an investment, they are very durable and you can be sure that they will last a long time. We hope this article gave you the answers you were looking for and that now you have a clear image of what is the Singer 4432 and all its features.