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10 T-Shirt Alternatives: Popular Choices

There are so many fashion choices out there. Stylish and casual clothing can be done even with the simplest of outfits. But even if you have the coolest t-shirts on earth, constantly wearing the same few shirts you like can get boring. Have you ever thought about what great garment of clothing you can replace the simple t-shirt with?

Key Takeaways

  • There are many alternatives which you can pick from when it comes to t-shirts
  • Great alternatives to t-shirts are dress shirts, crop tops, hoodies, or sweaters
  • If you want a dressy outfit you can choose polo shirts or off-shoulder shirts
  • Sleeveless shirts, tank tops, and jerseys are also great replacements

Alternatives to T-shirts

T-shirts are a very popular clothing item that everyone owns. They are great and easy to style for a casual night out, running errands, or hanging out with friends. And although a cool graphic t-shirt can be the centerpiece of your look, there are many alternatives to spice up your outfit. This ranges from anything warmer like sweaters, hoodies, and sweatshirts to actual shirts, tank tops, crop tops, sleeveless shirts, polo shirts, jerseys, and button-down shirts. I’ve picked out a few great alternatives to wear when you want to wear something similar to a t-shirt.

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Pocket T-shirt

This one is technically a t-shirt, but it looks cool and has a pocket on it. The pocket on it comes in handy for storing money or carrying anything small. This also makes it stand out from a plain t-shirt. It is not only more modern and stylish but also affordable and practical.

Tank tops

A tank top is a sleeveless shirt mostly worn as undergarments, athleisure, or for casual wear. Tank tops are a great replacement for t-shirts. They are fitted tight to your body and work well with complementing your body. They come in a wide variety of colors with a simple yet modern look. There are so many different types of tank tops suitable for anyone.

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Crop tops

Crop tops are the perfect option for a minimalist or even a dressy look for any woman. They are casual yet put-together. Crop tops are shirts that are fitted and have the bottom cut off. This makes them perfect in combination with high-waisted jeans. However, they can be worn with a skirt or classy pants for a more fierce, party-going look. They can be worn underneath a zip-up hoodie or a cardigan. They can be layered or the centerpiece of your outfit. Crop tops are a great way to replace the monotony of just wearing a t-shirt.

Polo shirts

There is just something about the way polo shirts look that makes them sophisticated and put-together. Polo shirts got their name because they were worn by polo players. This means it was worn by players participating in the game of horseback polo, and sometimes even by athletes of other sports; such as track or swimming. The added collar to the shirt makes it slightly more formal than a regular shirt. Polo shirts are a very well-known type of shirt. They give the impression of luxury and elegance. The material these shirts are made of is usually cotton and wool, or even synthetic fiber.


Not a popular opinion, but jerseys are another great option to wear instead of a t-shirt. It is unique and suits the casual streetwear style pretty well. Jerseys aren’t that stylish on their own, but if you pair them with jeans or the right jacket, they could very well become the statement piece of the outfit.


The hoodie is a great replacement for a t-shirt or can be worn on top of one. Hoodies are a great symbol of streetwear culture. If you like the baggy, comfortable look of wearing a hoodie, you can even wear it on top of a t-shirt for an extra comfortable look. I love wearing t-shirts under oversized hoodies, it’s a great way to stay casual and stylish. Hoodies are great for everyone regardless of their gender. Hoodies keep you warm and you can’t go wrong with a hoodie.


Sweaters are my personal favorite when it comes to autumn or winter fashion. They are extremely cozy and comfortable. Knitted sweaters have a very authentic look and can have sleeves or be sleeveless. They are very similar to cardigans, and their fabrics keep you not only warm but also stylish.

Sleeveless shirts

These types of shirts are very similar to tank top style shirts. You can also categorize tank tops as sleeveless shirts. However, I would say that they are not the same. Sleeveless shirts are just shirts without sleeves. Tank tops, on the other hand, are a specific type of shirt with thin straps. These shirts are usually amazing for the summertime, as they are very breathable and open. They are also called muscle shirts for the fact that they show off your muscles.

Off-shoulder shirts

These types of shirts are amazing for a classy yet not-too-overdressed look. They are shirts that do not cover the shoulders. You can pair them with jeans or pants for a simple, casual, slightly dressy look. They can also be worn with a skirt, or be replaced by an off-the-shoulder gown for a more formal look.

Dress Shirts

Dress shirts are the perfect alternative if you are looking for a more formal style of dressing. They are unique and provide the perfect midway point between a dress and a shirt, hence the name. Usually, you’d wear them in a professional setting, however, they can also be worn casually.

Final Words

From jerseys and hoodies to sweaters, crop tops, and tank tops, there are many good alternatives to t-shirts. The trick is to figure out what occasion you’re dressing up for and know what’s appropriate for that specific situation. Once you’ve got that figured out, you’ll be ready to expand your wardrobe beyond just plain T-shirts.