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What Is Pre Shrunk Cotton? (Answered)

Cotton fabric is trendy and one of the most used fabrics for any clothing. T-shirts, shorts, sweaters, we can find them almost in everybody’s wardrobe. As you already know, cotton clothes are very prone to shrinkage, and we must always consider this fact, but have you ever heard about pre-shrunk Cotton? I want to state that nowadays, most of our t-shirts are made of pre-shrunk Cotton. I can hear you asking, “what is pre-shrunk cotton?”.

I will answer this excellent query in this article and explain every little detail about pre-shrunk Cotton. So, let’s not waste so much time in this section and jump into the main part of this article.

Key Takeaways

  • Cotton is a delicate fabric that requires a lot of maintenance and is prone to shrinking.
  • Pre-shrunk cotton goes through a controlled process where the manufacturer shrinks the fabric before making a garment from it.
  • There are a lot of distinctions between pre-shrunk and pre-washed cotton.
  • You will be able to shrink a pre-shrunk cotton garment even more, but there are some steps you should follow.

What Is Pre Shrunk Cotton?

Most of the t-shirts in your wardrobe are made of pre-shrunk Cotton for a reason as well. Once I will explain what pre-shrunk Cotton is, you will be able to understand it better.

Before making a garment from cotton fabric, the fabric is involved in a controlled process where the manufacturer shrunk the fabric previously to prevent further shrinkage once the garment is produced. Manufacturers use special machines to pre-shrunk the cotton fabric. It is a steaming machine called a compactor. The machine uses very high temperatures, and the cotton fabric fibers shorten, indicating shrinkage.

This process stabilizes the cotton fabric’s dimensions, preventing garments from further shrinkage. So, if you own pre-shrunk t-shirts, shorts, or whatever garments, they probably won’t shrink when you put them in the washing machine or dryer. Here is something that I have to point out. If you have a pre-shrunk cotton garment, this doesn’t mean that it will never shrink since even pre-shrunk Cotton has some maintenance requirements. I will discuss them in the sections below in more detail.

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Differences Between Pre shrunk Cotton and Regular Cotton

Regular cotton is, simply said, basic Cotton. It is used for making different types of blends. 100% Cotton, we can call regular Cotton. It is very delicate, prone to shrinking, and requires a lot of maintenance as well. Regular Cotton is all-natural, and it is a bit heavier when compared to many cotton blends.

While pre-shrunk Cotton is more durable and less prone to shrinkage, you will wear garments made of pre-shrunk Cotton for extended periods. Manufacturers prefer using pre-shrunk Cotton due to many reasons. Clothing made of pre-shrunk Cotton does not require much maintenance since it has more resistance to high temperatures.

Differences Between Pre Shrunk Cotton and Pre Washed Cotton

Pre-Shrunk cotton goes through a controlled shrinkage process before the garments are made. Manufacturers use special machines for that called compactors.

Pre-washed cotton is something different. The process takes place after the garment is produced. The garments that are manufactured will go into a washing process with hot water and shrink. So, this is pre-washed cotton.

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Can We Shrink a Pre Shrunk Cotton?

If you got a pre-shrunk cotton garment, this doesn’t mean that you can’t shrink it even more since if we are discussing cotton, you should always know that there is always a little space for shrinking, even if it is a shrunk cotton. To be honest, I would not prefer shrinking pre-shrunk cotton because, most probably, the garment won’t shrink the same in all parts, and the result may be disappointing. Let me say, “you should always take risks if you want to achieve something.” so why not try and see what the results will be?

You should follow some steps if you want to shrink a pre-shrunk cotton garment. First, you will need a bowl and then start with the plan. It is time for some severe things to go on. Fill up your bowl with water and then put your bowl or pot on the fire and let it boil. In the next step, you must put your garment into the boiling water and let it boil for 5 or 10 more minutes. Then it is time to put your garment into the washing machine. Do not use a delicate cycle; ensure that you wash the garment with hot water. Wait for the washing machine to finish the cycle and then through your clothing in a dryer. This is all you have to do. There is no chance your pre-shrunk garment to not shrink even more.

Maintenance Of a Pre Shrunk Cotton

As we all know that regular cotton is prone to shrink, and every time you wash them with hot water, it will shrink. It is a bit different with garments that are of pre-shrunk cotton fabric. They are less prone to shrinkage and most likely won’t shrink a lot, even if you wash them with hot water or throw them in a dryer.

If you wash pre-shrunk cotton garments in a washing machine with hot water, they may shrink up to 2% or 3%. If you want to avoid this shrinking percentage, better wash them in a delicate cycle with cold water, or you can also hand wash them. You can also put them in a dryer but ensure that you dry them in a low-heat program.

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Final Words

So now, we are at the end of this article, and it was challenging, but I think I did a great job. I always try to do my best to give exact answers to your queries and clear any confusions you might have. To be able to share with you all that I know gives me another level of pleasure, which is why I am writing articles. We all have a lot of cotton garments, but pre-shrunk cotton is gaining even more popularity nowadays. Pre-shrunk cotton garments are the best ones in our garderobes since you don’t have to mind whether they will shrink and won’t fit you anymore.

I hope you will find value in this article and enjoy reading it.

Have a wonderful day!