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What is Ribbed Fabric: Answered

All of us go shopping from time to time, right? Well, most of us have probably experienced a feeling when trying on some clothing, a feeling that shows you’re wearing a thick elastic but not quite knitted fabric. It’s an intriguing feeling that it’s not easy to explain regarding the material. In short, this feeling comes from ribbed fabrics, and what’s more interesting is that ribbed fabric is one of the most used materials in the clothing market.  Having all this well-earned praise it is normal to start to wonder about the fabric’s details. So, what is ribbed fabric? 

The information behind this material is never-ending. This pattern of thread is found in expensive and inexpensive garments, so having a ceaseless pool of opinions and information about it is more than expected. However, through this article, I will provide all the information necessary to extinguish the curiosity created about this material.

Key Takeaways

  • Ribbed fabric is a type of cotton or rayon blend that is created by knitting two vertical knit rows and two horizontal knit rows. This is what gives it the pattern as well.
  • The fabric is not only found in articles of clothing but in house items and car parts too.
  • The four main qualities to describe “What Ribbed Fabric Is” are: softness, elasticity, durability, and temperature capabilities.
  • The traits of ribbed material are thanks to the unique pattern that creates it.
  • It is important to note that ribbed fabrics are sensitive to high-temperature heat.

Where Can We Find Ribbed Fabric?

Before diving into the details of this material, we first need to find out where we can encounter it. You may have wondered about this article after feeling your blouse or dress since ribbed materials are known for their elasticity. Elasticity helps their popularity quite a bit since they become so form-fitting to the owner of that garment. But clothes are not the only place where you can find this fabric.

Ribbed fabric can be found in furniture wear too. Due to their ability to easily accommodate a variety of colors and patterns, these fabrics are perfect for furnishing houses and offices. Other places where you can find ribbed fabric are swimwear, athletic wear, car, and airplane furnishing, bathroom accessories, and so on. As you can see ribbed fabric is widely used in many areas, and it has reached this popularity with good reasoning behind it.

What is Ribbed Fabric?

To get straight to the point ribbed fabric is essentially a type of cotton or rayon that is knitted in such a way as to provide maximum flexibility while you wear the garment. The materials that I just mentioned are what give ribbed thread the softness that it possesses when you touch it.

The fabric may also be described as a thread with two vertical knit rows and two horizontal knit rows. This is what created the pattern and contributed to the material’s stretchiness. So, when you end up looking at a ribbed item you can notice a lot of threads running up and down.

However, elasticity and softness are not the only qualities this fabric is known for. This thread is known for other abilities as well such as durability and temperature capabilities. These qualities are not known by all, most are just aware of what ribbed fabric is. People have an image of the fabric but no knowledge behind this. As a result, understanding the amazing properties of the ribbed fabric is the best way to understand what it is.

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Softness Of Ribbed Fabrics

The feel of softness is what gives the majority of materials their popularity. This trait was for sure not skipped with ribbed fabric. 

Even though this man-made fiber is known to be thick, it has a such softness that most people tend to forget that it is a blend of cotton or rayon. You can even argue that the softness is due to those materials themselves. While that plays a role in the fabric feel, the real reason behind the beloved cuddly texture is the way that the manufacturers build the thread. The crosshatching that creates the fabric has made it possible for ribbed fabrics to achieve such popularity when it comes to the topic of softness.

Elasticity Of Ribbed Fabrics         

When you ask someone what ribbed fabric is, they will most likely use the word “stretchy” in their definition. That answer is not wrong at all though. Elasticity is one of the main characteristics that ribbed materials are known for. This flexibility also plays a big role when it comes to the product’s longevity, but we will dive into that later on.

As mentioned, the way that the fibers are layered is what gives ribbed fabrics the stretch that they thrive on. Known to be one of the most durable stretch fabrics, the way that the material of the ribbed products goes back to its original form is amazing. This bounciness that the fibers have, makes it possible for the item to stretch, and it is used widely in active wear or any other place that needs such great characteristics. 

The tension flexibility of ribbed fabrics is one of the best qualities it has and is known for. When it comes to elasticity, you can have complete faith in this material.

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Durability Of Ribbed Fabrics

Up to this point, we know that ribbed fabrics are praised for their softness and elasticity. However, if the product itself cannot last its owner and be durable through rough times, what use are any of those previous traits?

Thankfully ribbed fabrics deliver durability as well. The reason behind this trait is the elasticity it possesses. If your product is made from ribbed materials, then you can be sure that it will last all kinds of pressure that are applied to it. It can take all the twists and turns that you give it.

The only way to destroy ribbed fabric is by applying high-temperature heat to it. When you think about it, a synthetic blend of cotton and rayon reacting badly under heat is quite logical.

Besides this last point, ribbed material products are trustworthy items to be durable. They will last washes and usage for a very long time.

Temperature Capabilities Of Ribbed Fabrics

A topic that is not discussed a lot when talking about ribbed fabrics is how well they hold temperature. When the ribbed fabric in question is manufactured to be thick it is a great product to trap existing heat inside without creating excessive new temperatures. The temperature capabilities of ribbed materials are also a reason why they are widely used in baby clothes as well. 

Holding heat in is only one side of the coin, this material is good for summer wear also. Shirts, leggings, shorts, and swimwear are all known to be made out of ribbed fabrics since it is a very breathable fabric. 

Overall, the qualities when the ribbed fabric when it comes to different temperatures are remarkable. 

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Final Words/Outro

By giving you a thorough explanation of ribbed fabric, as we near the end of the article, I hope you can gain a better understanding of what it is. Since ribbed materials have such an impressive list of advantages, I wholeheartedly recommend them especially if you’re considering it whether it is worthy or not. You simply cannot go wrong with ribbed fabrics!