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What Does Wash Separately Mean? (Specified & Explained)

Whenever you buy any piece of clothing, you will find different symbols when it comes to ironing and especially washing those clothes on their labels. You probably have seen the wash separately symbol somehow!

Well, this article is all aimed at that symbol, as I will tell you precisely what does wash clothes separately mean! Let’s get started!

What is Meant by Wash Separately?

In many types of clothes, there is a basic saying and a super simple symbol that says “wash separately.” Just as it is written, it means that you cannot wash the cloth you have in hand with other clothes or other delicate fabrics, and sometimes it is better to wash them by hand.

Wash separately means that you should always put that cloth aside and be a little more dedicated to it.

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Which Materials Should Be Washed Separately?

A lot of clothes are made of different fabrics, and not everything goes in the same way; that’s why it is better if you know what materials are washed properly, only if you wash them separately.

The main materials that you should wash separately are denim first, silk satin, polyester, wool, linen, and lace.

I am well aware that I mentioned a lot of materials above, but still, it is a great thing to know before you make any mistake and wash these materials, among others.

These materials are washed separately because they are very delicately made and include super-delicate fibers just from the making. You should never wash man-made material along with any other fabric that may come to your mind.

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What Happens if We Wash Everything Together?

When I had no idea what was going on, clothes, materials, and labels, I messed up quite a few times and destroyed many of my favorite garments. I am pretty sure that you did it too.

There are a few things that may happen to your clothes if you wash them together, and all of them are bad ones if I might say so! The main thing that happens to garments in the washing machine is the color mix. If you wash everything at the same settings on a washing machine, the dark-colored clothes tend to bring color to the bright-colored ones, and I am more than sure that it has happened to you. Dark clothes have more pigment and that’s why they tend to get on the brightest ones as they accept the darker colors. If you think about them and vice versa, bright-colored clothes can never do anything to dark ones.

Besides the colors, if you combine a lot of fabrics while using the washing machine, you may completely destroy every small fiber of the delicate fabrics. Plus, besides that, some materials can get shrunk when washed on a washing machine.

What Are Other Symbols for Washing Clothes?

Even though I mostly talked above about washing separately, there are also other laundry symbols that are related to the whole washing procedure of the clothes in general.

You will find symbols in the laundry tag when it comes to the degrees that you will be washing them, and you may find: max temp 30°, max temp 40°, max temp 50°, max temp 60°, wash at 30°C, wash at 40°C, wash at 50°C, wash at 60°C, hand washing, gentle cycle, permanent press, and do not wash.

Basically, the things laundry symbols mentioned all refer to how you should wash a specific garment or material.

Some symbols are not related to washing, and they include the ironing and the drying part. For example, you will find some specific symbols when it comes to ironing, like medium heat, low heat, high heat, steam, no steam, iron at any temperature, and do not iron at all. Basically, everything that is related to ironing is mentioned on the laundry symbol.

When it comes to the drainage part, you will find whether you can put them on a drying machine wash or you should hang them and dry them in there.

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Final Words

Here we are at the last part of this article in which I tried to tell you specifically what wash clothes separately means. You will find this symbol in many different clothes, and there is nothing better to do than go with the rules.

Whenever you see this symbol on any piece of garment that you buy, you should be more than sure that you shouldn’t wash them with any other piece of cloth as you can destroy everything literally.

I really hope that in this article, I have covered whatever you may need regarding wash clothes separately symbols and other symbols in different clothes.

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