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Types of Hoodies: Do You Have a Favorite?

With hip-hop culture becoming more popular every day, hoodies have become a worldwide fashion symbol and a must-have item in our wardrobe. Everyone owns at least one of them nowadays. When someone thinks of a hoodie, we usually think of a clothing item that consists of a hood attached to a sweatshirt. However, how many different types of hoodies are out there?

Different Hoodie Types

Every hoodie is categorized as either pullover or a zip-up. However, the answer to the question before isn’t that straightforward so I can answer it with an exact number. This means, there are many different hoodie types that we’re going to talk about in this article. To name a few, that would be pullover hoodies, zip-up hoodies, slim-fit hoodies, oversized hoodies, cropped hoodies, sleeveless hoodies, etc.

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Pullover hoodie

This is the most common type of hoodie, which is characterized by its common features. By the name, we can conclude that it’s a type of hoodie that you pull over your head. It also has a hood that can be tightened with a pair of drawstrings.

The material used for a pullover hoodie is usually thicker than that of a regular sweater. This provides us with extra warmth, especially during the cold winter season. My favorite thing about pullover hoodies is their kangaroo pocket which is very practical and keeps your hands warm.

The relaxed casual fit of this hoodie paired with an amazing graphic design is what makes this type of hoodie a popular choice of streetwear apparel.

Zip-up hoodie

Zip-up hoodies are very similar to pullover hoodies, except for their few characteristic features. The main difference is the zipper, which splits the kangaroo pocket in half, making it a normal pocket. The zipper is what makes them unique. It is a zip line that runs from the hemline in the middle of the hoodie all the way up to your neck. There’s a hoodie vs zip up comparison blog as well that is worth checking out.

This changes the way they are put on and allows you to quickly put them on and off. You can wear this hoodie fully zipped up, or open and unzipped. Wearing it fully open lets you show off your fashionable shirt underneath and even helps you regulate temperature. I like that these hoodies can be styled differently and paired with other clothing items, resulting in very differently structured outfits. The weight of zip-ups is a lot lighter than pullover ones, making them perfect for the spring or autumn season.

There are also different types of zip-up hoodies such as:

  • Sports zip-up hoodies
  • Casual zip-up hoodies
  • Oversized
  • Fitted
  • Graphic
  • Slim-fit hoodies

The slim-fit hoodie is great for mobility and perfect for people who like wearing tight clothing while being comfortable. This hoodie is obviously fitted to you and is a less relaxed but casual option of the pullover hoodie. It can be categorized as a pullover; however, it can also be found as a zip-up hoodie.

Oversized hoodies

The opposite of a fitted hoodie is the oversized version. These hoodies are worn slightly bigger, to give the illusion of wearing something sizes bigger, when it is actually your right size.

Its loose-fitted, roomy and breathable look is noticeable by the dropped shoulders, and its whole baggy structure. The pocket is a great additional feature, but it’s not obligatory. These types of hoodies are most popular in streetwear style. Similar to oversized t-shirts, these hoodies are highly fashionable and comfortable to wear.

They can be plain and simplistic, or they could have graphic designs all over. Oversized hoodies with cool-looking graphic designs are perfect for completing your modern, aesthetic look. What’s best is that they can be found in any color, from brights to pastels, in any pattern, and with any text or logo. In my opinion, these hoodies are best suited to be pullovers, but can also be found as zip-up hoodies.

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Cropped hoodies

A great choice, mostly for women’s wear, is the cropped hoodie. Resembling a relaxed casual hoodie, except with a cropped hem, they are super light and breezy.

The bottom of the hoodie is cut off making them look sharper and more modern. This, though, means that they don’t have a functioning pocket.

Lately, a very popular version is the super crop long-sleeve hoodie. This can be worn as an amazing layer you can add on top of your outfit.

The added chains to this piece make it a great accessory to your edgy, dark-inspired look.

On the other hand, when worn with gym apparel underneath, it is a wonderful way to stay fashionable even while working out at the gym.

Cropped zip-up hoodies also exist, and are a cute and trendy way to spice up your outfit even when you’re feeling a little lazy.

Sleeveless Hoodies

Sleeveless hoodies, as the name suggests, are hoodies that have sleeves cut off. They come in a wide variety of styles and colors.

They are most suited for working out, as they allow lots of mobility. The fabric used for these types of hoodies is most of the time quite thin and breathable; leaving room for movement and is perfect for active wearers. They are great for runners or people who like working out.

Athletic Hoodies

While we are on the topic of going to the gym, these hoodies are great for any active athlete. They are made out of specific thermo-regulated fabric which is very useful for changes in climate or suited for specific sports and outdoor activities.

The most commonly used fabric for athleisure hoodies is spandex or polyester. They are usually fitted for your body and offer a great amount of movability and functionality.

Knitted Hoodies

I will finish off this list with an amazing, cozy option which is the knitted hoodie. Their hand-made look makes them authentic for the rainy, autumn season. Being made out of soft yarn makes them not only soft and comfortable but also very stylish.

They offer a wide variety of sizes and colors which makes them suitable for anyone. Knitted hoodies are not your typical sporty, casual hoodie, but a great alternative that reminds you more of a loose-knitted sweater or cardigan. They can be simplistic, fitted or baggy, colorful, and highly fashionable.

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Final Words

Hoodies are your best friend when it comes to being lazy yet looking chic and fashionable. They offer a lot of comfort and warmth. They are affordable and cozy. This makes them a must-have clothing item regardless of age or gender.

In fact, you can never go wrong with buying a hoodie, as they don’t go out of style. It is so versatile that you can wear it in combination with basically anything. Moreover, any streetwear outfit would be incomplete without the baggy look, and what better way to achieve that than throwing on a pair of baggy pants and an oversized graphic hoodie?